Overdrive Extra

James Jaillet

‘Even the look of the rigs has changed’

| April 10, 2012

So quotes the Los Angeles Times in a piece published today titled “Truckers are delivering better fuel efficiency,” with the obvious wordplay on “delivering.”

Though they might be behind the times in saying such (manufacturers have been putting emphasis on aerodynamic tractors now for some time), the article actually attempts to cast light on subjects much of the public probably doesn’t know exist.

The piece details initiatives larger companies and carriers, like Coca-Cola and Fed-Ex, use to save money on expensive diesel, such as using auxiliary power units to reduce idling, planning routes more efficiently, adding aftermarket aerodynamic devices like skirts and switching from traditional diesels to natural gas engines or hybrid-type models.

And, of course, putting to use those newfangled “cutting-edge” cabs.

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