Family Affair: Detroit-powered 1990 cabover Freightliner

| June 27, 2014

Nick ZwaldNick Zwald of Tillamook, Ore., owns and drives this 1990 Freightliner Condor for Zwald Transport, operating under his father’s authority. Zwald says he has “pretty much rebuilt the whole truck from top to bottom,” including a new paint scheme, a new Detroit 500-horsepower motor and an interior he refurbished a couple of months ago to add more leg room. Zwald says his father was featured in Overdrive in 1992, and he says “it’s pretty cool” for both to appear in the magazine. 

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  • Red Light Bandit

    nice nice COE. I’ve done a pair of 1972 Corvette frame off restorations in my day – but never an entire truck.

    Super size those tools and get an air compressor for the wrenches!

  • Red Light Bandit

    Check out my old 1969 White 7400 bought for $5000 at a dealership in Louisville. Cummins 290 non-turbo and 5 speed with a 2 speed rear axle. AC unit on top was a no-show. 22 inch steering powered by “armstrong”. This was the one the drunk hot me head-on on the interstate and killed herself. Knocked me out in the process too.
    no seatbelts back then. Must have been a *death grip* on the steering wheel that kept me inside the cab instead of going out through the windshield and being run over by my own truck.
    Damn scrappy wrecker service stole my Robyn CB radio and antennas. nice welcome and wakeup call to the wonderful world of truckin’. Now – at the age of almost 60 – I am completing my MASTERS DEGREE in Computer Information systems.

    not too bad for a kid who hated high school………

    (I came up with Red Light Bandit in June of 1975; Burt Reynolds released Smokey/Bandit in January 1977. I was called “the Bandit” over the CB so many time by the time that movie hit the screens)


  • Brocking1

    Beautiful COE. I restored a 1973 White Freightliner COE from the ground up. Built for Suburban Propane it had an aluminum frame that I stripped and polished. Did a frame off 1963 split window coupe in 1969 when everyone said it would crack into pieces but didn’t. Have since done 18 Brockways and one Dodge Big Horn.

  • manyguestprease

    I wouldn’t mind a cabover. I’ve ran one in the past, too bad that even the glider kits are damned near impossible to snag, anymore.

  • john3347

    Really a nice looking truck except for the worthless and unsafe visor covering a large portion of the windshield. That feature spoils the entire view. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.