Murdered trucker’s family engages with drivers

| July 15, 2014

Fuel hauler, blogger and Truth About Trucking Live online radio host Allen Smith reports that David Clark, the Indiana-based father-in-law of the young driver (Michael Boeglin) murdered in Detroit some weeks back, will be joining a discussion of nationwide parking issues on Smith’s program Wednesday, July 15, beginning at 6 p.m. EDT.

Boeglin’s widow, Ashley Boeglin, will likewise be a part of the program’s discussion, Smith reports.


Trucker found shot in truck in Detroit, rig burned

A truck driver was found in Detroit June 27 shot to death inside his truck, which had been set on fire, according to multiple news ...

Clark has made news recently in his efforts to assist his daughter, Boeglin’s widow, through the tough time following her husband’s death. Ashley Boeglin will likewise be a 

Some industry interests have joined that effort. Broker and president James Lamb’s young Small Business in Transportation Coalition is taking donations to funnel toward the widow and her father-in-law as well as raise awareness of the safe-parking issue. You can read more about that effort via this link

  • Allen Smith

    Correction on show date” July 16th Wednesday
    Thank you Todd, We were very grateful to receive David’s FB message expressing his desire to be a part of the discussion in order to continue the awareness that Hope Rivenburg began 5 years ago. Just as Hope Rivenburg rallied after her husband Jason’s death, David is coming forward to help bring to light ALL those who contribute to the Parking shortage crisis.

  • Ken Keith

    Anything to do with C. H. Robinson will become tainted. Sympathetic to widow.

  • James

    Seems to me that adequate secure truck parking for drivers delivering/picking up should be mandated,as a requisite of getting a Business License and/or Permit to open a Business,just like the “Store Occupancy Laws”. If the Feds are pushing mandated down time,they should ALSO be creating safe locations for the truckers to SAFELY comply with the requirements.

  • mousekiller

    Unfortunately James they are closing rest areas our road taxes are paying to build and keep up. wheres that money going? No way are they going to spend money to benefit truckers. Their forte’ is head bobble and glad handing and regulating but building something runs against their grain. It just isn’t in them.

  • Jason Mansfield

    Since criminals don’t obey the laws. We should all carry a couple of firearms. Before we start to argue about the laws that prevent cmv occupants and drivers from carrying said firearms I will quote something, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Since that is in plain, simple, and concise english what part of that quote do so many not understand?

  • Suzi North

    You can carry a shot gun.

  • Viki

    Sir, u r correct & JAPAN’s cited REASON 4 NOT ATTACK continental USA was due to GUN RIGHTS & WELL ARMED CITIZENRY.
    And 4 same reason GERMANY didn’t attack SWITZERLAND. Further to best of my recollection, SWITZERLAND still mandates every citizen in MILITIA & knows how to clean/handle &SHOOTwell & familiar with tactics.
    Thx again OVERDRIVEONLINE. Be safe & God bless.

  • JJMcClure

    don’t go to ghetto cities

  • localnet

    It was reported yesterday on WWJ 950 am out of Detroit that this was a robbery. There is a reward for any info… Doubtful they catch anyone, this is Detroit where murders are rarely solved.

    And to you guys doing business in Detroit, stay at one of the truck stops out on I-94, Exit 167, or at one of the truck stops on US 23 South of I-94, instead of camping out down there, especially in the summer months. I live here and run the area often, time yourself and get there at your appointment time. It may just be your own life you save.

  • Tim

    There are no laws in the DOT “Bible” preventing you from carrying firearms. It is your company that wants you to be unarmed and defenseless. They don’t want the “liability”. I carry my firearms. I am a concealed permit holder. And yes, in NJ, NY, etc., i carry the firearms in accordance with the states laws on firearm transportation. Don’t believe everything you’re told. Do the research yourself before you say that there are laws preventing carrying firearms in a cmv. There are no laws, other than your companies’ policies.

  • Allen Smith

    Widow Ashley Boeglin contacted us last night expressing her desire to be a part of tonight’s radio show. As she shared with us last night, the reason she has decided to come forward, ” I don’t want Mike’s death to be swept away, I want to help expose the problems….”

  • David Jesse

    If you have a gun and your asleep. And somebody shoots the sleeper berth are you going to be able to get up , find your weapon, and fire a kill shot before your dead ? Don’t we have enough problems wit road rage to excel the problem with a gun ? I’m all fir having a gun but this isn’t the wild west ! These are isolated cases blowed up because of the 24 hour news cycle . Look at the mugging a while back in birmingham ? The guy was pumping fuel and got hit from behind , no gun would have saved him , he’s alright , but in a blink of a eye he was on the ground !

  • Clark’s roadie

    Sis pacis instruo belum. I don’t agree that is true for all occasions. Would have made one hellfof a news story though. Trucker kills assailants blahblahblah….
    Sounds like a set up to me though. They knew he was there. Came prepared to rob him or just to kill him. Bet anybody, find out who he hung out around in Detroit or find video of the truckstop he was at before he parked and you have a chance of busting the people responsible.

  • Stillsmilin

    In this world, there are many jealous, inconsiderate, selfish, pompous fools that think that they can own and control other people in order to suit their ideas and ideals.
    I’m a driver based in the western suburbs of Chicago.
    I’ve had a couple recent experiences regarding parking my truck and trailer.
    I parked my truck in an area with no signs indicating, “No Parking,” meaning I CAN park in that spot. I even talked to the manager about where to park and where not to park.
    One night, I dropped my trailer in the parking spot and when I came to the truck stop and spot where I had dropped my trailer, it was gone!
    Somebody had hooked up to my trailer and moved it to another parking spot at the truck stop. That is illegal.
    Then, about a week later, I dropped my trailer in the same spot, not blocking nobody or nothing and left it there for the night.
    The next morning, I came to my trailer. It hadn’t been moved, but, this time, somebody had spray painted along the side of my trailer, “Not a Parking Spot.”
    I talked to the manager about this and she said that where I had parked my trailer was perfectly fine.
    She also said that nobody working at the truck stop would do anything like that.
    So, by matter of deduction, I’m only left with one answer to whom may have done this, a man with huge anger issues and very small genitals.
    I’m not the pain bringer, but, there is One that will bring pain and suffering to your life or after life like you could never imagine.
    I’m not one to seek venegance….there has been enough evil sown on this planet to nake God himself barf, so I’ll just sit back and watch some of these insignificant little fools act like babies and bitches.
    As far as parking issues, cameras, not enough cameras.

  • Pat Kesinger

    Praying for the family, so sorry.

  • Scott LeVan

    Pepper ball gun shoots at over 400 mph and will blind the attacker for the rest of his life … what he can’t see he can’t rob

  • Scott LeVan

    Jpx pepper ball gun

  • Gunhater

    Some of you idiots think just because you carry a gun you are protected. How stupid can you be. The driver that got shot in Detroit probably never stood a chance and besides these criminals have had lots of practice shooting. I’m sure they probably thought he did have a gun and opened fire immediately. Jason you are AN IDIOT. TWO FIREARMS. Some of you guys watch too many western movies. They carry 2 guns sometimes. Truckers get wise. CRIMINALS KNOW HOW TO SHOOT WELL. just because you carry a gun don’t mean anything. That’s what you get in a country that allows guns. And you wonder why there is such a high gun related murder rate in the USA. DUMMY’S

  • gunhater

    Thank you David. Now someone is finally making sense. I’m glad to see one trucker that has enough brains to know that a gun is not always the answer. If I was a criminal I would make sure the driver or person I was shooting would not have a chance to reach for his gun.

  • MiddleCLassVoter

    You need to do some unbiased research. More guns means more safety. It’s a fact. Look it up. Criminals don’t practice, you moron! HAHAHAHAHA! I carry two — a .45 ACP and a .380 LCP as backup. I shoot 100 rounds/month at a range — what ranges to your criminals go to?

    READ (if you can) Gun Facts – Your guide for debunking gun control myths: (has research links to back up all claims … unlike YOU)

  • Brian

    I also carry a firearm in my truck and have a conceal carry permit. When I go to state that don’t have resprosity with mine I then put it in the locked side box unloaded while driving and I’m transporting a firearm. When I stop no matter what state I’m in I get it back out and put it in my sleeper while sleeping. This is fully legal and don’t believe me, call OOIDA and they will tell you there is no Federal or DOT law the stops you from having a gun in a truck. Just call them.

  • Tommy

    I carry in my truck on 4 states I can’t carry concealed that I travel do I won’t carry but it’s still in my truck

  • Amy Brown

    I truly wish my husband (a truckdriver for 27 years) could take a handgun with him while being on the road. It is so dangerous out there for our men/women drivers because of not having the safe havens (parking) they desperately need. To me this is the most scariest time (for me) of his job I really worry about, not to much of his driving time it’s the down time. There are so may bad/evil people out there I worry about. I would feel much better if he could have his handgun when he’s sleeping to protect himself because we all know the criminal’s have there’s. Also, as our schools are out for the summer our children love to go out with there mom/dad so the risk of not having these safe haven’s are that much more in need. Our trucking families are the life for our country and we/they need to have safer and secured areas to rest, really rest.

  • Maverick 6

    You are clearly an uninformed idiot.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I never had any problems over a pistol in the truck ! last time it was found nothing was said i have had a DPS in texas move it to the center of the sleeper when he looked in the truck , however i bid have a trooper ask me if i had a pistol in houston he had a chip on his shoulder , I told him no , i don’t like guns , lol

  • Jimmy the Greek

    To big to fit in a jacket pocket , useless as tits on a bull waking to or from the truck in a parking lot ect , I like to sleep with it in reach or under the pillow ,

  • Jimmy the Greek

    From a dead sleep in pitch dark I can have it in my hand thumb the safety and get a round dispatched , I have had the same tractor 11 years and slept with it with under the pillow with my hand on it , or within reach for over 25 years , it is part of me like my motorcycle or truck , If someone did shoot into the sleeper they may hit or miss , then it well be my turn .

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I never sleep with out closing the curtains around the windshields so to see me one would have to get into the cab , That would be the stupidest thing anyone could do .

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Go back to mexico !

  • Jimmy the Greek

    It is chickenshit to screw with a mans truck , car , motorcycle ect ,

  • Allen Smith

    “OTR Trucking and the Right to Carry” Thursday 7/31/14 6PM ET

  • PikesPeak

    Its not too big at all if you have a minimum allowed barrel length of 18 1/2 inches.

  • James P. Lamb

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