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FedEx calls foul on Justice Department indictment in prescription medicine deliveries

| July 22, 2014

FedEx_GroundFedEx, the second largest for-hire trucking company in the country, says it is innocent of the charges brought against it by the Department of Justice over packages it delivered that contained illegally prescribed drugs purchased on the Internet. 

The DOJ has indicted FedEx on counts of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, distribution of controlled substances and conspiracy to distribute misbranded drugs. 

FedEx says it will plead not guilty to the charges. It also says the charges put its customers’ privacy at risk. 

“We want to be clear what’s at stake here: the government is suggesting that FedEx assume criminal responsibility for the legality of the contents of the millions of packages that we pick up and deliver every day,” according to a July 17 press release issued by the company. “We are a transportation company — we are not law enforcement. We have no interest in violating the privacy of our customers.”

The charges against FedEx stem from its delivery of the illegally prescribed drugs from the Internet pharmacy’s fulfillment site to the customer. The DEA and FDA say that since 2004, it has told FedEx at least six times that illegal Internet-based pharmacies were using it to deliver controlled substances and prescription drugs, according to court documents.

FedEx says it has worked in “close cooperation” with enforcement agencies in its 42-year history and has asked the DEA to provide a list of pharmacies who are involved in the illegal scheme.

It would stop servicing those companies, FedEx says, but the government has not produced such a list, the company says.

Enforcers, however, say Fedex knew it was delivering illegally distributed controlled substances yet continued to provide services for them.

  • Stormy

    Are we seriously talking about Canadian prescriptions?

  • Manny14

    This is just another way for d government to continue to control trucking. Next thing you know, we as drivers are going to be held accountable for the way the customers we service do their business.

  • Barney

    I hope that fed ex turn around and sues the justice department for everything it can.

  • shadow hauling

    maybe this will wake up fed ex and these other big carriers and they will finally see that the government is over stepping on a lot of things and start siding with the small carriers. I feel bad for them in a way and then again. I don’t . If it was you or I do you think they would care about us ? Is it right what the Feds are doing ? NO

  • mousekiller

    That is what the article is about. Only itis Fed Ex today and any trucker tomorrow.

  • Shawn Ryan

    So Fed Ex is the only carry doing this , what about Union UPS, if Obama wasn’t in bed with Teamsters I guarantee u they would be in this convo too.

  • localnet

    This is more than likely due to the fact that FedEx is non union…

  • Spirit CDL

    Maybe the government needs to inspect every package hauled by every carrier. You know, maybe there is some other stuff that is being shipped around that shouldn’t be. Yep, the government needs to put a task force together and inspect everything that is boxed or wrapped before it is shipped. We could have the TSA involved, they help get rid of packages all the time. Yeah – remember your ipad that was in your suitcase and no longer is thanks to TSA? Yep, they’ll make sure nothing gets shipped no where. Shame on FedEx for shipping wrapped up boxes – what’s wrong with them?

  • Born

    The biggest threat and the greatest enemy to the people of the United States of America would be the federal government. Its time to hold them accountable for their terrorist actions.

  • Something Wayne Something

    Got them last year.

  • JustSayin

    Hmmm. If they are going to hold FedEx responsible then any and all providers of any services used in the furtherance of this illegal activity should be (should have been) informed they were being used in such activity and also be held accountable for their continuing participation. ISP, Web host, Banks, payment processing centers, drug makers, advertisers, etc. If there had been no web page to place an order and nobody to process the payment then there would have been no shipment. Just Sayin!

  • Rococa

    Fed ex needs to be unionized

  • hunta5

    Fedex must not have contributed enough money to the communist/democraps.

  • Rinkopr

    Doesn’t the USPS also deliver packages?are they SURE none of those have illegal drugs?

  • Mustang

    BS! The last thing we need are more unions and companies being extorted by the unions!!

  • Andy

    Id have agree with rocco. I’ve been subcontracted to fedex ground for almost 5 years now and the past few years fedex ground has been getting progressively worse for the drivers. Even the contractors are starting to leave and sell their contracts cuz they are tired of losing money and drivers due to fedex’s constant changing policies not including new dot regs. I’m not a fan of unions either, but something has got to change on how they treat us.

    On the subject of the article. I don’t see why fedex should be the one held responsible for that crap.

  • Rich

    I just found an article that says that the U.S. Post Office found 30 packages of illegal drugs in the mail system during a 2 month period in 2010. The post office gets to use our tax payer provided law enforcement to police that problem and the threat of federal prosecution, but they expect FedEx to stay competitive in the shipping market when the government won’t even supply a list of companies that the government supposedly knows is shipping illegal drugs through FedEx?
    I hope whomever denied FedEx their supposed list of offenders loses their job, along with any official threatening FedEx with legal action.

  • Jerry

    Normally, i pretty much rubber stamp the Fed’s war on drugs, but, this case, when the Carrier directly requests a list of companies involved while the Fed’s remain silent. For the Fed’s to state, they were told, and continued to knowingly distribute is simple subterfuge, a reprehensible practice.

  • Jerry

    Income is focused to maintenance first, (Safety) then personal expenses; to add Union fees of several hundred dollars per month to be taken off my gross; b.s.

  • Jerry

    Union fees of several hundred dollars will be taken from Gross Revenue; fees are based upon earnings. humph!

  • John Miller

    UPS already paid a $40m fine in 2004. It’s now Fedex’s turn to get extorted. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.