Truckers News Staff | October 01, 2010

If they do implement this BMI idea, we would lose 63 percent of the American truck drivers. Let’s face it, we are all fat boys and girls. It’s not our fault. It’s just our line of work. I hear all these clowns say you have to eat right and exercise. Well, Bozo, how do you have time to exercise when you contract a shipper to have a load at a receiver at certain times and dates. A lot of the time the shipper is late on loading and still expects you to make your on-time delivery.

So instead of exercising, you are sitting on your duff for 11 hours. Then the food we eat makes it even more impossible to keep your BMI down. Let’s walk into a typical truckstop. You have a candy aisle that is 14 feet long with 163 types of high-sugar candies, which are great for your BMI. Not. Then they have brownies, cookies and cakes. Guess what? BMI wins.

Then you are parched so you go to the cooler for a cold drink, and 97 percent of what’s in there is an ally for increasing your BMI.

Then I have these clowns that say we can control it by what we eat. Let’s go over to the salad bar. They charge $5.99 for lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. That’s good by itself, but then you put blue cheese, Thousand Island or whatever dressing on your salad. Guess what? You just spent $5.99 for that salad bar and helped increase your BMI.

You spend $6.32 for a bowl of oatmeal and two pieces of toast and coffee. But then you put sugar, butter and raisins in your oatmeal and jelly on your toast, and then Mr. BMI gets happy. I’m saying it’s a matter of mind.

Why are we worried about BMI when the very jobs we chose promote no control over BMI?

I am a type 2 diabetic and fight with my disease about sugar intake and my 60 pounds that I’m overweight every day. Exercise? When does a driver doing his or her job have time to exercise?

If the government decides to disqualify a driver because of his or her BMI, think of all the drivers who will get laid off and will have to go apply for unemployment, Medicaid, food stamps — and you have no job so therefore you stop paying state and federal taxes.

If you have been driving truck all your life, you can then go apply for SSI disability and work retraining. You go back to school and let the government pay for your education. Watch the unemployment rate climb because Uncle Sam is concerned about BMI.

Again, the government isn’t looking ahead to the future, but just at what’s ahead of them.

I’m a fat boy and, yes, I pay more for medical insurance now. Yes, I pay my taxes and do what is right. I suggest that the government leave me alone and let me do my job. I’m not trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Government, bad. Change, bad. Secretary of Transportation, bad. Greed, bad. Just remember that you are born into this world, and then you die. It’s what you do in between life and death that determines your happiness. Who decided that having health care is a right, and who decides BMI should determine where you work or don’t work? Only a dictator makes these decisions.

Daryl Osborn

Hillsboro, N.D.


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