Truckers News Staff | October 01, 2010

How have attempts to cut diesel emissions affected you?










What is the No. 1 issue in trucking?


“Left lane restrictions. I don’t think they should have them, especially through cities. People get on and off all of the time, and with slower cars moving into the middle lane, it can really be dangerous.”

— Mike Logston, Ocala, Fla., Paschall Truck Lines

“Tough call. Nobody makes enough money. Freight just isn’t paying enough.”

— Zerriga Nicholson,

Atlanta, Ga., company driver for Premier

“Too many crooked companies. They cheat you on rates. They cheat you on miles. They cheat you on everything.”

— John Hernandez, Canton, Mich., Bolt Express

“Just having a job. That’s a big deal. If you’re working and not laid off, that’s a good thing.”

— Robert Dozier, Mirion, S.C., Nichols Transport

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