Truckers News Staff | February 01, 2011

Stephen A. Keppler,

Executive Director

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

What do you think of FMCSA’s new hours-of-service proposal?


They have nothing to do with safety. Trucking is a 24-hour-a-day industry. Trying to get a driver to work/sleep when they say just isn’t safe.

— Danny N.

I never understood why truck drivers are told when they can and can not work and are limited to the money that they can make, yet there are law-enforcement people that work a hundred hours a week. They drive and have to use quick judgment when faced with a life and death situation.

— Steven S.

I don’t think it’s the amount of hours driven, it’s when you are used to driving during the day, then the next load you get has to be driven all through the night. That’s when it’s hard not to be driving sleepy. Anyone can drive ten hours. It’s the schedule changes that are dangerous.

— Yvonne D.

Never should’ve messed with it in the first place!

— Nate L.

People can work in a factory around MORE deadly machines and work 50-60 hrs. a week. Yet let’s bang the drivers who supply those factories. Just don’t know anymore. Is there REALLY a system that will work?

— Scott K.

We run team, so it doesn’t hurt us too much but wish we could do the 5 and 5. That was nice.

— David P.

The DOT has problems regulating themselves. Leave it alone. It is working, so why jack with it? Spend that energy fixing the state of our union, world hunger, a cure for cancer — but leave us alone and let us do our job. Stop complicating this.

— Crystal S.

I think it wasn’t well thought out and was just thrown together with no regard to trucking whatsoever. With fuel and the economy in shambles why would you mess with something that is working? There will never be one rule that fits all in this business. All we can hope for now is this gets tied up in courts for years to come.

— David E.

Politicians have reached the point of no return on their insanity. Let’s see how fast the rules get changed when nothing gets delivered.

— Ronnie Q.


New HOS does not guarantee safer roads as the feds would like to think. Safety is the responsibility of a driver, not regulations.

— @JonRHansen

I’m left wondering why did we have these listening sessions no one was going to listen to any truck drivers that spoke before them?

— @blczzz999

Not in favor of the new proposal, especially the 2 midnight to 6 a.m. spans needed for a reset.

— @TrainerPTSI

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