Truckers News Staff | November 01, 2011

Save drafting for the racetrack

I have no idea what some trucking companies are thinking these days, having their drivers tailgate other trucks to save fuel expenses! I’ve been driving 17 years, and it seems to have gotten worse since the price of fuel has gotten past $2 a gallon.

You can’t go five miles from a truckstop after fueling without someone putting the nose of their truck up to the back of your trailer and staying there as long as you allow it. Don’t they realize how dumb that is? That they could get hurt or killed or do the same to the other driver.

I for one am glad I’m getting out of this before I get killed. On May 24 this year I jackknifed our truck on a rain slick road (I-94W) due to, I think, a scared new driver. He had been driving erratic speeds for 100 miles. I was taking my time because of the rain, but he was in front of me, and when I moved over in the center lane to get away from him a four-wheeler quickly moved to the lane I was in and stepped on the brakes.

That’s another good reason to get out all the games.

Let people know how dangerous this is, please.

M. Fons

Mosinee, Wis.

Cell phones allow drivers to keep in touch

How did we talk to our loved ones before the cell phone? I will tell you.

We, the family, would wait up till all hours of the night, waiting for our drivers to stop driving. Then we would sit on the house phone for an hour, talking when the driver should be sleeping and the kids should be asleep, too.

Next morning, both sides, house and truck, would wake and think of the fact that it would be midnight before we could talk again, then get into the vehicle and drive distracted because we missed our loved ones, those same people that we only get to see three days out of every 90 to 120 days!?

Then comes the phone bills we would have, $500 to $1,000 a month, so our drivers would drive even harder and longer hours to pay that bill, just so they could talk a little each night. Still disconnected from the family, they would wonder what was happening at home.

Now, at least we get to talk some throughout the day, the kids know what their dad sounds like, and he gets to be a small part of the family. The bill is manageable, the people are less distracted, and families are staying together. And all this is managed hands-free with a Bluetooth-type headset that is designed especially for truckers.

Kendra Elrod Marquis

Charlotte, Tenn.


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