Truckers News Staff | November 01, 2011

I’d like to have a GPS or a computer to show where I’m at and all that.

— Jaime Betancourt,

El Paso, Texas,

company driver for J. Ramirez Trucking

On-board computer to find places and browse the Internet, things like that.

— Karl Walker,

Dayton, Ohio,

company driver for Springfield Cartage

Probably a GPS. The one that’s designed for trucks. The one that costs like $500. The one I can’t afford.

— Victor Ramirez,

El Paso, Texas,

owner-operator with United Van Lines

GPS. Makes life easier.

— Xavier Wright,

Lincolnton, Ga.,

company driver for Con-way Truckload

How do you feel about the NTSB recommendation to ban all cell phone use while driving?


I am opposed to the ban. It is an overreaction. All the evidence and studies show that they are safe. Just more big brother telling us what we can do.

— Jeff C.

So even with hands-free we can’t use them … What’s next? Taking CB radios and AM/FM out of trucks, too? Oh I know, why don’t we take the heat and AC out too, God forbid we should be distracted by warmth or chilled air. And why don’t they make a rule about the lack of clothes people wear in their autos? Distracted driving, ya know … comes in all forms.

— Charles N.

Truckers are already taken away from their families and loved ones, now this ban will make them choose between sleep and talking to the people they care about … Next they will ban passengers in cars because they may just speak to you. I know for me, my kids are more distracting than talking to my trucker husband on the Bluetooth. Should my kids be banned from my car?

— Amberlamps L.

This is outrageous and we all should protest it or go on strike. There are already too many regulations on truckers; it’s just another way to make and use us as examples for the rest of the world. This needs to stop

— Janet F.

Next will come a ban on chewing gum or eating or singing along with the radio while driving.

— Bill R.

It is illegal in most states to use a cell phone while driving unless you have a hands-free device. What they are talking about here is no cell phone at all, hands-free or otherwise. If you use a Bluetooth there should not be a problem.

— Dennis S.

It’s just another way for the government to control us. No way that I’m going all day without talking to my family, and I’m not doing it at the end of the day and then sacrificing my sleep time. I’ll be one less driver on the road if that passes.

— Dave E.

I am opposed! If they’re going to ban them, do it for everyone. Cars, trains, bicyclists, pedestrians etc.

— David L.

Next it will be “no smoking” while you are driving a commercial vehicle. Fellow truckers, we better stick together and fight all these regulations.

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