Truckers News Staff | January 01, 2012

Drivers need to be paid by the hour

With all the proposed changes in the hours of service, I don’t care what happens, as it will change or stay the same whether I like it or not. But maybe some changes should be made — which are long overdue — such as doing away with pay by the mile and start paying by the hour, such as $20-$25 per hour for a 14- to 15-hour day.

And also, maybe your dispatchers and load planners need to pay [hours-of-service violation] fines when you and I [go over] hours of service. After all, they are the ones pushing to make deliveries and pickups. Also, the shippers and receivers need to be able to ship or receive their freight 24 hours and not from 9-noon and 1-4 p.m.

As for detentions and layovers [we should be paid] after two hours at the dock. Layover [should] start at 5 p.m. even if a load is found for you, at the same rate of $20-$25 per hour.

I know these sound like dreams to all of us, but they will not change till all of us work together and stop letting these companies push us around.

Consider this, most of you are making what you did 10 years ago and are working harder than ever for the same pay.

Wake up, drivers.

Jonathan Moe

Lenoir City, Tenn.


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What are your New Year’s Resolutions?


Work on my marriage, which I’ve started early. Quit smoking.

— William H. R.

To think of myself less and others more.

— Bettina B. C.

To work toward owning my own truck.

— Eric A.

Be a door-greeter at Walmart

— Kris C.

To lose 15 pounds.

— Elizebethe E.

To start putting my family and myself first. Boy, the company is not going to like it but after 17 years [of] putting them and their shippers and receivers first, what do I have to show for it? Nada.

— F. Scott D.

I hope that next year I obtain my first CDL and start a good career like others.

— Steven B.

Be able make enough money to help homeless vets. It’s a shame they fought for our country and freedom and we can’t even shelter or feed them. I wish I could do more!

— Jeni G.

Finding a local driving job.

— Curtis M.

I did my New Year’s resolution early. I have not had a cigarette in two months, and [I’m] feeling good.

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