Truckers News Staff | December 01, 2009

— Brian G.

Resolving to stay in shape and not let the rude ‘4wheelers’ get to me! Need to take better care of family and friends, too, when I am off the road and home.

— Jack F.

Ten years ago, my 2000 resolution was to finally quit smoking for good, which I did. Now I would love to finally divest myself of the extra weight gained since that time.

— Tom B.

To get out there and go over-the-road and make my honey proud!

— Karen M.

Better rates and lower fuel prices.

— Shannon P.

Work on getting a better attitude at life in general. And try to spend more time with my family.

— James B.

To live a more active and healthy lifestyle, even if I think it will kill me!

— Tom I.

To lose weight …

— Jas B.

To get back into OTR, been out of it for almost seven years, currently driving Class B Kenworth reefer 20’-28’ straight jobs, need to make more money for the family.

— David R.

Just started a new trucking company — in this time of recession? Are you crazy??? That’s the question we get asked time and time again. We started in February of 2009, and … at the end of October we just bought our first truck payment free. … Our New Year’s resolution as a company is to be the company everyone wants to work for. You’re not a number here! My hat’s off to our three drivers working for Mitchell Transportation in DeKalb, Texas. You guys are like family. And (to answer) the number one question: Yes, you guys will be home for Christmas!

— Anna M.


My New Year’s res is to destroy, politically, in any way I can, any incumbent politician. By destroy I mean campaign against!

— @912Truck

Do you support Washington’s efforts to reform health care/insurance?

No: 69%

Yes, unconditionally: 18%

Yes, if no one’s taxes go up: 9%

Yes, if my taxes don’t go up: 5%



What do you think the biggest issues facing the trucking industry will be in 2010?

John-Williams-Feedback“The biggest issue is work returning back and plenty of work so that truckers can stay busy shipping all the stuff that has to get back and forth. You know, taking care of America and building the industry back.”

— John Williams, Blue Line, Atlanta, Ga.

Darren-feedback“The issue facing the trucking industry is going to be the cost of fuel. With fuel prices going up all the time, it’s tough on everybody, and the poor economy doesn’t help either.

— Darren Barrett, Independent,

Stanford, Ky.

Kenneth-Jones-feedback“I think safety issues on the road, and also pay.”

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