Female trucker contest announces first-place winner

| June 27, 2014

Overdrive‘s Most Beautiful, a contest in its second year of recognizing female drivers, has selected its first-place winner. Through a combination of online audience voting and a judging panel, Emily Weymouth was named Overdrive‘s Most Beautiful.

Emily Weymouth
Emily Weymouth

Weymouth of Charlton, Mass., hauls motor oil, transmission fluid and other lubricants for Dennison Lubricants. She says when she was younger she “loved the challenge of being better than the boys and showing them up” — and as a driver, she likes to show that trucking can be a woman’s world, too.

Asked the definition of a beautiful female trucker, Weymouth said it’s “someone who isn’t afraid of being themselves. Someone who has a passion for what they are doing on a daily basis. She should be confident and outspoken, yet cares for others. I think a female’s rig also comes into play with this question. Truckers take pride in the rig they drive, and that helps show confidence out on the road.”

The runners-up are Ingrid Brown and Cheryl Lannigan. Brown of Boone, N.C., hauls reefer, dry freight and produce for Randall Miller. She has been OTR for 29 years. Owner-operator Lannigan of Savannah, Ga., hauls shipping containers in and out of ports and has been driving for eight years.

The other seven women who were part of the top 10 are:

Patty Adams
Shanae Burshem
Jennifer Marcu
Sonja Morris
Kimberly Myers
Michele Pruitt
Anna Sosnina

Weymouth has won a trip to The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas in August, where she will be crowned Overdrive‘s Most Beautiful. She will also be photographed with a truck and will be featured in a story in an upcoming issue of Overdrive.

Overdrive‘s Most Beautiful is brought to you by Con-way Truckload Inc.

  • angrytruckersam

    Yes she’s pretty but being bra –less probably played a Major Voting opinion I’m sure ! !

  • Midnite Hauler

    I think it was the fact she is actually a hard working lady…nothing to do with what she is or isn’t wearing….congrats Emily

  • Ira Doss

    Might be a nice person but a local driver smothered in tattoos.?. Not the image I want to represent my company. Zero professionalism in the pic and almost no experience behind the wheel. I would be insulted if I were a woman in the industry.

  • Willy Trainor

    I agree. Don’t want to judge a book by the cover but first impressions count. My first impression would be lot lizard of the year. Hole contest looks like a joke.

  • Taco

    I hired a guy with no tats. He stole $500.

  • Zach McAllen

    No doubt! She makes it look like any woman with a perky chest can make it to the top without ever really doing the job. I guess next years winner will drive a fedex 1 ton van but hikes her purple shorts up. WTG Overdrive make real women and men look like total fools.

  • Shelly Feilps

    Easy guys the contest said Most Beautiful. It doesn’t imply the winner needs a brain, good taste, class or be much of a truck driver. You would think they’d want those things but obviously not.

  • Roger 141

    Typical super trucker discussion with expected idiotic statements. Grow up little boys and think before you type.

  • Workingman

    This is hardly the image I would want representing the women of trucking. Hopefully she will wear long sleeves while in Dallas

  • Angela Lynn

    How do you know that she doesn’t have a brain, class or taste. Just because she has tattoos. Seriously? If you knew her you would know that she loves what she does and does a dam good job at it. Stop hating on her and putting her down when you do not even know her. Don’t you all have better things to do with your lives than to judge people. Know your facts before you assume things about her. You are clearly showing you have no class. Congrats Emily. For every person rooting for you 12 people will try to bring you down.

  • heavyhauler

    Children play nice. Since when is it OK for anyone to judge a book by the cover? I guess some people will always think they can judge just by how someone dresses. A lot of bikers have tats and wear leather. Most of them would be kind enough to give the shirt off their back to help someone in need. Wtg Emily for bringing out the haters in this discussion. Haters is just a word for a person that has low self esteem and confidence and that’s what makes them ugly and backstabbing. Why can’t people be happy with what has been and let it be. Grow up America.

  • manyguestprease

    The two runners up were better…

  • jojo

    I’m just an old rocker with long hair. I know many that are into country music and cowboy hats. Todays kids are into tats. Let them enjoy life as we have done. Congrats Kid!

  • Bigred

    I’d like to know who won by actual votes. Not by votes and, ” THE JUDGING PANEL” I believe they threw that in there just to let us know that the actual one popular vote winner got the shaft!

  • kidder

    Ingrid Brown would have been my winner. I know her worked with her.

  • calebpshrhs

    I will be the first one to say that I know nothing about Trucking. That being said I do know about being a good person. Emily is the kind of person that would bend over backwards to help anyone in need. She is not only a beautiful woman on the outside she is truly beautiful on the inside too. She would never stoop to making the crude and heartless comments made by people that obviously have no idea how to be decent human beings. Emily is the type of person that will not even bother defending herself against these hateful statements. Simply stated, she is better than that. You are low, judgmental people that make assumptions based on your own feelings of self loathing. So, while Emily continues to be a wonderful, beautiful hard working young woman, you can go back to wishing you could even stand near a woman like that. You all disgust me.

  • Charles J Fritz III

    what company do you own? id like to know so i don’t waste my time filling out an application as i too have tattoos on my arms

  • Charles J Fritz III

    maybe woman truckers should wear a burqa in your world

  • Shaina Frolik

    Sorry but this entire contest is just an over rated prom queen. Really? Most beautiful? All these girls r being judged on is their looks. Shut up and do you job! Run your truck not your mouth.

  • mousekiller

    Most beautiful does not mean in looks entirely but out look, abilities temperament, professionalism and safe driver. Many things. The term Beautiful is misleading. All those tats make me think biker or Po — star . but then again ,1st impressions do count.
    Makes me wonder why so few applied or were nominated by others.

  • mousekiller

    Its easy for them to do that. They are not liking being shown up by a female and one with tats. Shame it happens that way but so many of todays drivers shouldn’t be. It seems that negativity is running rampant in todays trucking industry. Take one look around in a truck stop and it is hard to tell the difference between a truck driver and dumpster diver now.

  • Shirley Haskell

    She’s not qualified in my opinion. Per her bio she hasn’t been driving long enough to even be called a driver. She’s never run over the road etc. As for the tattoos, she decided to look the way she does. Hopefully she likes it because she’ll look like that forever. I think she looks like pure white trash. I have my own company and have a stack of applications from responsible experienced drivers that use better judgement than to look like a grafity covered sign advertising a strip club. She may be nice. She may drive ok. But she chose to look like she does, she chose to drive local, she chose to enter herself into a contest where people would see her pics and form an opinion. I’m proud to be a woman in trucking. But I’d bet most of us are imbarest by her.

  • mousekiller

    And you are putting all of us in one basket too. talk about negative. read your post again and then think about it.

  • Sheri Hoffman-Sautter

    I want a recount. This is a profession! We are professional. This ‘driver’ shows nothing PRO in this pic.
    So, if I enter without my bra and my big boobs I’ll win??
    As a woman driver of about 20 years I should be proud but I’m not. This had set back lady drivers 20 years. Now I’m gonna hear I should be barefoot and pregnant crap again.
    The women out here, OTR and local worked hard in a ‘mans’ world to get respect and now Overdrive just threw that out the window.
    Seriously guys??? Put it back in your pants and wait until you get home to mama.
    Isn’t that why your out here? To take care of family????
    Smh HARD

  • tons

    I think its 2014. Anybody who judges professionalism based on tattoos is not professional. Tattoos are an art and science proves artistic people perform better in all aspects of life. One guy agrees and writes “hole” contest is a joke? Your grammar is a joke! Another women bashing her says she is “imbarest” by her? Do computers not have spell check? I am embarrassed for you! The fact that people write reviews insulting this woman without knowing anything about her tells me there is a discrimination still against women from you in the workplace, which if you have not been updated, is against the law. As far as her ability to drive, i bet she handles the eaton better than half of you bad asses jamming gears. Congrats!

  • Sheri Hoffman-Sautter

    Yes they Overdrive doesn’t have a men’s version of most handsome! I am furious, I went through hell and back to drive this damn truck and pissed because this puts women drivers back to last century smh

  • Billie Cutcher

    I think she is pretty. I love the tats. And I dont get where people are saying the tats are trashy. Art is art. They are not prison or homemade qualiry tats but professional ones. So that adds the class. Personally I would have chosen a better shirt. But other than that wtg.

  • Sheri Hoffman-Sautter

    I don’t care about her tats. I care because I am out here, OTR 20 years now because of this, we are back to last century. Beauty comes from the inside, not from the outside. I’d vote for a gal that knows this job better than most men. I know that as I have been working ‘men’s jobs most my life. As a woman you have to be better or you don’t make it. I’ve helped more men back up than any women. Meanwhile the men sit in the seat and wait for the accident you know is about to happen.

  • Sheri Hoffman-Sautter
  • Sheri Hoffman-Sautter

    Totally agree

  • Cherokee

    Ira Doss what does tattoos have anything to do with it. Your either an old woman with a stick up your ass and can’t get behind the times or your extremely jealous of a confident woman. Her art work is beautiful.

  • Sheri Hoffman-Sautter

    Us women truckers are professional and dress the part. You said you don’t know about trucking. Let me fill you in, I barely have time off. Three day’s, 1st day sleep, 2nd day chores, 3rd day get ready to go back out for months. We (all drivers) miss holidays, birthday’s, births and deaths all to bring Americans what they need or think they need. Other than delivering a child name on thing that’s not on a truck? We risk our lives on a daily basis not only driving our truck but your cars as we see your turned around yelling at the kids, texting, playing on the phone, eating, putting on makeup, everything BUT driving your car!!!
    And the parking situation

  • Hot Rod

    Your an idiot for Judging someone that does the same thing as you! Especially you being a women! Just cause she hasn’t drove over the road? Really! Well thats like me saying I wouldn’t pick you cause you shower in truck stops! Grow up! You are a disgrace to women for being jealous an judgment of one that you dont know! Obviously your mom never taught you dont judge a book by its cover! Probably some 300lb dirtball driving a JB Hunt truck sitting in a truckstop eating hotdogs of the rollers of a pilot grease pit! People are jealous of one when they couldn’t touch a hair on her ass in anything in life ! What a joke!

  • Hot Rod

    Oh an it EMBARRASSED not Imbarest! STUPID!

  • ohhellnaw

    I think she looks damn great braless and tattos are awesome too on a woman. Maybe other women will follow her example and go braless too. Hell yes. Congrats to her and the other women for their mentioning in the contest and the job they do. Keep up the good work ladies.

  • Nikki Lutz

    Where do I sign up next year???? My friends told me about this. I been owner/operator haulin cattle, grain and other freight for long time….yep I load cattle my self.

  • Tj

    Let’s be real she was undoubtably the prettiest Trucker hands down…The bashing makes y’all look sour and sore! Congrats Emily!

  • Tj

    P.s. If y’all disagree you had a vote. So obviously more people disagree with y’all and agree she is the prettiest!? Ha…

  • ohhellnaw

    I think she looks damn good braless, hot actually. Maybe she can inspire all women to go braless, lol. I love her tatts, but I like tatts on a woman. Congrats to her for winning and all the other women for entering the contest.

  • ohhellnaw

    I think she looks damn good bra -less, hot actually. Maybe she can inspire all well almost all women to go bra -less, lol. Nice pearly white teeth. I like her tatts too. The artist did a great job, but then I like tatts on a woman. Congrats to her for winning and the other ladies for entering. Support 81

  • ohhellnaw

    I think she looks damn good bra -less, hot actually. Maybe she can inspire all well almost all women to go bra -less, lol. Nice pearly white teeth. I like her tatts too. The artist did a great job, but then I like tatts on a woman. Congrats to her for winning and the other ladies for entering. Support 81

  • norman ott

    Poor choice OD

  • Ellie Roe

    I usually don’t put my two cents in..but here it goes. I have been driving for 25+ years and seriously Overdrive? A “beauty contest” for women drivers? If they wanted to enter a beauty pageant, try Miss/Mrs. America. I have never watched beauty pageants…I feel they are sexist. And you, Overdrive, are falling in the same category! So, in this “beauty contest”, did you have them demonstrate their skills that qualify them to be truck drivers..per se..driving an obstacle course or maybe a written test to see how much they actually know about rules and regulations? I don’t know the “winner”, but it wouldn’t be a title I’m proud of. Women truck drivers are not sex symbols, we, like our male coworkers, are the lifeline of America. So Overdrive stop your sexist “beauty pageant” and stick to keeping us updated on the real trucking industry!

  • Paul
  • Sheri Hoffman-Sautter

    Couldn’t of said it better Ellie, yeah, I was a lil PO’d at the time when I posted. This takes back 20 years, when not many women were out here and we’d get flashed on our way back from the showers thinking I was a lot lizard. I had my shower bag and I walked over to the male driver and he asked ‘How much?’ I said, “I don’t know, how much will those headlight be if you ever flash another woman driver?” He ran to his sleeper.
    It’s tough enough out here without the beauty contest because if your a woman driving making it out here, were ALL beautiful❤️❤️

  • William McKelvie

    Come on already. Some of you need to REALLY and HONESTLY get over yourselves. Did YOU enter? Were YOU even a candidate? Give her props for having the proverbial balls to just even do this. Damn, some of you all need your heads examined. So maybe your favorite did not win. Many of your comments are very unfounded and you should be ashamed of saying them. You should be proud of her for even entering.

  • Richard Wilson

    Damn right!

  • centerlaneshow

    I second this motion