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Fillmore, Ill., trucker carves wooden truck models with lifelike detail

| February 02, 2010

Profiled last week in the Dectaur, Ill.-based Herald-Reviejeffmillermodelsw, Jeff Miller is a truck driver with his family’s Miller Lime Service. He also wields a wood-carving knife with considerable skill, a fact he’s turned to building wooden models of classic truck-tractors and farm tractors for many a year. Unlike more well-known model builders in the industry, such as De-Elegant Model Truck Fleet, who use polyurethane molds for their builds, Miller’s wood-carving approach has earned him quite a reputation in central Illinois, wrote Herald-Review staff writer Tony Reid.

Linda Williams, company manager for her father’s Dale Williams Trucking company in Fillmore, told Reid the company owns several Miller creations, on display in their office, and that many know Miller’s work simply on sight. “They recognize his work, and they know he is very talented,” she said.

For more pictures of Miller and his trucks, follow this link.



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