Trio develops website for biking enthusiasts

Caroline Taylor | June 01, 2011
Jeff Barker, along with Scott Grenerth and Jeff Clark collaborated to start a cycling website for truckers.

Ride and Roll


Trio develops website for biking enthusiasts

Truckers are beginning to revolutionize professional driving by taking a familiar haul and transforming it into an extraordinary chase to find adventure.

Scott Grenerth, Jeff Barker and Jeff Clark, all “trucker cyclers,” have collaborated their passion and resources for riding bikes while working on the road on, a website dedicated solely to drivers who are interested in learning how carry a bike with them and where to ride.

The website is a database of interactive maps that show locations around the country where drivers can safely and legally park their tractor-trailers and quickly get to a bike trail.

The main map shows the central location of a trail. Clicking on the location will open a more detailed map that allows you to zoom and manipulate the area around the trail to show where to park, the actual trail and other interesting sites around the location.

Grenerth, a trucker cycler who was featured in the Fit For the Road section in March’s issue of Truckers News, says that his main reason behind creating the website was to get drivers out of their trucks and into the world.

“How many people actually get to experience their surroundings when they are cooped up in the cab of a truck driving from warehouse to warehouse?” Grenerth says.

The website also has a direct link to the Ride and Roll Facebook page, which is a place for other trucker cyclers to interact with the website, give feedback on trails they’ve ridden and new trails in different areas. People also give motivation for truckers to begin living healthier lifestyles and leave advice for beginners.

“The Ride and Roll Facebook page is growing rapidly. So far, in combination with the website, we’ve already recruited over a dozen new truckers who’ve gone out and purchased bikes,” Grenerth says.

For a profession that doesn’t require a lot of exercise, Grenerth says that it is important to push others to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“There are just some things you can’t do at a truckstop,” he says.

Barker, co-founder of the website, says that it’s all about teaching drivers to have an interest in exercising and exploring.

“It’s the idea of getting out there,” Barker says. “It’s the feeling of freedom that you can go wherever you want.”

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