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Caroline Taylor | June 01, 2011

There have been other health gains. Since losing nearly 30 pounds, I’m now down to half of my blood pressure medication with almost a normal blood pressure reading. I’ve averaged about 110/75, the lowest in years.

Everyone wants to know how I am doing this. I wish I could say there was a magic fitness fairy. However, I can credit my success to my son’s determination to help me do a workout in my cab and telling me how to eat healthier on the road. We decided to use the Tony Horton, P90X workout program and modified it by mounting bands in key places in the truck. I use weighted resistance bands in the truck and kneel for some of the overhead lifting moves. We placed plywood and a mat under my mattress so I can lift the mattress out of the way to do abdominal exercises. I mostly do cardio outside the truck now.

I cut out junk food and added a meal replacement shake, “shakeology,” to my diet. The drink is low in calories and high in nutrients plus it makes me feel full. As the weight started coming off, I increased the amount of exercise I did and continued to eat frequent, small healthy meals.

Honestly, success is its own motivator. I feel better, my wife started flirting with me again and I wasn’t ashamed to be seen outside the truck. It starts with small changes to your diet such as eliminating junk food and, soon, it’s just part of your life. Same thing with fitness; you start with a few easy weights and a walk around the truck. Slowly you build up to a level that’s right for you.

My son helps drivers through his Facebook page, Truckin’ Fitness, and we’ve teamed up to do some fitness coaching as well. I want to “pay it forward” and hope to help other drivers make healthy choices.


Be sure to visit for more information on weight loss, healthy recipes, information on health products and more.

The point is, the healthier you get; the more you want to stay healthy. I’m doing this for my family and because I love my trucking job. If you are out of shape and medically unfit, you may not be able to keep your trucking job. My advice is to start right this minute. Don’t put it off.

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