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| April 11, 2005

Gary Collins, Dan Erickson, George Davis, Jackie Harrison, Fred Clark, Steve Hennings, Bill Bush, Roger Dannen, Larry E. Brown, Francis Davis, Lowell Renner, Larry D. Brown, Darrell Macklin, Dick Wyatt, Russ Allen, Kevin Dinsdale, Dennis Murphy, Les Bohlken, Brad McNally, Larry Stevens, Michael Lavigne, Howard Inselmann, Ronald Dunlap, Bob Emery, Marshall Schales, Alan Wiegard, Matt Bohl, Richard Young, John Sullivan, Carlos Martinez, Jeff Sylvester, Mark Buckman, Thomas Brown, Charles Hunt, Frank Jahnke, Patrick Lucash, Pat Patterson, William Richardson, Thornton Bethune, Donald Engel, Richard Matter, Charles Spurr, Lether Oliver, John Te Poel, Richard Waters, Howard Hendon, William Hepker, Herbert House, Donald Norton, Paul Smith, Louis Steele, Ed Swope, Ronnie Vanwyk, Steve Jacobi, David Lachniet, Jerry Langdon, Jeff Floyd, John Spanidis, James Slinkard, Pete Milkovich, John Wheeler, Mark Coins, Terry Babbs, Larry Clevenger, Mark Enabnit, Garth Thompson and Jerry Thompson have or will receive a Million Mile Club jacket and hat.

Expedited Service
National Carriers now offers temperature-controlled expedited services to 48 states. NEEDS – National’s Elite Expedited Delivery Service – employs team drivers or a series of relays.

CFI Drivers of the Month
The CFI January 2004 Company Driver of the Month is Andrew Quirit of El Paso, Texas. He started driving with CFI in 1995.

The CFI January 2004 Company Team of the Month is Miguel Barriga and Oscar Torres, both of El Paso, Texas. John Porter is the January 2004 Contract Driver of the Month. Porter has been with CFI since 1998 and lives in Crocker, Mo.

Robert Cuthbertson and Sheri McPhee make up the January 2004 Contract Team of the Month. Both live in Stuart, Tenn.

Each driver and team is automatically nominated for the 2005 Driver and Team of the Year awards.

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