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Fleet sues Pilot, names CEO directly as defendant

| June 14, 2013

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The latest lawsuit filed against truck stop chain Pilot Flying J — filed June 12 — specifically names as defendants in the case Pilot Flying J owner and CEO Jimmy Haslam and other top executives at the company, in addition to the company itself, following federal accusations against the company that it defrauded carriers out of millions of dollars in owed fuel rebates. Named as defendants in the lawsuit, in addition to Haslam, are John Freeman, Pilot’s vice president of sales; Pilot President Mark Hazelwood; and the company’s national sales director, Brian Mosher.

eagle-motor-feight-lawsuit-against-pilot-flying-jThe suit was filed in the middle district of Alabama by Eagle Motor Freight. The company’s lawsuit relies on for evidence a federal affidavit unsealed April 18, which was used by the FBI to obtain a search warrant to raid the company’s headquarters April 15. Eagle is a Montgomery County, Ala., based company and said it worked with Pilot since 2009.

It is only the second lawsuit so far to mention members of Pilot Flying J’s senior leadership. It, like all but one other of the lawsuits, is a class-action suit. This suit marks at least the 14th suit brought against the company since April 15.

Eagle is suing Pilot for mail fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, breach of contract, deceptive trade practices, unjust enrichment, fraudulent misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation and suppression.

The carrier is seeking for itself and the class actual, consequential, incidental and punitive damages sustained, costs of the suit, attorney’s fees, litigation expenses and court cases, along with equitable and injunctive relief. Like the other suits, it als asks for a jury trial for the case.

Click here to see the lawsuit documents.

  • No Reform

    Pilot is only ONE of the companies that routinely RIP OFF the truck driver….COPS are another bunch that routinely SCREW the truck driver..AND get away with it.

  • cwelch

    I will just quit giving them my companies money for fuel ad go elsewhere.

  • Jerry L. Pike

    I am not condoning what Pilot did. I never really like Pilot anyway as they never seemed to really care for us professional drivers. I used to like Flying J to some degree until the Pilot mentality took over. HOWEVER, the only reason all these lawsuits are being filed is there is a pack of ambulance chasing lawyers who see a grand opportunity to make a buck. Pilot is offering to pay every company what is due them with interest and is asking for time to be able to make the calculations to ensure the amounts are correct. So where is the issue for the companies? They will actually end up with more back then they would have gotten originally. Of course the lawyers are fighting Pilot’s corrective steps saying it is wrong for them to do it that way. Every company that Pilot pays back and convinces to pull out of any legal action costs those attorneys money. The ONLY ones who stand to gain in this are these no good lawyers. The biggest problem in America today is we have way too many attorneys. They could shut down all the law schools for 20 years and let attrition take its course and America would be better off. Health care is as expensive as it is because of lawyers. Most merchandise in America is as high priced as what it is because of attorneys. Our jobs as drivers are more risky because of attorneys. And a majority of those in Congress who want to tax the snot out of us business people and keep running up entitlement spending for those who would rather be handed a free check then work are attorneys. And if these attorneys succeed in going after that bad, bad Pilot and get all the money they are going after with all the punitive damages they want, what do you think it will do to Pilot? It could cause them to go out of business thus making an already problematic parking situation become a nightmare. Think about it trucking company executive before you listen to that low life lawyer. Why not wait for Pilot to pay you back as promised rather than feed the shark pool that will go after Pilot today but may find a way to sue you tomorrow?

  • Jammer

    Where is it that we don’t get ripped off in this industry??? the fuel is to high, the cost of things at EVERY truck-stop is marked up. I’m sure there has to be somewhere that we are getting a fair shake, but right off the top of my head,I can’t think of anywhere. We are even getting ripped of by our own Government. How is it fair that we have to pay for a babysitter (EOBR) when the Mexican trucking companies don’t. I could go on and on about how unfair things are for the American trucker, but it’s what we deserve in a way. We DON’T stand up all as one and say enough is enough, and REALLY do something about all this BS. Ya I got bill’s to pay, a truck payment, but if we got serious about it, and REALLY stuck together, It wouldn’t take a week and these know it all’s in Washington would be looking at it in a different light, when the Steak House, favorite Bar, or in need of gas is out, because we stood together. No wonder there are seasoned drivers getting of this (anymore) joke of an industry. After 28+ years, I’m on my way out, so somebody who has been driving for 6 months can train somebody else, the begining of a perfect storm, and I’m not going to have one of those kill me while I’m out here trying to support my family.

  • Mark Hayward

    And if you don’t comply with the Cops and DOT, they can impound your truck or and shoot you. The Cops have much more potential for abuse than Pilot. With Pilot you simply can go to another truck stop.

    At least it looks like the Lawyers will make a lot on this deal. It really would be better for Pilot to settle directly with customers even if they pay them double what the truckers got cheated out of.

  • Mark Hayward

    I agree with Jerry L. Pike 100% Putting Pilot and Flying J out of business won’t help the truckers any. It will be interesting to see if Pilot pays back the truckers they screwed on thier own of the Feds still put any of them in Prison.
    I would rather see the Bankers that the Feds bailed out be in Prison rather than those who run Pilot.

  • Alan Patrick

    I agree with both of you but I would like to see the crooked Ba*((&^&) get what they deserve as in being put in jail and let someone who cares about us truckers run the business. If the attorneys have their way we will be in a load of shit because in some areas that is just about the only truckstops you can find strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.