FMCSA accepting public comment on application for latest pilot program participant

mexicoUntitled-1The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is seeking comment on the latest applicant to its cross-border pilot program with Mexico. 

Importaciones y Distribuciones Latina America Gami SA de CV has applied to run one truck and one driver in the program. The Tijauana-based carrier has passed the agency’s Pre-Authorization Safety Audit and plans to operate a vehicle weighing less than 26,000 pounds. 

The agency says IDLA has an affiliation with Hector Serrano Lee, doing business as Importaciones y Distribuciones Latina America Gami — a carrier domiciled in the U.S. 


Cross-border update: U.S. says no suit from Mex association, inspections raise data questions

The State Department says Canacar has not filed for arbitration since the Mexican trucking trade association served notice in 2009. And updated numbers on inspection ...

Lee has “no identified safety issues” and no Safety Measurement System scores above intervention threshold in the agency’s Compliance, Safety Accountability program, as of Feb. 21. 

IDLA would become the 14th carrier to be admitted into the program. Decisions are pending on three other companies, and the agency has dismissed applications for 14 carriers. Four others have withdrawn applications. 

To make a comment on IDLA, visit and use the Docket Number FMCSA-2011-0097. 

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  • Stormy

    Post a comment on FMCSA for what? They don’t listen about anything else, why would they listen to us about this?

    If we don’t let the Mexican trucking companies in, we won’t have any truckers left. EVERYTHING FMCSA is doing is geared towards putting small trucking companies out of business. We can’t even get a medical certificate without a mess of hassle and the state computer systems aren’t even updated to handle the medical registry system. And…. the state computer systems aren’t compatible enough to share information on violations that have been dropped by a court. So we give the states and FMCSA extensions but we don’t give any help to the truckers to get any of this resolved. We have closed the borders, for sure, but the borders that are being closed are between States in the US. It has gone so far off track that there is no way it can be turned around.

  • g

    Agreed! And why do we need a mexican truck up here to begin with?? For what? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.