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National Registry rule finalized

| April 18, 2012

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration April 18 finalized a rule establishing a National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. It requires health-care professionals who perform medical examinations for interstate truck and bus drivers to be trained, tested and certified on the specific physical qualifications that affect a driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle. The online registry will include only those health-care providers who have completed the new FMCSA certification process.

“Safety is our top priority,” Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said. “This new rule will ensure that health-care professionals conducting Department of Transportation medical exams fully understand all of the demands required to operate large trucks and passenger buses safely.”

This rule addresses four National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommendations on comprehensive training for medical examiners and tracking of driver medical certificates.

In 30 days, FMCSA will post its uniform training and testing standards for medical examiners at, where you can go for more information about the rule. At that time, health care professionals, drivers, employers, law enforcement officers and the public can review the training standards and sign up to receive updates on the implementation of the rule.

Compliance is required for health professionals by May 21, 2014, at which point drivers must obtain any medical examination from a certified examiner. Medical examiners who fail to maintain federal standards will be removed from the registry.

To allow time for testing and training centers to prepare their curricula and receive FMCSA approval, healthcare professionals seeking to become certified examiners will begin registering on the National Registry website this summer.

“Truck and bus drivers deserve highly-trained medical examiners that think safety first,” said FMCSA Administrator Anne S. Ferro. “By holding medical examiners accountable to high standards of practice, we raise the bar for safety and save lives through increased commercial driver and vehicle safety.”

Medical examiners perform approximately three million examinations of commercial truck and bus drivers each year. A DOT medical exam looks at a range of conditions to determine a driver’s medical fitness, including cardiovascular disease, respiratory and muscular functions, vision and hearing.

  • Todd

    In addition to insulting truck drivers, now FMCSA moves on to insult medical professionals. They went to college, medical school, and then specialized training for numerous years. Seems to me they would know better than the Fed’s regarding physicals. If we made over 100k a year, fine, but we don’t. Airline pilots make more and work less.


    Thanks Todd and Thanks Overdrive for bringing this to our attention. Todd, I couldn’t have said it any better than you did in your comment. I can’t help but sit here and wonder how long the people in the trucking industry as well as the people of this country are going to just sit back and let this type of thing take place. It’s time for at least the Truck Drivers, who are the ones with the most bargaining power to stand up and say “Enough is Enough”.

  • Richard Davis

    I’m in agreement with both of you, the federal government just keeps on adding more requirements on everyone in the name of safety. I don’t believe that anyone of them have ever sat behind a steering wheel of an 18 wheeler. The only way we’re going to survive is to become federal employees an do nothing but write regulations to justify our jobs.

  • pete lee

    My doctor friend says that most docs don`t have the time or desire to go to training for something they know all too well already. The limited number of certified physicians will only increase the cost of a physical.

  • George Kern

    I’ve been driving since 1970 and to tell the truth, I’m glad I can retire when ready because I’ve had enough of rules and regs written by people who don’t have a clue about the profession.

  • American Trucker

    Its another way to get into our pockets again a little deeper, with all the new regulations and mandates and Reccomendations that have been hoisted upon drivers by the Lobbys, and make no mistake this was done by those who stand to profit most, MEDICAL Machine makers RESMED/GE, Sleep Clinics, DOT Chains That will now appear next to truck stops etc etc.

    So Now the thing to do is when you go to one of these clinics that charge 150-200 bucks for a drug test and D.O.T. Physical and they give me a 10 Minute physical that consists of a few questions, my temperature being taken and a Blood Pressure measurement, and then they say OH HOW DO YOU SLEEP….Im filing a complaint in writing because I know that MANY OF US have gone for a Physical, and hoped for more and recieved far less then what should have been done.

    The Lobbys are ruining this country bit by bit as they buy and cajole our Lawmakers with cash registers on there hip, who are responsible for the Nations wellness, instead we enrichen a few, make Billions for a few more Corporations, RESMED/GE and those sleep clinics that sell VOODOO that most never heard of or dont understand.

    It is time to stand as One group, and organize and become a VOTING Block, If your not a OOIDA Member then become one, if youve never wrote your congressman, then find out how, Pick up the phone and tell these LOBBYS, and the Bought and Paid for Boards of FMCSA that as drivers weve had enough, VOTE, and MEET and lets end this abusive culture of placing more and more Onerous regulations on working people.

  • American Trucker

    Anne S Ferro
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
    1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
    Suite W60-300,
    Washington, DC 20590

    Maybe the Good Folks at Overdrive or OOIDA can list Ray Lahoods mailing address, The flowchart Ive attached shows the needs for smaller Govt, I wonder what the salaries are for all the CHIEFS with Pointy hats.
    Also Is the same regulation being applied to the FMCSA, AND DOT…Do they take the same tests, have to qualify for Sleep Tests, etc

  • Stray-Cat

    La Hood is doing every thing he can to make the DOT his own private Domaian.. That Weilds His Iron Rule Like Hitler did for Germany. Its really Sad, that He is Allowed To continue His Conquest of the American Trucker, Un-restrained.
    Is’nt there a law against Terrorisim?? Who does He Know that Let’s him DO IT!!!!!!!!!

  • wishbone jones

    these people really dont have any power at all.think if everyone didnt renew their paper work ie lic.,reg,ifta,med.card what could they really do,put us all in jail .i dont think so.i dont care anymore what suits say most are like this president ,never worked a real job.they just bs everyone and we dont trust ourselves,so we start believing their lies. its time to take back our government .its like that blob movie just keeps getting bigger,enough is

  • Dan The Driver

    It boils down to the government being too big & wanting to get bigger. The employees of the FMCSA have to keep making more rules to justify their jobs or they won’t be able to get more funding to grow. In this climate of huge deficits we need to demand smaller government agencies.

  • Diane Emerson

    I agree with all of you. I personally have never sat behind the steering wheel of 18-wheeler but my step-father was a truck driver and my first husband and current husband of 21 years both drive. So I know what the trucking world is about. I keep my husband up-to-date with new info by scanning the internet and reading rules, regs, signed up to e-letters, etc., in order to help him.
    Did any of you know that truck driving is not considered a profession? That’s right. Officially, truck driving is a trade. How many other trades are there that have so many rules and regs on the “tradesperson”? My quick answer to that is none. It’s time for all the truckers and their family members to unite together and say “enough is enough”.
    @Todd, your comment about insulting the medical profession is really appropriate. They have taken this way too far, in my opinion.

  • dale gundersen

    not only do they have there nose in my ass but now they have there fingers also i am tired of it

  • Chewy

    By a stroke of the royal pen you can be disqualified from driving thereby living the American dream, which is to be unemployed. Fmcsa needs to offer these drivers privte schooling to learn an alternate profession or fast track those people to Medicare or Medicaid and and other assistance so they can continue to live. Who will hire a person diagnosed with apnea or a socalled sleepyheads. (obesity statistics): 30 percent of Americans are obese or fat, fat, fat. 1 of 2 adults is overweight. This new neck measurement standard to assess obesity should be a dream come true for the medical community. Do you idiots truly rely on the sole determination of doctors to label a person as obese. Im yet to find someone cured of such affliction. The driving public should have to meet the new standards. A driver has a thirty percent chance of being hit by a sleepyheads at the wheel, sleep apnea. So hooray for safety safety more safety and more government regulations. Big mother knows best. Good luck to all slep apnea diagnosed truck drivers who deliver all the goods, food, supplies and all we consume and use in everyday lives. This great country has blessed us all the more with more laws and regulations so now we can rely on the birds to transport what the truck drivers have. So many new laws and regs. To the point we all who work to support the elitist governmental leaders and administration, the working class can line up in the cheese line. By the time it’s your turn for cheese there won’t be any. This regulatory garbage has got to stop.

  • silver

    is it possible that doctors will not be interested and also,how will it affect us as far as trying to find one that we can trust? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.