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FMCSA opens floor for driver commentary on EOBRs

| April 25, 2012

EOBRThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will hold a public listening session Thursday, April 26, in Bellevue, Wash., to solicit information, concepts, ideas and comments on electronic onboard recorders and the issue of driver harassment.

This session will allow interested drivers and persons to present comments, views and research FMCSA should consider in developing its Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.

The agency wants to know what factors, issues and data it should consider as it addresses the distinction between productivity and harassment: what will prevent harassment from occurring; what types of harassment already exist; how frequently and to what extent harassment happens; and how an electronic device such as an EOBR, capable of contemporaneous transmission of information to a motor carrier, will guard against – or fail to guard against – harassment.

The listening session will be at the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance meeting in Bellevue, 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. PT, in the Grand Ballroom IJK on the 2nd floor of Hyatt Regency on Bellevue Way N.E.

The session will be recorded, and a transcript of the session will be placed in the docket for FMCSA’s consideration. The listening session also will be available via webcast and will allow for email comments during the online broadcast.

FMCSA will post specific information on how to participate via the webcast at in advance of the listening session.

For more information about the session or the webcast, contact Shannon Watson, FMCSA senior advisor for policy, at (202) 385-2395 or

FMCSA held its first listening session on the topic in Louisville on March 23, where several drivers and owner-operators expressed disdain for EOBRs.

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  • Quintin Jordan

    Trucking Companies will use EOBRs against drivers. The drivers will not be allowed to take anything more than a
    30 minute break in 14 hours of work. Sorry but my body functions will not comply with this order.

  • E.F.McHenry

    Quintin Jordan I agree completely, EOBRs will do many things to the detriment of the driver. I could list a plethora of changes only meant to benefit big trucking companies. But let me just make a couple of observations. EOBRs create a sense that only driving counts as work and tracking truck movement accurately=compliance. We know that is completely wrong!! EOBRs also turn the HOS rule on it’s head in the sense that EOBRs have been and will be used by large trucking companies in profound way to treat HOS rules not as limits to work but as mandates to work. And that is why the FMCSA will likely never resolve that conundrum. I could say some ugly things about the ATA driving all this but I’ll be civil today…..

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  • Billy Bigrigger

    Let the special interest groups and idiots with business degrees and no knowledge of trucking that have entered trucking over the last number of years lead by example and have themselves monitored in this fashion and then tell us how great it is.

    This business has changed so much since 1975 when I started that their is no way I’d be doing it if I were a young man now. Keep this up and you’ll really find out what the driver shortage we keep hearing about is. The one upside is at that point is I might be able to get the rates I should including being fully compensated for all of my detention time. Of course at that point there will be money in trucking again and all of the lowlifes will jump back in to make some of it and the race to the bottom will begin again.
    By the way are they listening like the hours of service sessions, listen then ignore what they’ve heard?

  • Don Lanier

    EOBRS are designed to run the little guys out, just like all the new Regs, its not safety they want, its CONGLOMERATION, reduce the competition and what do you have…EOBRS will be a costly add-on to a small truckers bottom line and with fuel at 4 bucks a gallon, Physicals about to be higher yet, Sleep Apnea testing, when does this effort to run small Independents out of business END !!

  • charles donelson

    It is beginning to be a joke. Prepass, eobr`s makes me just laugh. The big companies have found a way to keep them out of the weigh stations and i wonder if the DOT is aware and is overlooking them now anyway. I never see any of the large companies in weigh stations now and you ask us if we are being harassed(owner ops). If they arent in stations who is getting all the inspections and where is the data coming from. Next question is, do any of the DOT officers even know how to check the e logs, the owner ops don`t use them and i hear plenty company drivers say they are still delivering loads over the hours allowed. There is no question about harassment and i got the inspections to prove it, Just last week on the port of entry on I-82 going into Washington, i had a DOT wearing walmart x-ray vision glasses or something. He saw through my brake drum saw that my shoe was “contaminated” also saw my ball joint was shot. Well, when the mechanic came out to look at these issues and found nothing of the sort was wrong he did not even come out of the port to check these. Being from the south all i can do is come back to washington state now and contest the 125.00 bogus ticket. No washington state truck was inspected in the 4 hours i sat there, just 2 florida and 1 MO. tagged truck and me of course. I gotta get that dang pre pass. Looks like it`s a free ride with it now. thanks charlie strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.