FMCSA shuts down S.C.-based small fleet, owner-operator

| December 31, 2013

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration declared two Walterboro, S.C.-based trucking companies — CER Trucking, Inc., and Edward Risher Trucking — as well as the latter’s owner-driver, Clarence Edward Risher Jr., to be imminent hazards to public safety. Shutdown orders were issued between Dec. 10 and 20. All three entities were ordered to “immediately cease interstate commercial operations.” 

All three imminent hazard orders proceeded from crash investigations that uncovered patterns of serious violations, a dynamic discussed in depth in Overdrive's "Crashes and Interventions" reporting as part of our CSA's Data Trail series earlier in 2013.

All three imminent hazard orders proceeded from a single crash investigation that then uncovered patterns of serious violations, a dynamic discussed in depth in Overdrive’s “Crashes and Interventions” reporting as part of our CSA’s Data Trail series earlier in 2013.

The two small trucking companies run refrigerated foods and general freight primarily in the Southeast, FMCSA said, and the agency’s investigation of the operations stemmed from a November 27 crash. Clarence Edward Risher Jr., running as a driver for his father’s CER Trucking fleet, lost control of his truck on Virginia State Route 5 in Henrico County, crossing the center line and colliding with a passenger vehicle, whose driver passed away. Risher Jr.’s CDL had been under a suspension since 2010, and later revoked, for “numerous violations of state and federal safety regulations,” FMCSA said. 

Virginia State Police investigating the crash charged Risher Jr. with driving without a driver’s license, reckless driving, operating a commercial motor vehicle while disqualified, possession of alcohol and other violations.  


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FMCSA’s subsequent, separate investigation into CER Trucking revealed “the company failed to ensure that its drivers were qualified to operate commercial motor vehicles.” Another CER Trucking driver had been convicted of marijuana possession while on duty, thereby invalidating his CDL, and a third driver was not medically qualified.

Other violations, likewise, were found.  

Download copies of the shutdown orders via this link for CER Trucking and this link for Edward Risher Trucking Inc

  • g

    Yep..the “old days” are kind of OVER?? Getthehint you jack asses….doped up and drunk aint gonna work to well today…how did the idiot “lose control”??? What a gang of backwood Anal Passages….lol….tell them its 2013…not 1965. How stupid can ya get??

  • g

    These COPS are just about as ignorant as the Clown “truckers”…Cop agencies have to WAIT until the WRECK before they put a stop to people like this??? Industry is a mess from top to bottom….we have total OUTLAWS and illegal alien truckers…..and then we have Prim and Proper abide by all the rules drivers……if Cops are going to WEED out the UNFIT carriers and drivers..WHEN in the hell are they going to gets started…its Always AFTER the CRASHthese cops suddenly become AWARE of theCrimes these companies and drivers are committing??? What a rediculous Joke this industry has become.

  • William McKelvie

    Well you do know, that the only current important item to the FMCSA is that you take that 30 minute break. Things like stated in this article are only important if some poor sap gets killed, otherwise that mandatory 30 minute break is most important.

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    Here is another great company that’s an accident looking for a place to happen, Speedy Heavy Duty Trucking out of Richmond Hill , Ga. Check out them out on safer-web company snapshot.MC-403266
    This guy was dragging brake parts under the trailer the other day. He drives in left lane and cannot back a truck up without running into something. Now that’s the owner who can’t drive, His two drivers are even worse. His two trucks look like they should have been scrapped ten years ago. The whole crew has some real mental issues but the FMCSA seems to need to wait until one of these idiots kills a bus load of kids before they act.. In the mean time I get pulled while trying to pass this clown on the right while he blocks traffic for more than a mile on busy four lane highway, Only available lane to get safely around him before anything else falls from trailer but because I was driving on the fog line trying to stay far enough away from this loser the cop pulls me.

  • Whiskey

    How stupid can ya get??? Just keep on truckin’ guys n gals, just keep on truckin’!!! Don’t stand up for yourselves, just keep them wheel a turnin’!

    If we’d all just ban together we’d knock the FMCSA right out of business.
    If we’d all just ban together we’d have better HOS.
    If we’d all just ban together we’d have more pay.
    If we’d all just ban together we’d have better jobs
    If we’d all just ban together we’d have detention pay
    If we’d all just ban together we’d have better quality of life.
    If we’d all just ban together we’d have less Gov’t intervention
    If we’d all just ban together we’d have less bullshit
    If we’d all just ban together we’d better drivers and fewer idiots.

    Get the point???

    Pretty friggen unreal there was a MASSIVE OUTCRY when that stupid CARTOON DOG Brian from Family Guy died, but no one seems to give a shit when it really matters. Some times I think this industry is getting exactly what it deserves! WE deserve all this BS because NO ONE will stand up to the bastards in Washington. I write and call constantly. Difference is I actually DO something. I have not moved my truck since 12/18/13 and don’t plan to any time soon.

    Get up off your asses and do something other than bitch on some forum only 12 people will read. Put a large decal on your trucks. For the love of God DO SOMETHING!!!!!

  • guest

    Yes Anne and Tony know when its time for YOU to take a little Nappy….Obey… good now….have a little “warm milk” as Michael Jackson used to say…..maybe some cookies and ur blankie……??

  • William McKelvie

    The more I get myself involved with looking at the actual regulations, and what they are doing to all drivers, and the more the FMCSA backs off of basic real safety principles, the more I am honestly convinced that Adolf Anne is cement brick stupid. Although OOIDA, team run smart, and other groups absolutely LOVE her and say she is listening to us. Sigh.

  • PatrickHenry1789

    I don’t know anything about these 2 companies. But I do know this. THIS is exactly what the CSA 2010 was intended to do. I’m glad I found a new line of work. By the time it’s all said and done, the small independent owner operator will be obsolete. The only options you’ll have if you want to drive a truck for a living will be the JB Hunts and Schneiders of the industry.

  • Will273

    I live in S.C.

  • Will273

    I live in S.C. and can tell you it’s a good ol’ boy network…they hire family and friends…no one cares. I agree with banning together but that might involve unions and no telling where that might go.
    Unions can be good…until money gets involved…paying dues, etc then there’s no telling. People should still be able to ban together without money coming into the picture. As soon as that starts then the whole things starts falling apart. I don’t think people need to “pay” money in order to stand their ground.

  • blacknblue2

    I’m 61 years old and was looking into entering the freight broker business. Since 1984 I’ve run my own an independent stock broker business, let that market in 2002. During the entire time I held an insurance brokers license, I market commercial ins. I’m ethical to a fault and never had one complaint.

    I am fair and never look to take advantage or make a killing off prices. So once I looked into the freight broker business a driver friend introduced me to the politics is at hand. The large brokers have created a straw man to beat, a way to cut the competition, a way to run the small out of business.

    “35% of brokers have authority revoked in bond increase measure, broker group says

    The number of freight brokers disappearing from the federal rolls has been increasing by the hundreds every day since Dec. 1, following the
    new requirement to carry a $75,000 bond, boosted from $10,000 by the MAP-21 highway funding act passed last year.

    Today, 35 percent of brokers in business at the beginning of the month no longer have active authority”

    The arguments from the “big boys” is that a larger bond requirement will cut out fraud. If that were so we would never have seen an Enron, a Bernioe Madoff, or a derivative market that brought the worlds economy to its knees.

    Today the USA is the worlds largest Oligarchy with a splash of corporate fascism. It is a time where large corporations get legislation passed that has the end effect of protecting their markets. I’ve seen it in the world of the insurance brokerage business, the stock brokerage business and other businesses that require license to work.

    I certainly feel that laws are passed by the big haulers that the real aim is to put the owner operators out of business.

  • Bill

    These guys are the bad apples in our industry and I’m glad they are gone. No way someone who hasn’t had a license in over 3 years would be driving one of my trucks. You want to start owning trucks and hiring drivers you need to be responsible enough to do the checks and balances within your company to operate. Shame on this owner. He should be in the cell with his driver who killed that person. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.