FMCSA takes 287 drivers off the road

| June 26, 2012

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Monday, June 25, announced that 287 commercial bus and truck drivers were removed from the roads and more than 128 companies face enforcement actions as a result of the agency’s annual drug and alcohol strike force sweep that occurred from April 30 through May 11.

FMCSA said that during the two-week sweep, nearly 200 federal investigators examined the drug and alcohol safety records of commercial drivers employed by bus and truck companies, including school bus drivers, interstate passenger carriers, hazardous material transporters and general freight long-haul trucking companies.

Their goals were to identify motor carriers in violation of federal drug and alcohol testing requirements and to remove from the road commercial truck and bus drivers who jump from carrier to carrier to evade federal drug and alcohol testing and reporting requirements.

The 287 commercial drivers identified in the sweep face the prospect of a monetary fine and being barred from operating a commercial motor vehicle for failing to adhere to federal drug and alcohol regulations.

Additionally, 128 truck and bus companies face pending enforcement actions for violations, such as using a driver who has tested positive for illegal drugs and for not instituting a drug and alcohol testing program. Both drivers and carriers will have an opportunity to contest the alleged violations and the amount of the civil penalties.

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  • Bradley Coddington

    Can someone please explain to me how jumping from job to job can help evade drug testing? Who ever did the research on this story has no clue to what is involved in getting a driving job. Have they ever heard of pre-employment drug testing? This is the problem with the media today they report on something before getting all the facts to try and scoop the others. Please get all the facts before making half truth stories this is why this country is going down the tubes by misinformation brought by lazy reporting. I think we the people of this country need to start reporting on the bad journalism of today and get back to correctly reporting stories

  • Marty Marsh

    Now I think I’ve heard it all.Jump from carrier to carrier to avoid drug tests.That is when you have to take them,when you start a new job,or is there a list of companies that don’t require them that a driver can just look up and get a new job.
    Here is a little food for thought,there are some companies that just get waved thru these inspections,your going to tell me a company with a 1000 trucks and they can’t find 1 violation. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.