For the dog days of summer: Doug dog to the rescue

| July 28, 2011

“This is Maggie, named in honor of Margaret Thatcher. (My son had a British roommate when he got her.) She is actually my son’s dog, but still very close to my heart. She is a nutty little Jack Russell who still sometimes likes to play aggressively, and runs around an open yard when she gets a chance, even though she is 14 years old!”

– John Baxter, Overdrive technical editor

“Sylvie, my family’s Siberian husky, lived for 11 years until she went to the great hunting grounds in the sky, where she may be hunting silver tundra fox and enjoying every minute of it. A regular greeting from Sylvie was to get body-slammed. She often stood atop our patio table, peering into the back yard she ruled. Her nickname was Queen of the Universe. That one was pretty much to her liking.”

– Lucinda Coulter, Overdrive managing editor

  • Carolyn Magner

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