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Four wheeler wildly passes, gets hit by big rig — Could trucker have prevented it?

| October 04, 2013
John Doe was passed

Truck driver John Doe was passed by a crazed sports car driver and then hit the car when it lost control. Could he have prevented the accident?

Truck driver John Doe had just passed some parked cars on a one-way street in Bear Paw, S.D., and was approaching an intersection. 

The light was green, and Doe was approaching with caution in cased the signal changed. Suddenly, a sports car zoomed around Doe’s right side in an attempt to pass him — through parking spaces — and then lost control in front of him. The sports car hit the right front fender of a rusty Chevy van pacing Doe in the left lane, and Doe’s truck slammed into the side of the sports car. 

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The wasn’t the only hit — After the incident, Doe receiver a preventable accident warning letter from his carrier. Doe contested, and the National Safety Council Accident Review Committee was asked to render a decision. 

The committee upheld the preventable accident ruling, saying Doe should have checked his right side mirror and, if he had, he could have prevented the accident. 

This was an adaptation of Overdrive sister site CCJ‘s “Preventable or not?” series, which appears regularly on

  • guest

    Total B.S. The sports car was Violating the Law speeding thru the Parking Spaces??? how the hell does the driver ANTICIPATE what a Madman will do next??? Who in the Hell would be monitoring the Parking Spaces in the Right mirror when he was CONCERNED with the LIGHT in FRONT of him turning from Green to Red……what a RAILROAD job this driver has received…..his opponents should be Horsewhipped. Apparently he did NOT receive a citation from COPS on the scene saying he was GUILTY of anything???? What a gang of ANUSES trying to bad rap the Driver from their comfortable desk jobs….GO TO HELL is my Vote. YOU get in the truck and Show US how its done you know so Damn MUCH….EAT CRAP!!!!!

  • guest

    “Crazed Sports Car Driver” is the caption in the picture….END OF STORY…..Crazed and Out of Control…HE is too blame for all that happens next…..I Vote GO TO HELL you worthless “accident review commitee AND the dumbass at the Trucking Company who hassled the driver…they SHOULD have better things to do with their TIME than HARRASS their drivers…..I would consider a LAWSUIT for DAMAGES against both of these opponents….Let a REAL JUDGE make the final call…..I bet these Chumps would settle OUT of COURT is they have any BRAINS at all???

  • guest

    These chumps in safety departments and “commitees” presume THEY have some SUPERIOR understanding in these Matters….leave it to a Judge and Jury..Not a Kangaroo Court…these guys are Jack asses…who would take them seriously?? What in HELL credentials do they posess to be
    dictating “JUDGEMENTS” against AMERICAN CITIZENS??? ABSURD…….

  • guest

    The trucker was driving slow enuff to stop if the light was to turn red…the SPORTS car was obviously in a RUSH..probably racing past the slow moving truck OUTSIDE the normal field of VIEW(blind spot) and only in VIEW for a Flash if he could be seen at all since he was Hammered down to the point of Losing Control?? This “Panel” is assuming the driver could have been “Monitoring” this Insane Speeding Maniac…who came out of NOWHERE hammering his Sports Car?? This would have occurred in about 2 seconds…..the driver was Effectively dring OFF ROAD thru the PARKING SPACES???? and theses ANUSES are Blaming the TRUCKER???? The car the spins out in Front of the Truck???? The entire Blame rests firmly on the CRIMINAL in the SPORTSCAR who had to be cited for speeding and reckless driving……this is an EXAMPLE of the RAILROAD Job these Councils and Comittees do to Truck Drivers all across America….Leave it to a Court Of Law….that is why we have a Judicial System to Keep these SELF APPOINTED jusdge and jury HITLERS from judging.

  • Pete

    Isn’t passing on the right against the law to begin with?? At least the last time I read the DMV handbook it was.

  • Ken

    He could have prevented the accident if he had not gone to work that day, or if he had a job flipping burgers, or any number of different ways. Are you kidding me, how can anyone say that he could or should have prevented that accident? The car broke several rules and violated at least one law.

  • Bubba Trucker

    And truckers are supposed to keep checking everything on all sides continuously in case somebody drives like a fool – then they have to make up for the other driver’s lack on brain matter. Good example of a no-win situation.

    Using this line of logic – a helicopter can drop from the sky and land right in front of the truck – and its the trucker’s fault for not watching the sky…..

    What else is next. Don’t ever more the truck? Keep it in parked position for making deliveries? Hows that for twisted logic.

    Just like a man-wife domestic dispute battle – the man 9or trucker in this case) can’t win. The deck is stacked against him.

    “Preventable”…RUAN safety department, you need to take a SERIOUS look at your skill set, and go back for more training – because you obviously lack the skills and knowledge for your job.

  • bruce

    sounds like the writer was drunk or needs spell check

  • Bubba Trucker

    These are the same types of 4 wheelers (kings of the road because of their $$car) who cut you off when you put on your turn signal to change lanes.

    As soon as they see that flasher they cut you off or into the lane you want to get into.

    There is an old joke here in Florida that goes along the line of DON’T SIGNAL – because it’ll give the person next to you a chance to cut you off…….


  • Ticked off

    What would the council rather him do??? Keep his eyes on the mirrors and forget the front?

  • jesse wood

    this is the kind of crap carriers pull so they can get out of paying a safety bonus and prevent a raise from the driver

  • Bubba Trucker

    News Flash – this is how they drive in the other parts of the less civilized world. Wonder if Billy Bob even had a license or insurance. Story didn’t say where it happened.

    If Calif — 95% of it being an illegal alien driver.

  • Dave Turpin

    Well lets get intouch with this sports car bafoon and let him know that this Big deal Trucking Company wants to give him a BIG FAT CHECK they say its all there fault that he lost control of his car and hit them, Now that the kind of thinking we need in DC They sould run for office,
    Oh wait a minute thats what we have now :-(


    As I see it, the only way John Doe could’ve prevented the crash was moving his head in circles. He was going slower, anticapating the light change, he had a car on his left, and this bozo passing him on the right thru the parking spots.
    Bozo’s loses control and spinsout in front of truck. As a driver you control a lot, but a driver can not control another vehicle to any degree.
    Even watching your mirror when someone is driving as bad a the Bozo, you can miss that split second flash of a car coming up or beside you very easily.

  • guest

    Yep he says there was a rust colored VAN..not depicted in this CARTOON..I see no VAN…and it was either PACING.. or passing..he says it was ONE way traffic?? the picture is of a 2 lane in either direction….as Confusng as the Dump Panel of Safety experts…

  • guest

    This dumb picture shows this rust colored vehicle w RED Lights in the TAIL Lights?? Going the OTHER WAY??? He says its a ONE WAY Street.?????

  • guest

    The “Judgement”of the safety experts follows the Old Standby Logic…WHEN IN DOUBT..the Truck Driver is always Wrong…..the dumb cartoon clearly shows a 2 lane road…unless they NOW intall RED Tailights in the FRONT of orange colored cars???

  • guest

    So typical of how truckers are treated like Criminals.
    GUILTY till proven innocent…this is a ClearMiscarriage of Justice by 2 Kangaroo Courts……

  • guest

    Clearly this portrays a 2 lane street…the article says it is a ONE WAY STREET…….time for a committe to pass judgement on this WRITER!!!! He says a rust colored van if PACING or PASSING??? We need a Comittee to make the final determination for this discrepancy…this writer SHOULD be put on TRIAL. Then he will know how the trucker feels about this ignorant article.

  • henry sena

    the driver was not at fault. he could have run the guy over ending his life. years ago i was in a major accident and my ins company said you should have run the car over and it would have been a lot eaiser to get things done.

  • RalphMalph

    EVERY accident is the Truck Drivers fault … just ask the Shaft-Me-Department-Never-Drove-A-Truck-Expert, he’ll be happy to tell you

    …….. and my response is this …

    ‘ Ya’ know DH, all truck accidents are the drivers fault and certainly preventable. Had the driver not showed up for work, he wouldn’t have been there, so obviously it’s his fault, he should just stay home on welfare or something … right ‘

  • Angee

    Not real bright are you? Just because it’s a one WAY street doesn’t also mean it’s a one LANE street. One way streets often have more than one lane. And that’s a dotted white line, not a dotted yellow line. The rusty van was PACING the truck. I’ll use small words so you’ll understand: when a vehicle PACES another, it means it’s running about the same speed and keeping PACE with the other vehicle. Try to understand the situation before you go spouting off. “Better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

    Of all the misspellings, grammatical errors and nonsensical sentences in the article, it amazes me you decided to denounce the one thing the author did correctly.

  • David

    Well, Angee, I’ll have to point out the same thing someone else did… The vehicle in the other lane can NOT be pacing the truck when IT’S GOING THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION! Please go back and look at the picture again. RED LITES on the FRONT of the orange car? I’m trying to keep it s i m p l e for you Angee. Even the Europeans don’t put red lites on the front of their cars.

  • jack

    trucker should take a lesson from the illegals driving here. next time don’t stop. just keep going. it’s the new American way…

  • Bigwheel

    My insurance man told me that a accident has to be the trucks fault because a car dose not have enough insurance to cover all the damages and clean up.

  • guest

    Thanks David…I dont argue with a Woman…no point in it…like herding cats….she is a Clerk typist comment editor..proof reader…and obviously has no clue…

  • guest

    The only time an illegal Stops is when he gets to his cousin Jose’s Body Shop to repair all the damage…..

  • Angee

    “Even the Europeans…” Wtf does that even mean? Anyway. 1) It’s “lights,” not “lites.” We’re not talking about beer, though possibly you’ve had a few and forgotten how to spell. 2)Yes, the illustrator has obviously placed the little cartoon car in the wrong position. It doesn’t mean he or she had the entire scenario wrong. I mean, everyone makes mistakes, right? I’ll refer you to your inability to spell correctly.

    As I mentioned before, the article, though poorly written, doesn’t necessarily have the facts of the scenario incorrect.

  • guest

    You probably wrote this confusing article you silly old bag….look at the picture ya dope…look like a 1way street to you you aging sow??? You chubby old hog.
    You should join that panel would fit right in you condescending puke.

  • Angee

    My goodness. Touched a nerve did I? Hurt your little feelings and you brought out the name calling. I can only guess you’re 1)the original “guest” who hides in anonymity or 2)the moron driving the sports car from the article.

  • Mike64

    I think this scenario was made up just to stir the pot of the new frustrations of just trying to get down the road in a semi truck! It’s dumb to think if this guy lost control in his sports car and hit the truck that it’s the truck driver’s fault automatically.

    Apparently this incident didn’t happen and after Googling Bear Paw, SD, there is no such place that they show on their maps. So I don’t know what the Overdrive staff is trying to accomplish here? The easiest way I found, is I spent $100.00 for a dashboard camera or dash cam. There’s not too much honesty in this world today, so this would be your only life line to the truth of any incident you might get involved in.

  • pistoff trucker

    fuck you

  • short change

    dashboard camera’s are the way to go. most state
    troopers have them, as well as some big city PD’s
    pictures speak louder then works, always.

  • William McKelvie

    Sounds like time to lawyer up …..

  • mc661419 sunshine driven

    argh received an email from overdrive and there is an article about obamacare a positive for independents and no matter what I do I cant get it to come up to read it. any suggestions.
    view as web page and the article is not even listed
    try to open up article and it disappears within a few seconds

  • Michelle

    Why should this driver be held responsible for a dumbass in a car who made an illegal move to begin with just because he was in a hurry? The truck driver had already slowed in case the signal changed. How was supposed to avoid hitting the idiot after he spun his car right into the truckers path?

  • TWade

    If the driver did check his right mirror and nothing was there and he ran the light, could he get out of the ticket by saying he was being safe and it forced him to run the light?

    The common sense of his safety department should be reviewed.

  • Yeppers

    And all CDL truck drivers follow the law? I’ve seen many, many commercial truck drivers “past to the right”. I’ve seen truck drivers follow way too close to the drivers in front of them while driving in the right hand lane, it being four wheelers, motorcycles, fellow truck drivers, what have it.

  • guest

    This “article” displays the utter Disrespect given to AMERICAN TRUCKERS on a Daily Basis…there IS no Bear Paw, South Dakota…the RAG made upthis entire scenario for unknown reasons..repleat with “cartoon” that would be Shredded in a courtroom as it is incorrect.
    Whats next RAG???? Please support the Trucker Shutdown Oct 11-13….and CONVOY to Washington..maybe WE can stop being treated like 3rd Graders…this RAG obviously feels we are children and dont know the difference.

  • Robert

    Non Preventable !!!! Lets put the safety dept and review board in same circumstance and see what they do to avoid a madman driver that was driving out of control. The out of control driver was NOT the Truck Driver !!!!

  • guest

    Oh I get it..its a little “GAME” for students….maybe instead they could print a REAL situation that ACTUALLY “happened” so some of us “grown ups” could get educated on WHAT our INSURANCE Companies and these SAFETY DEPARTMENTS are Actually DOING,Thinking, Implementing??? The little cartoon is kind of a JOKE??
    Especially when the RAG cant even PRESENT the cartoon correctly???

  • guest

    Its a little GAME they made up….how funny…
    Some of us THOUGHT..they printed REAL INFO here lol
    This is for Children…I get it…..

  • guest

    There are enuff REAL cases they could print…is That asking too much??? Little cartoon scenarios??? how funny…

  • guest

    his shows the IQ level they feel WE the AMERICAN TRUCKER posess….little games for us…then maybe Nap Time????

  • guest

    at a glance ya would think this drivel wasabout a REAL ACCIDENT??? how funny…little games for us?? XLNT.
    Please Strike Oct 11-13…for TRUCKERS living in the REAL WORLD???

  • Debieve

    Dumb and dumber will go to hawaii together, while trucker loses his job..they will then return and di it again next week..end of story!

  • Cory Davidson

    Where in the HECK is Bear Paw, SD?

  • Mike64

    Yes, it’s very cheap insurance.

  • Vrahnos

    What a bunch of b.s.Passing on the right in the parking lanes is a safe thing to do?Then lose it right if front of the truck and get in his way with out enough time for to hit the brakes fast enough to stop 40 tons?Man there are some stuped people out there that have it in for trucking.

  • mousekiller

    Driver Doe did as he was supposed to do. He had no control over the maniac sport car driver. The sport car driver lost control crashed and Driver Doe had no chance to avoid contact. No matter what is said about always “expect the unexpected” things like a maniac with suicide by truck attitude happens in one or two seconds. I think doe is NOT at fault for any part of this incident. Even poor drivers check mirrors some of the time but this was out of Does control 100%. Doe was obeying the law, driving like a pro by being ready for the light to change when moron claimed his space in an act of stupidity and probably a bit of rage added. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.