Freightliner Upgrades

| April 07, 2005

Self-Cleaning Brake System
Webb Wheel Products Inc. and Lynnfin Truck Technologies, Inc., say they have created a self-cleaning brake system, a combination of Webb’s new series of brake drums, called the Webb BTS Brake Drums, and Lynnfin’s BrakeTurbines.

Lynnfin’s BrakeTurbines decrease the surface temperature of the brake friction material to increase brake torque by up to 18 percent, the company says. The Webb brake drums are contoured to accommodate BrakeTurbines, which causes a cooling, cleaning stream of air between the drum and friction material. Multiple ribs on the brake drums create more surface area for improved heat dissipation, and special vents in the brake drum allow heat to escape. The BrakeTurbines are positioned behind these vents to keep materials out and blow out hot air, brake dust and other debris.

Webb Wheel Products Inc.
(800) 633-3256

Lynnfin Truck
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Tool Storage Units
“Ultra-yellow,” a color once available only for special orders, is now a standard color on Snap-on KRL tool storage units.

In addition to Ultra-yellow, the units are available in red, black, royal blue and cranberry. Ultra-yellow replaces the teal option.

Snap-on Tools Company
(877) SNAPON-2
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Series 611T Alignment System
Hunter Engineering’s Series 611T Alignment System incorporates Hunters’ exclusive WinAlign HD alignment software, a computer and Microsoft Windows 98 SE operating system to deliver alignment features specifically designed for heavy-duty truck, trailer and bus applications.

WinAlign HD software provides step-by-step procedures and instructions. The software supports 33 heavy-duty axle configurations and dozens of truck/trailer, bus and dolly manufacturer configurations. WinAlign HD also includes a database of OEM specifications as supplied by major heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers. By collecting and comparing the alignment measurements of the tested vehicle with the database specifications of that specific vehicle type, WinAlign HD automatically calculates and displays all alignment measurements in a color-coded format. This shows the technician which angles are out of specification. Any needed adjustments can be made by using the bar graph targets to guide the technician to proper alignment.

The 611T Alignment System utilizes an Intel Celeron 566 MHz (or greater) processor, 64 MB RAM, 10 GB hard drive, an internal DVD drive, 3D video card and a printer. A choice of 27-inch, 19-inch or 17-inch color monitors is available.

Hunter Engineering Co.
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Manual Dump Valve
A manual dump valve is now available with Right Weigh’s model 310-64-M onboard scale. Having the gauge and dump valve located together will save time and eliminate the expense of an extra box, the company says. The introductory price on this gauge and valve system is $175.

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