Fuel’s Gold

| July 02, 2012

“All there is to do up there is work. It’s not pretty,” he says. The area is “lacking in truck stops,” Philmon adds.

All the same, it’s brimming with local opportunity in oil and gas services. “If you want to go up there and drive a truck, you can really make a killing running sand and oil tankers,” says Florida-based Philmon. “If I didn’t have a family, I’d go up there in a heartbeat.”


Oil and Gas Hauls




Oil Liquid bulk crude tank — High

Sand/cement Pneumatic tank, dump –  Very high

Water/Waste fluid Liquid bulk tank –  High

Heavy equip Platform  — Sporadic,   moderate/high

Fracking fluid in totes Platform –  Sporadic, moderate/high

Empty totes outbound Dry van –  Moderate/high


Buying What You Haul

A $3,200 centrifuge separates oil from impurities.


Mark Kathrein and Wendy Wing’s crude-hauling operation, leased to Lessley Services, is unusual in that the operators and their carrier are testers and buyers of the product they’re hauling.

Mark Kathrein loads crude oil after they have tested it.

“I buy a tanker of oil and I have a guaranteed buyer [who sells it] to other outfits,” says Kathrein. But it’s up to Kathein and Wing to ensure the oil is not too contaminated or the buyer will reject it, so they take samples.

A centrifuge on their truck separates water and sediment, says Kathrein, “and we have to report that level to decide if we’re going to buy that oil.”





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