Full breath mouthpiece

| October 11, 2010

The Full Breath Solution mouthpiece uses a tail to restrain the tongue from moving upward and backward and blocking airways that could potentially cause obstructive sleep apnea. The length of the tail is custom-fitted to each user, and the mouthpiece is appropriate for use for those with sleep apnea who are intolerant to a CPAP machine. The mouthpiece is designed to prevent snoring.

FULL BREATH SOLUTION, www.fullbreathcenter.com , (866) 598-0220

  • BenDrinkin

    Why should we have to go to the dentist to get this item? That will only make it over-priced, and out of the reach of most. Let the poor sleep well and let us order these online for christ’s sake.

  • Philip

    The FDA requires a Licensed Dentist prescribe and deliver this type of oral mouthpiece because, it has to fit your mouth, your teeth, your oral health and your overall physical makeup. Every single one is made to fit just you and only you. Every person is different. You cannot just try one on from off the shelf. It is made to fit only you.

  • BenDrinkin

    So it’s over-priced. Dammit, why can’t the poor have snoring solutions? Hundreds of dollar is just not an option.

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