DAS K40 Trucker Antenna

January 09, 2012

The K40 Trucker Antenna offers 7,000 watts AM power handling capability, a 26-30 MHz frequency range and 1.6 MHz bandwidth. The product is designed for CB and 10-meter radios and weather band reception. It can be ...

Firestik II FS Series antenna

January 09, 2012

This new antenna from Firestik has all the features of the KW series antennas plus a tuning mechanism that allows bare-hands tuning capability. The design broadens the antenna’s bandwidth to keep standing wave ratio lower over ...

Nike Training Club App

December 13, 2011

Nike Training Club is an app for smartphones that provides you with your own personal trainer. Tone your muscles and lose weight with more than 60 custom-built workouts, including new training regimens from five professional ...

Descartes Mobile Resource Management 2.0

November 28, 2011

The Descartes Mobile Resource Management 2.0 uses real-time planning and mobile and GPS technologies to manage private and dedicated fleets and mobile workers. The MRM system can be used to plan routes, aid in dispatch ...

Gamber-Johnson Notepad V computer cradle

November 28, 2011

The Gamber-Johnson Notepad V features flanged side clips, keyed-lock chassis, gusseted rear-support brackets and a level-clamping surface to keep laptops safe during rough rides, the company says. The cradle is adjustable to fit a wide ...

Francis Fiberglass Antenna

November 28, 2011

The Francis Fiberglass Antenna comes with an inner coil design and double helical continuous load and can handle 300 watts of power, the company says. The antenna’s chrome-plated, brass ferrule fits most standard mounting systems. ...

ASA FLO TV subscription TV service

November 28, 2011

Advent-branded FLO TV is a subscription TV service that brings premium TV programming to any new or existing mobile entertainment system. Through FLO TV, commercial drivers can receive broadcasts from up to 20 of the ...

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