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Utility Side Skirts

January 20, 2012

Utility Side Skirts 120 and 160 are made with galvanized, high-tensile steel braces that can be re-bent to their original shape if damaged. Both models are made with UV-protected fiberglass reinforced plastic. The U.S. EPA ...

Big Iron ABS Chrome Hub Cover Kits

January 20, 2012

Big Iron ABS Chrome Hub Cover Kits are available for front and rear hubs. The chrome-plated covers resist heat, impact, wrinkling and peeling, the company says. The center cap is removable. The steer and drive ...

RealWheels aerodynamic wheel covers line

January 20, 2012

An expanded line of aerodynamic wheel covers includes the AERO-Deluxe, a polished aluminum wheel cover that combines shine with aerodynamics; the AERO-Custom, made from textured UV protected high-impact plastic in black or white; the AERO-Clear, ...

Minimizer paintable poly fenders

January 20, 2012

Minimizer poly fenders are available in a paintable model. Fenders come with an adhesion promoter baked in. Body shop specialists can paint them to match almost any color. Fenders fit all makes and models of ... grille covers/bug screens

January 20, 2012 grille covers also function as bug screens in stock designs or customized covers. Screens can be printed with company logos, photographs and sketches. (888) 481-7446

Chrome Shop Mafia LED lighted door handle

January 20, 2012

Chrome Shop Mafia’s lighted door handle trim is a plastic door handle cover with red 6-diode LED lights. The handle trim fits Peterbilt models 2005 and newer, Kenworth models with daylight doors 2003 and newer, ...

Phillips STA-LOCK gladhand

January 20, 2012

STA-LOCK gladhands from Phillips ensure a secure trailer connection where space is tight and reduced weight is a goal, the company says. The STA-LOCK gladhand combines a lightweight aluminum body with a cast iron connector ...

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