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Bergstrom NITE Plus No-Idle A/C

January 18, 2012

The Bergstrom NITE Plus No-Idle Sleeper Solution A/C system complies with idle restriction laws. The system features updated heat exchangers and a redesigned airflow that results in a 30 percent increase in cooling capacity generated ...

RealWheels Aerostyle Wheel Covers

January 18, 2012

RealWheels Aerostyle Wheel Covers reduce fuel consumption with an aerodynamic design that smoothes airflow around the vehicle and reduces resistance. The covers are made of 340L stainless steel that resists rust, pit corrosion and yellowing. RealWheels (800) ...

Windyne FLEX adjustable fairing

January 18, 2012

Windyne FLEX horizontal telescoping feature allows the rear panels to accommodate the forward and rearward movement of trailer tandems. A vertical lift feature provides the greatest ground clearance and under-trailer access of any fairing available, ...

3M Crystalline Automotive Window Film

January 18, 2012

Drivers can cool the interior and protect it from the sun’s rays with 3M’s new metal-free Crystalline Automotive Window Film. 3M’s window film is clear, blocks 99.9 percent of UV light, and its multi-layer nanotechnology ...

TODCO UltraGrip walk ramp

January 18, 2012

The TODCO UltraGrip high-traction walk ramp replaces aluminum and magnesium gratings with reinforced composite fiberglass and a thermoset resin structure. UltraGrip is constructed with 60 percent open area to allow rain and other materials that ...

Haldex Consep air pre-treatment condenser

January 18, 2012

Installed in the air brake system, the Haldex Consep condenses, separates and removes oils, liquids and other contaminants while treating flow rates of over 30 SCFM. The Consep reduces corrosion and possible failure of brake ...

Aerofficient fixed-side fairings

December 13, 2011

Made from injection-molded, automotive-grade TPO material, the fixed-side fairings come in a three-panel design that weighs about 100 pounds per side and features a hinged design to permit clearances up to 24 inches. The bottom ...

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