Peterson LED tunnel lights

January 19, 2012

The Peterson LED line of tunnel lights with the new 274 series features a 2-in. round, grommet-mounted accessory light for trucks and trailers. It operates from  8 to 16 volts and comes in amber or ...

Grote SlimWhite lamps

January 19, 2012

Two versions of the Grote SlimWhite lamp have up to 500 lumens of light and a 50,000-hour LED service rating. The lamps are available in 8-inch and 48-inch lengths, are 1.25-inches wide and 0.75-inches thick. Grote ...

Truck-Lite LED license lamp

January 19, 2012

The penny-size, Truck-Lite 33 Series LED license has 12 volts, is made of polycarbonate and requires no bracket. The grommet mount lamp can be installed directly into the vehicle and has both side and top ...

Selco CL Series LED lights

January 19, 2012

Selco CL Series LED lights emit an output of 240 to 400 lumens, depending on the model. Input voltages range from 9 to 29 volts DC. The 240 lumen-output model uses 4.3 watts, and the 400 ...

Truck-Lite LED warning light

January 18, 2012

Truck-Lite's low profile LED Solid-State Warning light meets or exceeds SAE Warning Lamp Standard J845 Class 1 legal functions at 12 volts to 16 volts. It is operational down to 8 volts, at temperatures from ...

Ecco LED warning light

January 18, 2012

Ecco’s slim-line 3510 surface-mount LED warning light is 3.3 inches by 1.1 inches, is only 0.4 inches deep and has a 24 single-watt, high-intensity LED. The 3510 is California Title 13 (amber, blue and red) ...

Valley LED and incandescent trailer lights

January 18, 2012

Valley offers a complete line of high-quality LED and incandescent trailer light kits and replacement lighting. Available in both 10- and 24-diode LED patterns, Valley’s LED trailer lighting delivers optimal lighting performance and durability. The ...

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