AMSOIL Assembly Lube

January 25, 2012

AMSOIL Assembly Lube is designed to protect against rust and corrosion in newly built or rebuilt four-stroke engines. The lube dissolves in oil, which helps eliminate oil port clogging and deposit formation. The lube is ...

UltraLube 5th Wheel Trailer Grease

January 25, 2012

UltraLube 5th Wheel Trailer Grease provides protection against friction and corrosion in extreme weather and heavy-duty operating conditions. The grease is packaged in a 2 oz. mash pack to help drivers and service technicians control ...

Delo Grease ESI

January 25, 2012

Chevron Products Co. introduced Delo Grease ESI, an extended service interval grease. The grease is designed as a 30,000-35,000-mile drain interval grease, the company says. In viscosity, it is between NGLI No. 1 and No. ...

Castrol Elixion engine oil

January 23, 2012

Castrol Elixion engine oil is a low-viscosity SAE 5W-30 oil that helps protect against cold temperatures and works toward meeting 2014 efficiency and emissions standards, the company says. The oil meets CJ-4 specifications and, the ...

Rislone Compression Repair fuel additive

January 23, 2012

The Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal petroleum additive was developed for high-mileage engines hampered by decreased or uneven compression caused by normal engine wear and decreased sealing between piston rings and cylinder walls. The ...

Prolong Diesel Fuel Treatment

January 23, 2012

The Prolong Super Lubricants Super Duty Diesel Fuel Treatment, for use in long-haul applications, is designed to improve fuel mileage and engine performance. The treatment is formulated with engine detergents that remove gum, deposits and ...

Schaeffer Manufacturing synthetic engine oil

January 23, 2012

The Supreme 9000 full synthetic engine oil, available in grades SAE 5W-30 for gas and diesel engines and SAE 5W-40 for diesel engines requiring low emission certification or equipped with EGR or DPF systems, is ...

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