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TRP brush and brushless alternators

January 25, 2012

New alternators for medium- and heavy-duty trucks feature the RE022 brush series with 150 amps of power and the RE 555 brush series with 160 amps, both with a 1-year warranty. The RE035 brushless series ...

Thermo King Electronic Throttling Valve

January 25, 2012

The Thermo King Electronic Throttling Valve is designed to reduce fuel costs, extend maintenance intervals and improve temperature control performance on its T-series single-temp truck units with scroll compressors, the company says. These units include ...

Dana Diamond Series aluminum driveshaft

January 25, 2012

Dana’s Diamond Series aluminum driveshaft joins Spicer steel U-joints to a new one-piece aluminum shaft, offering a driveshaft that is as strong as conventional designs, yet weighs up to 40 percent less, the company says. Aimed ...

Hamilton swiveling casters

January 23, 2012

Heavy-duty forged casters feature Hamilton Precision Integrated swivel technology and have load capacities ranging from 600 to 23,000 lb. per caster to handle operations such as automatic guided vehicles and tow-line carts. The swivel design ...

Ridewell RWB-QUAD four-axle suspensions

January 23, 2012

The Ridewell RWB-QUAD series of four-axle, walking beam suspensions is available in 120,000-lb. and 200,000-lb. capacities using 5-in. and 5 ¾-in. axles. Axle spacing is available in 50 inches and 56 inches, and beam spacing ...

Hendrickson Rotating Bar Pin End Bushing

January 23, 2012

The Rotating Bar Pin End Bushing was designed for ease in installation, the company says, as the installer needs to pay no special attention to the bar pin angle when installing the bushing. Once pressed ...

Phillips Swinger Gladhands

January 23, 2012

The Swinger Gladhands from Phillips Industries are anodized to protect against magnesium chloride, road salt and other chemicals that cause corrosion. The Swinger Gladhands work with intermodal and piggy-back trailers where straight or angled gladhands ...

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