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Truckers News Staff | January 01, 2012

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Amsoil Diesel Concentrate

Amsoil’s Diesel Concentrate Plus Cold Flow Improver combines the detergency of the concentrate and the anti-gelling properties of the improver in one package, eliminating the need to carry two diesel additives, especially for Canada and northern tier states.

DFC helps keep injectors, rings and piston crowns lubricated and free of soot. For cold weather performance, DFC reduces the cold filter plugging point by as much as 34 degrees Fahrenheit in ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel. The product also reduces the pour-point temperature of treated diesel fuel, providing better fuel delivery to the injectors during cold weather.

DFC is formulated with a jet-fuel-type de-icer that disperses water to control ice formation in the fuel system. While this product is formulated specifically for ULSD fuel, it also performs well with non-ULSD fuels, including biodiesel up to B20. One 16-ounce bottle treats 40 gallons.

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Bio-Aid, Bio-Power

E-Zoil Products Inc., a manufacturer of diesel fuel additives and specialty chemicals for heavy-duty trucks, has introduced two biodiesel fuel additives, Bio-Aid and Bio-Power. Both products solve the most common problems associated with using biodiesel fuel. “Biodiesel has a tendency to absorb moisture from the air, and that moisture leads to a host of problems, including premature failure of fuel pumps and injectors, fuel line freezing, corrosion and microbial growth,” says company Vice President Chris Miller. “It also gels at a much higher temperature than regular diesel fuel, which causes expensive downtime.”

Bio-Aid disperses water to prevent water-related problems. Bio-Power reduces gelling in biodiesel blends from B1 to B20.

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Fuel Power

FPPF Chemical Co.’s Fuel Power is a highly concentrated diesel fuel treatment that totally disperses water, cleans precombustion deposits from fuel systems, removes carbon deposits in the combustion area and improves emissions control. The product, which can be used year-round, controls waxing and gelling, lubricates the fuel system, prevents acid formation and contains no alcohol, the company says.

It comes in four sizes: 8 ounces can treat as many as 240 gallons of diesel fuel; gallon bottle, as many as 3,840 gallons; five-gallon pail, as many as 19,200 gallons; and 55-gallon drum, as many as 211,200 gallons.

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Diesel Treat & Anti-Gel

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