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Truckers News Staff | January 01, 2012

Howes Lubricator’s Diesel Treat & Anti-Gel works on ultra-low-sulfur fuel problems. The enhanced formula treats more than 25 percent more fuel, with a half-gallon bottle treating 320 gallons. It cleans and lubricates the fuel injection system, improves combustion and power and prevents gelling in cold temperatures.

The product reduces cold filter plugging, is safe for all diesel engines and biodiesel blends, and contains no alcohol or ash and less than 15 parts per million sulfur. It can be used with particulate filters and will not void engine manufacturer warranties, the company says.

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Extreme Cold Weather Fuel Treatment

Lucas Oil Products’ Extreme Cold Weather Fuel Treatment with Lucas Anti-Gel was developed to eliminate fuel gelling problems in all types of diesel fuels, including biodiesel. It contains the same additives as the company’s regular fuel treatment and complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel fuel.

The product prevents fuel thickening and adds lubricity. A half-gallon treats 250 gallons of fuel. It comes in quart and half-gallon containers.

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Schaeffer Oil’s CarbonTreat Premium Formula is a multifunctional middle distillate fuel additive that recovers lost power, prevents filter plugging and sludging, and cleans injectors in newer vehicles operating high pressure fuel injectors. CarbonTreat is available in three formulas: 137CTPS CarbonTreat Premium Summer, 137CTPW CarbonTreat Premium Winter Formula and 137CTPWC CarbonTreat Premium Extra Cetane.

Due to extreme pressures and temperatures in common rail fuel injection systems, CarbonTreat Winter Formula includes performance-enhanced, high-pressure fuel injector anti-foulant to prevent filter plugging and injector fouling. It also offers a combination of wax modifier and wax anti-settling agents to improve low temperature operations.

CarbonTreat xtra Cetane provides the same protection as CarbonTreat Winter and includes additional amounts of cetane for low-cetane-based fuels. It also disperses wax during extended engine shutdowns in cold climates and provides thermal and oxidative stability.

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Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost

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