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Truckers News Staff | January 01, 2012

Power Service Products’ Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost prevents fuel from gelling and keeps equipment running through cold temperatures. The company says to add it to your tank when temperatures drop below 30 degrees F to prevent fuel gelling in temperatures down to -40 F.

The product also reduces the cold-filter plugging point as much as 36 F to keep fuel filters from plugging with wax, and it boosts cetane for faster cold starts.

The company’s Diesel 9•1•1 reliquefies gelled fuel, de-ices frozen fuel-filters and removes water from the fuel system.

Both products contain Slickdiesel Lubricator for maximum fuel lubrication to protect pumps and injectors from accelerated wear, and both can be used in all diesel fuels, including ultra-low-sulfur diesel and biodiesel blends.

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EOBR, GPS, tire monitor combo

The trucking-specific WorldNav GPS stores a database of weigh stations and truckstops with facility information that can be found along specified routes. It also has expanded My Point entry options and trip statistics for more efficient record keeping and acts as an electronic onboard recorder. The unit offers an optional integrated tire pressure monitoring system that displays tire information on the WorldNav screen. Five- and 7-inch screen options are available.


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Super-wide trailer tire

The FT125 super-wide trailer tire has a low-rolling-resistance rib-style tread design with a 16/32-inch tread depth. It is available in a 445/50R22.5 size and was designed from the company’s Finite Element Analysis program. The tire is EPA Smartway certified and is in the fourth edition of a new fuel-efficient line.

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Versatile automated transmission

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