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James Jaillet

Gigantic stop signs for oblivious truckers

ku-xlargeApparently road signs are nothing to be paid attention to in Sydney, Australia. So much so that for semi-trucks down under, the city had to create giant stop signs that appear in a water feature in the middle of the road.

No, really.

Jalopnik posted a story last week on the water-curtain stop signs, along with a video clip (see it below) of the news coverage of the reasoning behind the stop signs, which came about after too many truck drivers crashed into tunnels that weren’t tall enough for the trucks to fit into.

The systems basically work by dropping a curtain of water which is then used as a backdrop for a gigantic stop sign projection when a vehicle too tall to enter is detected by a sensor. The news report shows one truck in particular ignoring warning low-overhead sign warnings far enough out to change course. They’re ignored, however, and the last-resort water-curtain sign is triggered, which then gets his attention.

Watch the video of the news report here to see a little more on the innovative stop sign system:


  • Andrea Sitler

    That’s crazy! Did these warnings “cry wolf” too many times and that is why they are ignored? Interesting attention getter.

  • mousekiller

    The stop sign is after the fact. due to too many trucks hitting the tunnel it was installed . Not before. I guess the stupid syndrome is world wide now. . strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.