Give the Union Its Due

| April 07, 2005

I have always advised women with young children that their primary responsibility is to their children, and that an over-the-road trucking career would be a bad choice at that time. I would never refuse to care for my children if I had any.
Cathy Mathews
Bridgeton N.J.

Editor’s note: Truckers News regrets the misunderstanding and any embarrassment the article may have caused Cathy Mathews and is happy to help set the record straight.

4-Wheelers Not All Bad
Not all four-wheelers are stupid. I live and work in the Hurricane/Scott Depot area of West Virginia [I-60], and I let truckers out of truckstops all the time. I get curses, obscene gestures and horns blown from four-wheelers, but I just ignore them.

There are good and bad four-wheelers, just as there are good and bad truckers. So don’t lump us all in one sack. May God bless and keep you all safe.
Nancy Burnett
Scott Depot, W.Va.

Idle Less
Amidst this heightened awareness of ourselves as a nation under threat and in addition to posting flags on our vehicles, here is an additional idea to express our patriotism: Stop all unnecessary idling. Do we really want to be so dependent on foreign oil?

There are more than 300,000 American children with asthma and that number is rising rapidly. The increase is directly influenced by diesel exhaust. Lung cancer has now been directly related to breathing diesel fumes. Diesel vehicles are 2 percent of all the vehicles on the road, yet are responsible for more than 40 percent of the emissions.

Expand your comfort zone a little below 30 degrees Fahrenheit with blankets and a little above 75 degreed Fahrenheit with a fan.

A patriotic nation takes care of itself, takes care of its own and respects the resources that sustain it.
Madonna Brock

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