Greening America’s fleet: The effects of EPA’s regulations on exhaust emissions

| July 15, 2013

Overdrive sister site Equipment World has on its site an infographic detailing how federal emissions standards implemented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have reduced the amount of harmful emissions — like NOx and particulate matter — since standards began changing in 1996.

It’s also, in some ways, an advocate of the modern truck, showing statistics similar to ones posted on Overdrive in the past (see Todd Dills’ Channel 19 blog entry from Sept. 22, 2012) and a look at what’s to come in the next decade or so when trucks equipped with modern emissions tech replace all trucks that aren’t.

Click the photo below to see the full infographic.

  • barney

    Lower emissions from diesels are fine, but what about initial upfront costs, higher costs to maintain and operate, and extra weight- especially on the front of “modern” trucks?

  • sheahantrans

    califorinia is much stricter and by jan 2014 the small trucker will be pushed out of business by the caepa rules. Why not let the fleets gradually introduce new trucks into their fleets?? The state of Ca has to get rid of any truck or piece of construction equipment that is 2006 or older (or put $15000 in to a smog device) and it has cost them billions, it serves them right!

  • Dr Duke

    I wonder how many more gallons of fuel these new trucks will burn since the EPA crap kills the millage?

  • Cowpie

    Thank God for loop holes! 2013 Freightliner with a pre-emissions Series 60 in it. No emissions junk, and got to avoid the Federal Excise taxes also. Man, what a country!

  • J Webb Kline

    Okay, I’m not an EGR engineer, so if I am wrong about his, then please prove it to me. But, I look at mileage figures in our fleet, and I compare pre-egr trucks circa 1999 to 2003, with identical EGR trucks in our fleet, circa 2004 to 2010. The egr trucks get consistently worse fuel mileage the newer they are, with the 2010 Cascadia yet to get more than 5.2 mpg, while the pre egr 2000 Century with same HP, same ratios, consistently gets 7.5 mpg. If both trucks run 100,000 miles per year, the Cascadia is burning 5900 gallons of fuel more per year than the pre egr Century. How do you pollute less by burning well over a tanker load of fuel more? IF these trucks got the same MPG, yeah, I could buy it, but because throughout my fleet I simply am not finding that to be true, I think the whole egr industry is smoke and mirrors, and the oil companies and engine and egr companies are laughing all the way to the bank. If I am wrong, please enlighten me.

  • godfearingrebel

    Im sorry but for some reason im missing something here. The people writing this piece of, uh, literature read some figures, looked at some pictures, and without wasting the effort to acually think about it joyously capered after these “facts” like an untrained puppy after the pied piper. Technolegy is awsome. I replaced the bc400 in my ’85 359 with an n14 and jumped my milage 2 mpg to almost 8. What would a new isx be capable of? 20% more maybe? That would be 20% less tanker trips, 20% less ships crossing the ocean. 20% off new price? 20% longer life? Has anyone noticed how much greener the grass along the road is? Me neither. Oh i forgot we wern’t supossed to question any information the epa or government puts out.

  • wildrider

    you can buy that,
    but you still can not take into California after the first of the year

  • DE_from_NC

    I love the comments I’ve seen so far BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL DEAD ON !! You can’t “choke and recirculate” a diesel BUT SO MUCH !! THAT’S WHAT KILLS FUEL MILEAGE, ANY OF US who have driven more than 5 minutes ALREADY KNOW THAT, ESPECIALLY us “20+ year guys” that knew what a mechanical Cat, Cummins or Detroit (yes I’m talkin’ 71 & 92 series here !!) could do. And the commenter that talked about “the small guys being “pushed” outta CA”, my answer is GREAT !! Let their produce ROT ON THE VINE !! Let ’em try to “piggyback on a train with nobody watching the reefer for a couple days” and see how that works out !! I pull a step deck and I took CA, WA & OR OFF MY TAG last year !! Why ? Because THEY WANT YOU TO PAY THEM almost with the ridiculous rates they offer for eastbound “all the way across” freight !! SO STAND YOUR GROUND, the market WILL COME BACK TO US when all the “smog fleets” are broke down in the desert with their “check engine lights on” !! Just give it time ! THERE ARE PLENTY OTHER DECENT PAYING AREAS TO RUN BESIDES THAT “LEFT COAST” !! A MASSIVE SHORTAGE of trucks will fix that AND DAMN QUICK !! If you remember, years ago when NASCAR first started coming to the “new” CA track, they tried to hold all the teams at the port of entry or scales because of their 53′ SPREAD AXLE haulers with the SPREAD ON THE BACK NOT THE “special” CA spacing”!! Roger Penske made a phone call and when they realized ALL THE $$$$ THEY WOULD LOSE if that race didn’t happen, all of a sudden, that “53′ race hauler wasn’t a “problem” anymore” !! THEY CAN’T SELL ROTTEN LETTUCE & TOMATOES !! STAND YOUR GROUND !! KEEP YOUR GOOD RUNNING “OLD” TRUCK !! I’m keepin’ my 2000 model, they can kiss my a** !! I ain’t lost a damn thing “over there” !!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Your right ! i own a 1998 centry and if i put a little effort in to it i can get 7.5 ,however i keep my foot in it and still get 6.5 leting it run all the time . i had it for a little over 10 years and it is the last truck i well own ,

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Glider kit , way to go ,

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Mexafornia can fall into the water , the last time i ran out there was over 25 years ago !

  • Jimmy the Greek

    And look how many people just got put out of work , smoke is progress all the green wennys need to be sent tru the wood chipper , I like to see the air i breathing the dam fuel don’t even smell right ! Have you got any idea how hard it is to not run a bio-desiel I have had to unhook and bobtail to a gas station to get good fuel , Were i run i know who has that blend crap , I pay for my fuel with greenbacks So i get it were i want , One time i did not read the stickers on the fuel pumps and got a dose of that b-10 blend when the crap hit my motor it ran like shit !

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Bingo ! The way it works is they get to tax more fuel , did you know who makes the most money of a gl of fuel ? State and federal gov . Brake it down and see were every penny goes its all on the net look it up !

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    we don’t own anything that’s not mechanical. we run one 425 cat & three 400 Cummings. To rebuild is one quarter or less of the price of new engine parts. the cat does around six miles per gallon, the Cummins are running better milege. all burn clean, no smoke, no leaks, no problems. no computers, no payments.. hand tools, no trips to dealers for expensive diagnostic machines, 48 years operating, driving, sleeping in cabs of trucks with mechanical engines and still in good health.. no thanks to the green wackos who want to put us each out of business & scrap perfectly safe beautiful tractors because they don’t have a clue what it is to work in the real world of hands on experience.their only skill is a degree in the art of creating more new jobs for their DC beltway social justice loser friends to go after entrepreneur America who keeps this country afloat. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.