Half of Mexican carriers in program gain permanent U.S. operating authority

mexicoThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has granted permanent authority to half the Mexican carriers participating in its pilot program. It’s also preparing for comment on a new applicant.

Now, five Mexican carriers in the cross-border trucking program with Mexico have permanent operating authority and five have provisional operating status.

Program admittance includes clearing a Pre-Authorization Safety Audit. During the first 90 days of provisional status, the agency inspects every driver and truck each time the carrier travels beyond the border zone.

After 18 months in the program, participants can advance to permanent authority if they receive satisfactory compliance reviews and lack enforcement or safety improvement actions.

On May 23, FMCSA issued permanent authority to Moises Alveraz Perez, Servicios Refrigerados Internationals and Higienicos Y Desechables Del Bajio. Transportes Monteblanco also received permanent authority, but the date for the status change was not readily available.

Transportes Olympic had permanent authority since the program began because of its 18–month participation in the previous pilot program.

The agency also will publish notice that it will accept comment on the PASA for applicant carrier Sergio Tristan Maldonado. The company, DBA Tristan Transfer, has two drivers and one truck to operate beyond the border zone.

PASA results are pending for five additional program applicants, while FMCSA has dismissed another 13 applicants and four others have withdrawn their applications.

The agency has stated it could make a statistically valid analysis of participants’ safety performance if it has 46 participating carriers that undergo 4,100 inspections during the three-year program. The program will mark its two-year anniversary in mid-October.

The Owner-Operator Independent Driver Association and the Teamsters union have separately asked for a rehearing of the District of Columbia appeals court’s April 19 ruling in favor of the FMCSA continuing the program. Both have requested en banc hearings, used when the full court is deemed necessary for uniform decisions or for questions of exceptional importance.The court has granted the agency an extension until July 2 to response to the plaintiffs’ petitions for rehearing.

FMCSA will publish a notice June 26 regarding Tristan Transfer’s PASA via the Federal Register.

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  • Mike Smith

    This is an insult to the American Citizens who have colonized & settled this country from sea to shinning sea. It is not just a threat to us it is an ATTACK on us and our sovereignty, lead by our own government against us. “Know is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their countrymen”.

  • No Reform

    The Wording is similar for the Amnesty Program that just passed the Senate yesterday…Registered provisional Immigrunt is their immediate status…able to work for ANY company.

  • localnet

    Another nail in our coffin… Death and taxes BABY, death and taxes… Transforming Amerika… Looks like Obama is delivering the goods.

  • JJMclure


  • http://mexicotrucker.com/ Porter M. Corn

    Waaa waaaa Waaaa!!!!

  • jp

    Gee, and guess how will man the new trucks? 15 Million Illegals that will get amnesty and will drive for 20cents a mile which beats picking vegatables.

    Hey, Obama Voters and Democrats: How’s that working for ya now? Suckers………..

  • Mike Smith

    Yes, & this corrupt, government has been & is organizing this whole foreign/Mexican Invasion, with the support of the corporations & THE MEDIA PROPAGANDA MACHINE. [We are experiencing Psychological Warfare]. They are enriching the corporations, themselves, & the 3rd world savages who come from countries where houses are made of cardboard boxes & mud huts. Min. wage is a kings ransom to them, while a meager wage to us. They are crowded in to cities like Los Angeles. The French Revolution against the aristocrats happen because of the same mentality we are experiencing. We are experiencing an oligarchy. This is a major crime against us that is resulting in a New Modern Form of GENOCIDE against us. We must figure out a way to defend ourselves. It’s our natural god given right to defend ourselves. Amen.

  • dm

    How ignorant the cross border pilot program started under Bush stop making this a partisan issue…………

  • Jackie

    Yap as usual politicians are giving away American jobs,but don’t worry their still more of America jobs to give away, ALL POLTICIANS ARE THE ANTI-CHRIST, If a person was really smart they would invest in the MAFIA at lease you can trust their word! If you were born here your screwed from berth till you die! If you were not born here you have it made,we we be more than willing to give you a free education food stamps social security and no taxes for the first five years while your busy screwing the system! No wonder politicians are more hated that Satan himself, and never shake a politicians hand that shit will wipe off and on you, I swear I don’t know how these politicians can live with them selfs knowing that their giving away this country,and screwing Americans,while they have a fine retirement plan and you may end up eating dog food when you retire. WE just can’t do the right thing anymore,and take care of our own

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