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Todd Dills | September 01, 2009
  • Rodney Kolb

    Mr. McClusky
    In July issue of overdrive I was reading the DIRTY DOZEN and I am interested in where I can have a differential oil analysis preformed. Thank you!
    Rodney Kolb
    42439 T.R. 296
    Dresden, Ohio 43821

  • http://channel19.blogspot.com Todd Dills

    From Bill McClusky about differential analysis:

    Hi Rodney,
    I am replying to your question regarding where to have a differential oil analysis performed. The best way is to have your mechanic or service facility take the sample from the differential and send it to a laboratory for analysis. If you are mechanically inclined and have a suction pump you can take the sample yourself.

    ATBS (www.atbsshow.com) also has a maintenance management program that assists owners with proper maintenance of their truck. Oil analysis and guidance are a part of the service. We work with several different laboratories and all of those listed below provide excellent analysis.

    If you do it on your own, the first step would be to call one of the labs listed below and order an oil sample kit which includes the sample bottle and the analysis. Take the sample and return it to the lab. They will send you an analysis report and you can call them for further explanation. As part of our maintenance management program, we go a step further and provide not only a detailed explanation of the analysis report but also work with you on the best way to correct any issues and maintain your truck going forward.

    If that’s something you might be interested in give ATBS a call at 866-431-0370 and we can give you more information.

    Polaris Laboratories, 877-808-3750
    Titan Laboratories, 800-848-4826
    Analysts Inc, 800-241-6315

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