Has FMCSA’s Ferro lost it? Or is her credibility just shot?

Ferro on the hot seat in Congress

FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro testifying before Congress about the hours-of-service rule changes from 2013.

Given recent actions by Congress to undermine FMCSA rulemaking and an emotional plea made to Congress in a recent DOT Fast Lane blog post by agency head Anne Ferro, what’s going to come of Ferro and her time at FMCSA?

Overdrive Senior Editor Kevin Jones posed the question in a blog post this week on OD sister site  CCJwhere he also writes that reps from the American Trucking Associations said Ferro forced the industry’s hand on going to Congress to try to straighten out the hours rule changes, as she couldn’t be worked with. 


Voices on the call for FMCSA head to resign

Was OOIDA's move the right one -- or is the "be careful what you ask for, you just might get it" adage an appropriate consideration? ...

In her blog, Ferro writes about several truck crash victims, saying the agency’s HOS rules protect families from trucking from the industry wants to undo the “life-saving” rules, as Jones notes in his blog post

She also writes that she’s committed to preventing tragic wrecks, “as a wife and a mother of two.” 

OOIDA quickly called for Ferro’s resignation, calling Ferro’s write up “demagoguery” against the industry and against drivers and saying the blog post shows a “clear bias” against truckers. 


Citing ‘bias against truckers,’ OOIDA calls for resignation of FMCSA head Anne Ferro

OOIDA has sent Anthony Foxx a letter asking for FMCSA head Anne Ferro to resign, saying she has a "clear bias against truckers and the ...

Jones asks: Is she trying to score a job with a safety group or was she just borrowing from their playbook to get her way with Congress?

But “the essential question,” he says, “is whether she can do the job fairly and effectively.” 

And the industry isn’t relying on appeals to emotion, but actual data, he says. 

Click here to read his full piece on CCJ, where he also lays out what could happen with the legislation in question.

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  • cjmarley

    I do believe this would be an excellent petition for the whitehouse

    I’m not good at writing stuff like that up so maybe someone else would.

  • JR

    an excellent thought would be to get rid of all the unelected administrations that grow communism in this country like fmcsa, IRs, usda, epa and then repeal nafta, and all fair trade agreements with communist nations and then to stop funding immigrants that have the upper hand (because of taxpayers dollars) in business, tuition, housing and medical care. the so called entitlements that they always fight about are tax paid dollars and they are a mere sliver the pie, foreign policy and the dept of treasury suck up the most of our money. then maybe these nations that hate us would stop using our dollars to build armies against our children. we need to boycott all communism and that includes mexico, that country is ran by drug cartel. tyrants. stop the tyrants and you stop the flood of non citizen drivers and non citizen drivers licenses. the commies with the id vote the commies in to terrorize our political system. these unelected adminstrations only create debt, with payroll and fines, lets ask the safety dept. where are all those fine dollars, gmc billons and the plane owners, where all these dollars and where are 1.9 billion dollars going to come from to support the new wave of children just arriving to our army bases. this is the big picture

  • William McKelvie

    Can she do the job effectively? Come on now, honestly? Let’s take the VERY questionable speed rating for ticket or warning and how questionable that was to even put it into CSA, she even admitted that in one of the very first congressional hearings on CSA. She said they knew it was a questionable ruling, but went ahead and put it in there anyways? Man please. And just how long has it been since Mr Young directly told her to fix crash ratings and crash causation? Three years if not close to three years and still no action from her? She needs to go, exit stage left. And fast.

  • Gibusz

    You are just so angry, some points make sense, but most of your “big picture” is the voice of an IQ 50 lunatic…

  • JR

    no your are a blind idiot

  • JR

    your are a blind idiot, soft skinned liberal

  • Ray

    Jr don’t use called crocodile drugs that kills your brain cells!!!

  • martymarsh

    What we have here, is a failure to communicate. It has always amazed me, once you go to Washington, it appears that you are qualified to run anything as long as you are part of the good old boys club. Should that fail, then you take that nice retirement for failing the American tax payer, and you then become a lobbyist or maybe a nice state position where you can rack up another nice pension. Anyone that don’t think this government is corrupt, don’t have a clue, and that is from the town you live in right down to Washington. THAT is also both sides.

  • martymarsh

    I just heard tonight that they need 2 billion to handle this influx of new illegals, and you are questioning his IQ. Government isn’t the answer, they have become the problem. Wake up, this country is pissed of, not stupid.

  • jan johnson

    Anne ferro needs a cdl and a old cab over n spring ride REEFER! Send her down to mcallen tx for a load.

  • Dave Hash

    She obviously needs to go, and the FMCSA needs to be revamped into a productive entity that would encourage trucking, and not demonize hard working Americans.

  • rubberlegs

    And add to it no power steering an A/C and a finger
    print load. No lumpers aloud she ‘ll change her tone
    right quick for sure. No tandems, an over on her drives, Now what ? oh yeh add in only a few states
    are 80,000 gross. Get out there an run them scales.
    They want safety on the road. make the inter states
    big rigs only an let the four wheelers take public
    transportation. I was running scales from 66 right
    through the to the 80’s. Back then truckers did what
    they had to do.

  • rubberlegs

    I forgot add a three stick shifter we’ll see what
    she’s made of for sure

  • guest

    Anne baby is kind of right and so are the Safety Zealots on the fact that Mega Rich Fleets do Slaughter thousands of people every year and Clearly dont give a damn….their eyes bug out with GREED…at the expense of anybody….ahahahah…lol. Total Pigs for sure….but your average Double Zero is actually Skilled and cares about what he is doing….these Dopes hired by mega Fleets are only “trying out” trucking…after the Crash they go back to Burger King….theMega Fleet has lawyers who Cheat anybody they come in contact with…settling out of court with the families of the Dead and Injured…..even WITH the dumb Electo Log…the slaughter Continues…..so their is Some merrit to
    Anne Baby’s position……Walmart just made the front page….with another Slaughter….for the Zealots to Point to…….

  • guest

    They opened Ft Sill Okla, and a navy base in Ventura Cal to facilitate the kiddies…..$250 perday for the accomodations according to News Reports….what a Joy!! Honduras is going to helpout?? Obama doesnt like to disturb those crooked creeps that run those countries….Taxpayers in America can foot THEIR bill??

  • guest

    Yea…some mex produce to Hunt Point…and haul Ass all the way…or lose her job!! ahahahah lol

  • martymarsh

    I don’t know what to say anymore, I’m beside myself. Washington is corrupt beyond repair.

  • Eddie Hernandez

    I tell you what .
    Yeah ok thats what makes a truckera cabover no a/c and no power steering…come on this is not the smokey and the bandit days you dopes.its 2014
    so with that said that she need to know how it works in the real world not in a ooida truck where she stays in a big secure truck and the driver stays in a hotel motel .
    And yes have her drive hard like I said the real world…..

  • Byron Emery Mayfield Sr

    I drove for 36 years stating in 1975. I would like to go back to our original hours. It was easy to keep track of hours used and hours available.

  • Deez Nuts

    I picture old men with tinfoil hats when I read some of the comments.

  • Kent Wilson

    Why is it that every time some one starts talking about things others just ignore, or are afraid to talked about, are labeled “ANGRY MALCONTENTS”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is happening in this country. JR is exactelly right inwhat he says and they way he says it. Sounds lke Gibusz is one of those thta have been warned to “get your head out of the sand”. But It has been there so long that it is impossible to raise it up. If we had people in “power” that had the views of all the JR’s in this country we might not be in the situation we are.

  • Kent Wilson

    FMCSA says: “We are comitted to decrease the fatalities on our roads.” Seems they are neglecting one VERY important factor—AUTOMOBILES!!! And the drivers involved. Has anybody researched the #of fatalities from Auto accidents compared to the # of auto miles driven. I can guarantee you that it would be more than double that of truck fatalities. Trucks are ostracized just because of their size (and the MONEY behind them. I can use ANY number of vehicles and show that they have a significant effect on traffic accidents and fatalities. That doesn’t make it a fact or anything dangerous.ANYTHING that is controlled by humans, CAN be DANGEROUS to other humans. That doesn’t actually mean that they are. The government should not be able to interfere with a persons ability to make an honest living. ESPECIALLY WHEN EVERYONE INVOLVED IS DEPENDENT ON THAT JOB!!! I do not care who you are: From the President right down to the homeless person in the street–without a truck and driver you would not have even the smallest amount of existence.

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