Have you ever been tested for sleep apnea?

| September 26, 2013

  • George

    My wife was overweight and used a Cpap machine. Two years ago she had bariatric surgery and lost weight as a result. About 4 months after her surgery she no longer required the breathing machine at night. Others we know that were diabetic, had similar procedures, and no longer require treatment for diabetes.

  • Jerry Todd

    There is no need for sleep apnea testing! this is nothing but a scam to milk our tax dollars. BMI is not an accurate measurment, it,s been thrown out by the military 3 times since 1970. It,s been less than 2months since it was found not to be accurate by civillian markets. Sleep apnea affects all sizes the same not just people with bigger bodies! Probably got a senator from Mo, a congressman from In, and a senator from Va getting big campaign contributions for pushing this.

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