Highway haunts

| October 20, 2012

Marie Patrick suggests that truckers who are interested in seeing the supernatural take photos of different graveyards and creepy places they visit or pass by. “Always take three photos, and make sure the time shows up on the photos,” she says. “That way you have a before, during and after picture” that is well-documented.

If these things happen or have happened to you, don’t immediately blame your own mind for the seemingly impossible. Patrick says some skeptics will hold to their belief systems no matter what. “Sometimes people can’t be convinced,” she says. “And sometimes all it takes is one photo to prove something.”

If you see something you can’t explain, write down a detailed account of what you saw and where exactly you were, because you never know: another person may have had the same experience.

So the next time you are trucking down a dark, lone highway during the middle of the night, don’t be surprised if you come across a car that vanishes or even an unexpected passenger that pops into the backseat just as quickly as he disappears.

A trick of the mind? You decide.

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