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Hit at the dock — truck driver’s fault or not?

| November 26, 2013

Truck driver John Doe was making a delivery to Fiesta Fresh restaurant when a pink Mustang slammed into him in the loading area. Was this accident his fault?

Truck driver John Doe was making his way to a delivery at a local Mexican restaurant to drop off a few boxes of chili con carne. Upon finding the trucks only entrance he slowed to a safe crawl and entered the small dock area behind the restaurant.

He began a wide swing to the right at about 5 mph with his right turn signal on trying to park by the loading area.

Suddenly and without warning, a sleep-dazed waitress late for her shift zoomed wildly into the docking area in a pink Mustang, trying to take a shortcut to the employee parking area.

When she saw Doe turning across the front of her vehicle, she honked her horned, slammed on her brakes and began to slide. About then, Doe saw the pink flash and slammed on brakes, too, but it was too late, and the pink Mustang slid into Doe’s saddle tank.

Doe was issued a preventable-accident warning by his safety director, but contested it with the National Safety Council’s Accident Review Committee, who immediately ruled in favor of Doe. NSC said he proceeded with caution and was stopped when the Mustang hit him.

This was an adaptation of Overdrive sister site CCJ‘s “Preventable or not?” series, which appears regularly on

  • occupantiliedindustries

    Definitely the fault of the Mustang driver. Even when I do cut through behind my local grocery store, I give all the room a truck needs if it’s possibly moving at all. Even when parked at the dock itself, I’m going to make absolutely sure that truck isn’t moving before I cross by it.

  • Zachary Bell

    I would agree that it’s the Mustang driver’s fault. Doesn’t she know how to read a sign that says TRUCKS ONLY?

  • bob smith

    Missed something ??? AS always the company bent the driver over charged him with a preventable. As all these slimey trucking corps. do.. Then leave you hanging to prove your innocence because your guilty 100% to any of these safety pukes minuet one of any violation. They treat you like crap your lying your stealing . WAKE UP drivers hire yearly legal services and simply tell your safety puke speak with my lawyer iv done everything 100% safely in operation of this vehicle see police report and speak with my attorney..Obey any law enforcement and questions but stick it to the corp..Otherwise spilling your guts heart out to these safety slime is useless as you see with this accident..


    Well it sounds like the company I worked for ,I was at the dock backed in sweeping out there trailer after a delivery suddenly there was a jolt and I hit the wall. I ran out of the trailer to the dock and looked out the dock door window to see a Schneider trailer embedded in my trailer i ran out of the warehouse arms flying to signal the driver who was backing in on the blind side I grabbed my cam and took the imfo down from the driver. I called the safty director at my company Woodfield of Camden ar gave them the imfo and thought it was over.Well it was as to the way I handled it. After leaving the company for a lot better job the new employer found woodfield put the incident on my DAC report as a accident I still have to explain it to new employers to this day.The price you pay for working for a lowsey company as they are.

  • wayne get again

    no way you can prevent a women from doing want a women does

  • Big Good Bob

    sound like the one company I once drove for. a customers truck hit my tractor parked while I was out of it on the docks, customer admits onlt truck near mine was thiers but never hit me. but my DAC now has it that I did the hitting. will never shop in thier stores again and advise any driver to not drive for either.

  • JJMclure

    If her car slid then she was speeding…her fault.

  • lawdog2062

    Based on the incident as reported the driver of the mustang was at fault. The truck was in a trucks only zone moving safely with it’s signals on. The mustang driver entered an unauthorized zone at an unsafe speed for conditions.

  • martymarsh

    It’s simple, she hit him in the tank so it is her fault, assuming this scenario is true, as far as the scumbag company, they will always be a scumbag company. The day this person can drive both vehicles is the day it will be his fault.

  • Dan Gerster

    car driver should of left earlier to arrive on time to the destination and not entered the loading area if she cant read the posted sign she shouldnt be driving if u cant read english

  • Texas Wife

    My husband was sitting in the sleeper fixing a sandwich. He was on his break. The closet truck to him was 4 spaces from him on either side. He backed was headed out like most drivers do. When a driver pulled in on passenger side head first. the other driver went over the white line & when he backed out he ran over my husband’s truck. So the accident went on my husbands record as well as the man who hit him. Not his fault but it looks like it when you look at his record now. Not Fair.

  • Twinkie Trucker

    I was asked at my last employer to fill out and sign a preventable/non-preventable accident form for the safety department. The form had 2 scenarios to show prevent/ non-prevent accidents. The first scenario described a driver running 60 mph suddenly realizing he’s at his exit a very sharp curve with a posted speed of 25 mph and rolling the truck, this would be considered a preventable accident. So in bold letters I wrote the following. “Dear safety department director, if you will kindly look up the word accident in the dictionary you will discover that the meaning of the word. Accident; A sudden unexpected event. With that being said there is no such thing as a preventable accident, there is only preventable stupidity!!” Therefore this form is being signed under duress for compliance purposes only. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.