Hot Button: What would be the No. 1 effect of a wide owner-operator shutdown?

| September 27, 2013

  • Mike Smith

    150 comments. Thank god people are now coming here speaking in what appears to be a large numbers. This is great. One can only take so much pain until they start screaming. To bad it takes so long. It is way PAST TIME to get angry. We will need a lot more than one shut down. And for those who call this a union, would you call getting together to defend your country a UNION. I’ll answer this for you because you don’t get it. NO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hudd

    I feel for you guys, as I had a small trucking company and sold it last year. Let me enlighten you ignorant people. First, O/Os will be a thing of the past at some point, maybe not next year or 5 years from now, but it will happen. For every O/O that quits, or in this case strikes, there are a dozen larger more profitable companies waiting to take your cargo, not to mention all the o/os that will laugh to the bank while their brethen picks up the slack.

    Understand basic economics drivers. Supply and Demand and low margins. You have crapped in your own bed, with ACCEPTING LOW RATES. YOU!, no one else made that choice to run dirt cheap. YOU YOU and no one else. As long as there are O/Os willing to run dirt cheap, then there is NOTHING you can do about it, the supply for cheap labor is there, and heres the kicker drivers, CONSUMERS LOVE IT! People love CHEAP stuff, hence Walmart and China will own the world some day. People could give a rats ass about your salary, they want stuff and they want it cheap.

    Besides, YOU MADE the choice to DRIVE, accept it and enjoy your decision. Strike and the public will think you even more of a retarded, bad gene swamp thing from the south.

    Finally, you nasty ass people that leave piss containers everywhere…For F*** sake drive off a cliff. Transportation is mired with tons of nasty people, idiots, thieves and fat asses. I will NEVER miss being on the road, working for hardly nothing and being one accident away from losing everything.

  • hudd

    So Drivers, here is your lesson of the day. Read up on the basic principles of free market forces and supply and demand(explains bad rates), and end it with a heavy dose of reading on Economies of scale(explains why large transport companies will end the O/O). After that, I think you will have a better understanding of why things are so crappy.

    Get out while you still have a soul, use the lottery money to fund some additional education and make a career change.
    Until then, God bless ya guys and be safe.

  • tim

    The people that don’t shut down are the reason this country is so eff up nobody wants to do anything.they say let somebody else do it,but then not enough people do anything and your stuck with the same problems we’ve always had.

  • Mind Games

    Where’s the website? I don’t do Facebook too many folks are getting nailed by that sites in terms of privacy.

  • Mind Games

    People I’m for a shutdown but it needs to go just a wee bit further…. A nationwide economic boycott of all products manufactured and or sold by companies in the state of California would make them guys get on there knees very quickly.
    Look for the made or shipped out of California label heck ask the manager of the store to see the BOL or the origins of where it came from but whatever you do don’t buy anything manufactured or shipped from the state of California and tell friends family to help you and if they really hate liberalism they won’t mind at all not buying produce and or anything else that makes that state any money.
    Just like any business they can be put out of business!
    Its a cheap price to pay compared to what the founding fathers went through so you and I can live free of socialist states!
    Think about it! Spin that package around and take a look and avoid liberalism all you spent is 1-2 seconds of your time to avoid the disease.
    Let’s put up a website with all the products sold out that state too!!! A hit list if you will…

  • Ilia

    Hmmm, wonder how you booked that gross???? You drive in a
    team??? I didn’t become O/O to drive in a team and push myself to the edge of
    suicide. Please, make a difference between freight rates ($/m) and drivers pay
    (cpm). Just saying, I’m O/O and I work using $/m rates. YES, I agree it’s about
    time to show we are still out here and living miserable lives without health
    insurance and pension funds, living in a comfortable stinky can (cab) and a way
    from our families. I’m proud to say that I’m O/O and I desire better way of
    living, I desire to be able to retire and have more family time. I desire to be
    paid in $$$ amounts for all sacrifices I make in this way of life I have
    chosen. I often say NO to cheap freight, but not always, since I have bills to
    pay and family to provide for. I don’t mind putting 200 empty miles to pick a
    better paying load if there is any available on the freight boards. I will
    agree with new HOS only when DOT guarantees steady income for my family of avg
    $3.70/m (rate determined based on avg fuel price for the country…which is
    insane). I DO agree with all FMCSA safety rules, but we need to remind that, we
    (the truckers) are only small part of all traffic on the road and cops MUST
    start issuing citations to four wheelers for unsafe driving, we all know how
    easy is to harass a 18 wheeler driver. FMCSA need to research 100% of all
    crashes on the road, not only the one’s involving semi’s before pushing up none
    sense laws that hurt the backbone of America. First step is to regain respect
    from the public and the only way is to cut off the supply chains. Then they
    will realize what all trucks are doing on the roads. Only way would be a global
    nationwide strike, including company drivers and O/O, united. Only then we will
    be heard and respected for what we are doing. Our government needs a reminder
    for all wrong doing in the last 20 years!!!!!!

    To all haters, please, excuse me for bad grammar or misspelling, I’m ESL Eastern European native and USA citizen with Masters degree in engineering who happened to be a truck driver in the last 7 years, after being without engineering job few times
    before becoming a truck O/O.

  • The Bear,

    is time to, take over our Demands Professional Drivers. We do not give up. Lets Go.
    I am The Bear….

  • USMC 69-75

    Who do you pull for Del Ray?

  • USMC 69-75

    bottom feeders!

  • coyotesenior

    how can you drive over otr at age 15 when you don’t have a license more less a cdl. rethink your math

  • Archangel55

    With our government printing money just to pay interest on our debt, (couched as “stimulating the economy”) and the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates artificially and unrealistically low to counter the inflation that normally follows printing money like a counterfeiter, and the rest of the world trying to replace the dollar as the “World Reserve Currency”, the U.S. is headed for the biggest economic crash EVER. ( BTW,The U.S. PASSED the point of no return of being able to pay even the interest on our national debt) If the dollar is replaced as the WRC, the dollar WILL collapse, because all the countries holding dollars will sell them in a fire sale. Russia, China, Japan and India combined hold about 3 trillion paper dollars. Interest rates WILL go into double digits. Inflation WILL go to double or triple digits. WHEN, not IF, this happens there will be NO freight to haul. With a collapsed dollar, companies won’t be able to buy even the raw materials to manufacture anything. China, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Australia, India, Iran, Chile, United Arab Emirates, South Africa have already signed agreements to trade among themselves without using US dollars. Don’t believe me? GOOGLE IT. The replacement of the dollar as the WRC will be inch by inch, but when the replacement happens, the effects will be instantaneous. The crash of 2008 was only a preview of things to come and instead of being a shoe dropping 2008 was only a sock. BTW, what did GM do with their US government sponsored bankruptcy (That allowed them to shed their debt and raise 23 billion in a new IPO) and 49.5 billion in bail out money? They built 13 plants in CHINA and announced they are building 5 more and plan to export cars to the US. Don’t believe me? GOOGLE IT. Better yet, link below from Detroit Free Press. If you think Washington will do anything for an AMERICAN worker, THINK AGAIN. They speak with forked tongue. Just my two cents worth. . .

  • Hopeless

    Check out NY State DEC “6 NYCRR Part 248” Subdivisions 248-3.1(e) through Paragraph 248-3.1(f)(1) are revised as follows:

    (e) On or after December 31, 2013, [All] all
    diesel powered heavy duty vehicles owned by, operated by, or leased by
    each BART regulated entity or which are owned by, operated by, or leased
    by a contractor and used to provide labor, services, materials and/or
    equipment on behalf of a BART regulated entity to perform the regulated
    entity work shall utilize and maintain [the best available retrofit technology according to the following schedule:

    (1) at least 33 percent of all such vehicles shall have BART by December 31, 2008;

    (2) at least 66 percent of all such vehicles shall have BART by December 31, 2009;

    (3) all such vehicles shall have BART by December 31, 2010.]

  • Jerry Weaver

    Other (specify in comments):The Public may shift focus and listen to each other instead of Banksters , Bureaucrats and TV BS artists

  • Jerry Weaver

    A permanent boycott of some Government deliveries would maybe send a message..

  • will

    They talk that talk but that truck, trailer, insurance payment, and that contract will not let them shut down. In addition the major truck companies would love it so they move more fright at a reduce rate.

  • mousekiller

    In the good ol days we did not worry about can you do it or are you old enough or do you have a license..? We just got the job done. I too drove a semi at 15 but I started at 13 yo hauling cattle and pigs. Us old timers as some call us just did the job.. WE GOT IT DONE and still do. By the way I can fly a Cessna 172 and I don’t have a license for that either.

  • mousekiller

    In truth one of the biggest reasons wages have not gone up for drivers is simple.
    The quality of driver has gone down.
    Take a look around you the next time your in a truck stop. A good look. You will see drivers that were not properly trained.
    Drivers that think 40 mph is cool to do in a truck stop parking lot..
    Drivers that don’t know what a clutch brake is or what it is there for.
    Drivers too lazy to put on shoes so they just wear the shower clogs all the time. .
    Drivers that are allergic to a deodorant and tooth paste. To say nothing of the foul language they use thinking it is the manly thing to do in person or on the CB.

    Today the new drivers have little if any pride in themselves. No work ethic visible. Dress and act like a dumpster diver.

    The carriers that hire them know up front it is a temporary thing for them. They know that they are nothing more than a butt in the seat.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Hold on there are a lot of great professional drivers out there let us not focus on the bad. Here is an absolute truth as with anything you get the “Quality” WHAT YOU PAID FOR IT!

  • mousekiller

    You are right about a lot of professional out here but the good professional driver is disappearing like snow in the sun. We are a dying breed. The incentive to improve is being removed by the ELD. The new driver is no longer willing to excel but just going along to get along and it is nothing more than a pay check to them.Unfortunately it is happening and the industry is suffering due to it.

  • mousekiller

    I understand why it is 55 in Oregon but I do get 1.5 mpg more driving in ID and Or. No problem. I do little in CA but make money going to and from CA. Jan I will not go back. I refuse to bend to the Carb demands of a $15,000 exhaust filter and damn sure not buying a new truck just for CA. I am biding my time to see how CA reacts to a truck shortage in the produce arena come March 2014. 80% of refrigerated products that are hauled in reefers are O/O owned. Not big carriers.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    And I totally agree with you seen it all at the truck stops. Like I have said in my comments on other posts clearly these drivers are going to step up their game or find a new low income job Walmart, McDonalds! For which I am attacked and called “insane” or a “fool” did Samantha Kemp even graduate for high school? So how are drivers like Samantha Kemp who clearly was driving illegally since age 15 instead of apparently getting his h.s. diploma (he is younger than me so I know no CDL in the so called ole days 1980s) is going to make $81,250 under my POSTED PLAN? Should drivers like Samantha Kemp be happy to make a dime over minimum wage?

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Coyotesenior thank you I just glanced at Samantha’s nonsense he was driving at 15 so if he is only 48 years old this was the 1980s not the ole days. When I graduated from high school in 1980 you needed a driver’s license. Does this mean he does not even have a high school diploma? How much to people without a high school diploma except to earn over their lifetime?

  • Dave Nichols

    yeah they are saying planes are next to get dpf’s and def afterburners hahaha wont that look funny?? idiots strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.