Hot Button: What would be the No. 1 effect of a wide owner-operator shutdown?

| September 27, 2013

  • MileHiMoose

    In a world that has stopped making any money, stopped feeding families, clothing there children. atopped being able to afford to see a doctor, or go to a hospital, 3 maybe 5 wars going on, 100’s of thousands pf people being killed for no reason at all, A Congressman Starts To Read Nursery Rhymes while infront of the entire Senate. What an ass..

  • Shortchange

    I took part in the 77 and 78 shut down. Washington
    didn’t even raise a brow. Not enough took part. To make a
    difference all trucks need to shut down, an I mean all trucks.
    It’s like threat of the government shut on October 1st.
    Threat is all it is. Shortchange said all that.

  • lonelytwisal

    just a thought! why not shut down in waves.1st week west coast shutdown,next east coast.3rd week the midwest.that way all freight is late and everyone will evenly bare the burden of losing money.if we are not getting national attention,there’s no affect.make them beg for use to move there tolls,detention at consignees/shippers.we have to have an agenda!

  • lonelytwisal

    i agree!

  • Adrian Alexander

    I’m sorry to say that after 20 years of running with my own authority I parked the truck last month. I couldn’t take the cheap brokers anymore, I tried to hassle prices just to see the loads vanishing right in front of me. Big brokers have no shame in telling you ” I have somebody who can do it for this much, how much can you do it for? I’ll come back when things get better.

  • KMA Obama 10-4

    It won’t without major participation. What about broker regulations? I notice when negotiating rates. Some brokers call back and keep adding more money. Is the shipper offering more or is the broker taking less off the top? I miss the old days, you knew which carriers had the best rates & what % you were paid.

  • Twife

    My husband is an O/O. He only takes from the brokers the load that covers the operating expenses, and a little over. Sometime he goes days or weeks without a decent deal. But somebody takes the rest of the loads…

  • David Johnson

    YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! YOU NEED TO REPEAT IT AND REPEAT IT AIN’T THAT THE MONEY IS NOT THERE WE KEEP ON LETTING PEOPLE SCREW US! The broker is taking more because there are fools willing to run for less it is that simple! And this is why we need government regulations and a union because people are too stupid to run their own lives.

  • Lysiena D

    We are a small trucking company with 3 trucks. We are shutting down. We have to unite to make a point. Stop with all the regulations.

  • cougared

    leave the truckers alone// america moves by truck/ politics as usual… bored idiots sitting on there ass making up more stupid rules/ people that know nothing about being on the road and how much of life truckers sacrifice to feed their familys// do you know what DOT stands for….DICKHEADS OFFENDING TRUCKERS////

  • Dave

    I can see already how this is going to play out. Half of the comments here. Have nothing to do with the whole reason of this shutdown. Once again! Truckers will be laughed at. Strike on a weekend! Really? Just like when the strike happened and everyone was already home. And just put a sign in their window(ON STRIKE). WOW! That proved something. Wasn’t even dedicated enough to actually strike. 25yrs as a owner operator and a broker. By the way. Whoever said something about brokers taking all the money. Here’s a lesson for you. Most companies get freight from brokers. And brokers don’t make money off it. Brokers make money off of the volume of freight. And if you haul freight from a broker and dumb enough to take cheap shit. Then you need to re-think your career. But on the subject of shutdown. It suppose to be about the hours of service. Which is effecting us all. Most of these comments don’t even hit on the subject. So I don’t see any success.

  • MSK Transport

    If I don’t haul it someone will. Enough said!

  • Mike Smith

    The brokers are taking more, and giving less. I pull for shippers and brokers. I can see what a broker is offering and compare it to what a shipper is paying. In some cases the brokers are asking 20%, 30 and even 50% less than what shippers are offering. You must watch the brokers.

  • jimmy the trucker

    All of what has been true to a certain extent, and some is misinformation. BUT the o/o alone will not have a significant effect except to get tagged for having late loads, UNLESS THE COMPANY DRIVERS AND THE COMPANIES THEY WORK FOR ARE WILLING TO COOPERATE, not much will happen.

  • Bret McClary

    just because you are a nonsmoker don’t put the rest of us in your box I smoke and just because the feds say quit no i wont and i have not had a accident in 25 yrs.

  • Richard Biggs

    My two cents worth. After 40 years as an o/o I feel the biggest problem is o/os. Why do so many o/o work for a 1.00 a mile plus fsc. If you cant figure your operating cost hire a book keeper. I do not like all of the goverment regulation but it will get worse. We are classified as unskilled labor for a reason. By the way last month I averaged 2.71 cents a mile to the truck and I am leased to a company.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    We agree any “shut” down should have a big impact I am recommending telling Walmart to there stores will not be receiving any freight the week before Thanksgiving until the week after NYE. So let us talk O/O money although I am lost my run does not move for less than $5CPM volume means nothing to me. The problem here dealing with O/O hauling cheap freight my position hell let it sit when your rate comes up to market it will move and I am assuming no fool is going to run at a loss so they must be at break even. I have clearly posted a plan to make the life of the company driver substantially better so let us see try these recommendation pertaining to an O/O. 1) It is hereby illegal under federal and state law to offer a contract for transportation any freight for less than 125% of the fuel prices published by the DOE again indexed from inflation no exceptions for small carriers; 2) and it is illegal to offer an O/O a contract less than 3 times the new federal minimum wage no more guy working for free or at break even; 3) a new tax will be imposed on the volume of freight haul and in addition to the SE tax it goes to the same federal “Professional Driver’s Retirement Fund” I have discussed previously.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Bret, although I love walking thru cigarette buttttts surrounding my truck do you think in the Army people who smoke could just throw them on the ground? But I am willing to talk the POINT is at 65CPM NO more pissing in milk jugs throwing them in the trash at Walmart and dropping butts everywhere!

  • Col Patrick G Montgomery

    If you want to see the results of a shutdown, go back to your 1981/82 issues. Parkhurst through the ITA staged a strike, and a lot changed after that.

  • Bret McClary

    you can shove your union, we need to be left alone to do what we have to to feed our familys

  • Bee

    Wow! A Lawyer in a Truck…..

  • Del Ray Johnson

    That is correct some of us do read alot and not sit around in our draws watching NCIS or whatever it is called making no money and happy about it! I don’t think I left anything more out.

  • Bret McClary

    your right there are a lot of pigs out there I for one will not throw my butts on the ground and the piss bottles are a real problem we need more professionalism out there

  • Bee

    Its people like you who have cause these constitutional problems, who make laws of condemnation. you can’t even see what’s morally right and if your making that kind of money then who’s rear are you scratching or what country did you come in from.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    You are delusional. I am rightfully DEMANDED an elevating the driver who has been (under)paid the same wages for over the past decade and WE demand correction by federal law THERE APPEARS TO BE NO CONSTITUTIONAL PROBLEM WITH THE NEW HOS RULES, the other guys are putting there neck out for a strike and you are talking nonsense about your “interpretation” of the constitution a is joke YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. . . .

  • Bee

    We’ll see when it all said and done…

  • William McKelvie

    So NO demands on the new BS regulations by Ferro and friends? SMDH!!!

  • W900

    Rey, brokers and shippers can tell you all day long how much THEY would like you to haul something for. HOWEVER, you choose whether to haul the load for their price. The decision is and alway will be yours if you are a true owner operator with your own authority. I call and get calls all day long with low ball offers, I politely say that there is no profit in it and pass on the load until I get one that is paying fair. I have been an O/O for 22 years and have been very successful. Yet hey, I don’t know $&?! Right? Your immaturity is showing…

  • Del Ray Johnson

    See what!? said and done what are you talking about are you looking for a vision again ya added nothing to the discussion but nonsense you sound like a child. . . .

  • Bob Moore

    If all trucks pulled onto the shoulder, exit ramps, rest areas, or truck stops and sat for 3hrs, it would do more to impact no trucks moving. If every tanker truck shut down for three daqys, it would shut everything down for days; cars, trucks, planes, trains, etc. Can’t run without fuel…

  • Bob Moore

    I thought the shut down was for:

    1) Environmental regulations “forcing the industry to put unproven technology in new trucks just to reduce emissions.”

    2) Federal allowance of “states, municipalities and businesses to pass anti-idling laws” making federally mandated rest ever more difficult to achieve in-cab.

    3) Insurance companies not covering “trucking companies that don’t install in their trucks expensive logging software, GPS, and communications devices … thereby pushing independent truck drivers out of business because they can’t compete.”

    4) Attempts to “push legislation through that requires the independents to carry $1 million bond in addition to the insurance.”

    5) The Affordable Care Act’s potential ripple effects “causing trucking companies to keep drivers’ hours below 30 hours … as they can’t afford the insurance increases.”

    Yet all the demands you say it’s for is not going to help. More pay would be nice but there are some truckers out here on the road that are older than 50 & may not be in tip top physical condition to do what you say we are to do. Yet we are able to be safer than some of those younger ones that may be able to do rugged PT as you are saying. Don’t categorize every driver to be like a spring chicken, we are seasoned vet drivers with more miles backing than most of the younger ones have gone forward.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    You are absolutely correct and obviously a real driver. The DPF, DEP, idling, etc. what can I say these are complex issue but they keeping passed because we have no voice and do not max our power. No idling okay it is mandatory that every truck get APU works for me not I pay the $10k out of my pocket. Check this out the new HOS rules I said it before hurting O/O did not just happen the big trucking companies paid thei lobbyist to approach Congress then discovered late in the game that hey these rules will hurt us as well. But aside from that we did nothing no protest this kind of stuff as you described and my point is they can have all the new Regs they want pay me to comply meaning $7000 for a replaced DPF. And the shut down covers ALL ISSUES no trucks will move until all our concerns are addressed!

  • New safe driver

    The shutdown, needs to happen to stop them from making regulations that O/O lose money. The new regulations do NOT help safety, because those that drive unsafe do it all the time and disregard any safety regulations.
    Regulations need to be put on those who are repeat offenders, such as the big company’s ( and few small company’s ) that are repeat offenders of safety regulations.
    STOP treating ALL drivers the same, everyone drives different just some drivers do not try / or want to drive safe.

  • Robert Frost

    I drove a big rig for over 18 years and in 2011 I got my own authority and became a hotshot trucker, pulling with my F250. I have the same ins as big rig but I dont have all the overhead as a bigrig. making way more money now than I eveer made driveing an 18 wheeler, I will never go back to driving a bigrig. I still have to run a log book, I know what your all talking about and I will shut down, im with you. I dont haul for less than 1.65 a mile, and most of the time I’m making well over 2.00 mile and at times im making 3 and 4 dollars amile on expedited freight.

  • New safe driver

    Rates Depend on what U want. New company drivers need more info on what others are getting paid. Talked to several new drivers and they are shocked when I tell them that they are under payed. I tell them that several years ago drivers were getting .35 CPM, and they are shocked that they are getting way less, ( .24 to 34 CPM). Only a few are over the .40 CPM.
    O/O U need to stand up like me and only time the loads that pay good enough. I am not one to hide what my average rate PM is (((( 3.18 PM ))) Brokers call me and are shocked by my rates, then call back later and try to under cut my rate then come up to my rate, just to get the load moved. NOT sure if my MIN. $3.00 per mile is not enough, but it works for me.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Bret I agree completely in a free market but after reading what these guys have to say the only hope I really see is a union sorry. Like I said drivers everyday are standing at the pump the cost of diesel is more than their gross pay and do nothing. And now O/O are saying they are being undercut by other O/O taking freight at loss. Put on top of the things like the CARBs you solution is . . .

  • Denny

    You’re an idiot. And you can’t spell. You’re not taking anything back. You can barely get out of your own way. I will be hauling. And laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Truckertwotimes

    Everyone knows that the big companies would not participate, that’s what Regan’s DE-regulation was all about.

  • Truckertwotimes

    You know big hammers don’t stop to pee, but the clean one’s empty it out the window going down the road so they can refill it again without stopping, although it is a good idea to keep more than one handy just in-case of heavy traffic. TruckerTwotimes told ya that…..

  • g22p

    The shut down back in the seventies worked .In 99 we had a big shut down at the port in Jacksonville Florida .It lasted a week and helped us a lot. We need to do it again.

  • Truckertwotimes

    there’s over 700 military bases doing daily flight exercises per day in like 200 some countries, surely they can’t be talking about “emissions”

  • Truckertwotimes

    Maybe grossed but the bottom line is still “Low Income Housing”

  • Truckertwotimes

    “Paint that on the side of Yo sleeper”

  • Mike Smith

    Shocking. Why drive truck then?

  • Mike Smith

    Regulations are being CREATED by the government to put schlubs to work at our expense. Example: We have to pay OOIDA for the DRUG TESTING PROGRAM. Labs and nursing, etc., jobs, are created at our expense. DOT jobs are created at our expense. OOIDA, ATA, are created at are expense, and so it goes.

  • Mike Smith

    A guy I ran into has a flatbed, has a fairly new KW T660 & new trailer. He said his base costs, everything but fuel and pay to himself, is $1.73 per mile. If you pay $.50 per mile in fuel that’s $2.23 per mile, total. Then if you include DRIVER pay, at $.50 per mile, you have to charge a min. of $2.73 per mile.

    If you only MAKE $.50 PER MILE you may as well be driving for a flatbed company that pays $.50, instead of suffering through all the time it takes to do the paperwork etc. So, the way I see it if your in business the business has to make about $.50 a mile. For a total required RATE of $3.23 per mile.

    After all why should brokers make the 20, 30, to 50% I believe they are trying to get when they post the loads the have. They’re just sitting there.

    Please correct me where I’ve errored.

  • me

    Why not threaten to do this again at Thanksgiving or even next year if Nov. is too soon ? If they know we will not go away after the first time unless something is done to benefit the truckers they just might take it more seriously, I say tell them straight up that the issues will not go away on their own and the government needs to stay away from our livelihoods and this will happen every year on an unannounced schedule so that they can not plan for the shutdown, take advantage of electronic media and surely this will gain a lot more steam as time goes by, boycott, boycott, boycott !!!!

  • bwtrucking

    I do agree that sitting on our hands and hoping for the best doesn’t solve the problem.I also agree that we wont stand together to show our power to stop this crap.The only solution I see is to stop all hauls in and out of California.Let the produce rot in the field and show everyone else in this nation that we can make a difference.

  • MarsRiver

    Nice to see someone that is actually able to stay focused for more than a few minutes. Articulate and to the point. Stay on it!

  • the Dude

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