Hot Button: What would be the No. 1 effect of a wide owner-operator shutdown?

| September 27, 2013

  • James Cox

    I fixed this entire problem by switching to “Hot Shot” trucking on a Class C basis. My truck averages around 18 mpg, no IFTA and I’m averaging $3,000 a week to the truck. Much lower operating costs, much lower insurance, better speed limits in many states and in more than half the states, no scales to deal with. I’m making far more money this way than I ever did driving a big truck

  • rrebelious

    Trucking shutdown has been discussed and threatened as longer than I have been a driver (driver since 1983). First I don’t believe it will ever happen, for several reasons, one of which is there are too many drivers to ever agree and too many who wouldn’t do it.
    I don’t think an O/O shutdown would have much, if any effect on conditions in the industry, except many owners going out of business. Large companies like J.B. Hunt, Schneider, etc would step in and take the loads that the O/O’s were losing due to the shutdown, therefore bankrupting many O/O’s because many of the contracts would remain with the larger companies.
    I do beleive a trucking shutdown could have positive results for the industry, but would have to be a total industry wide shutdown by ALL drivers, not just independants. I don’t see this ever happening due to the concerns by drivers of losing there livelyhood from consequences from employers as well as the financial burden of revenue loss during the shutdown.

  • sugarflashtrans

    Oh, there would be an immediate impact but long term nothing would change. We would have to shut down for several months and I can’t afford that. Tony Riffe

  • Robin

    Thanks. It is remarks like this that have been the key motivation for my company to downsize and get out while the gettins’ good. My margin line is barely 5% and that is without going into debt to purchase new equipment. I pay my drivers 36cpm with drop pay and $25 hour detention where I can get it. I was only running 6 trucks. Now, two – my spouse and a friend. So, I appreciate your push to continue to move us towards just a few major carriers (like the airlines). Next, you’ll want us to pay by the hour. Where the driver has complete control over how much time he spends fueling, eating, etc as on duty – pay me. You know, not every company out there is a money making machine with huge profits. Some of us were just trying to provide jobs.

  • Riz

    A shut down of a day or two will have little to no effect. Think about how the shipping and storage of goods works, if you stop the movement of goods for a day or two, they can still maintain some level of goods on the shelves. And since you are most likely not going to get all trucks to shut down, you will have some impact, but not enough to get the attention you need and want to your cause, you will, those that participate, be vilified by the press and the Government. You will most likely get the opposite reaction out of Washington that you want.

    Now, let me lay out the best scenario for a shut down, to negotiate for better rules and regulations, and environment for making money as a trucker, either as an Owner operator, Lease operator, or Company Driver.

    First you need to have Total compliance from all truck Drivers across the board(that will never happen).

    Secondly, you need to have the shut down last for 7 days, and this can not be stressed enough, you must make it last 7 full days for you to get the opposition to the table with a completely open mind, and a willingness to listen and agree to the most reasonable of the demands of the Truckers. Not everything that all Truckers want are going to be reasonable, so as a whole you have to stand on what are the overall grievances.

    Third, You need to understand that the Government is going to threaten all of you, with jail, under several laws, some that apply and some that don’t, but are used to scare people into compliance. So you MUST find someone to speak for you, that is smart enough to understand the Government two-step dance of manipulation, with out that, you will lose. They will make it sound like you get what you want, but they will word it in such a way that it will be in the interest of themselves and the large companies, that are able to afford lobbyist in Washington.

    Once you have those item attended to, you need to understand how the system works and how you can get control of it to raise awareness to you needs and difficulties. The order of events in a complete shut down will closely follow what I will tell you, you can choose to believe me or not, but I have studied this concept very thoroughly. and have played this scenario out several times and several ways, and what I will tell you here, is the ONLY way that will truly achieve what the Drivers as a whole need. It will get the public’s attention and bring a large amount of them on to the side of the Trucker. It will get the attention of the large Companies, and make them realize that the drivers are their most important asset and without them, they have no company. And most importantly, it will wake up politicians to just how vulnerable they are, and how important the trucking industry is to the survival of the Country.

    The whole process will take 7 days for it to get to the point where you will be able to get a fair negotiation from anyone.
    Day one: you will get the attention of the media, which will portray the shut down as a novelty, and of little consequence. Companies will start issuing threats to their drivers of termination if they do not return to work.
    Day two: Companies will continue their threats, and the media will start to make you out to be the bad guys. And the government will start to look into the situation.

    Day three; The Government will start to issue threats to those they see as the leaders of the shut down. They may even start to arrest some people. Gas stations will start running out of gas, and as the media reports this, people will rush to stock up.

    Day four: Stores start running out of food items. Media will cover this, which will cause panic in the public, which will empty all store shelves. If they haven’t already, the Government will issue threats, and arrest all those they view as the conspirators of the shut down.
    Day five: the people will start to demand that the Government step in and fix this situation. The Government will issue demands that all drivers return to work, of face charges under the RICO Act. This is also the act in which those arrested already will be charged with. All stores and gas stations are now empty, with the exception of this like appliances and clothing, all food and water will be gone.
    Day six: Government will ask for a list of demands, and then counter with a proposal which will be less than half of what the drivers want or need. Media will have, by this point made all truck drivers into criminals and terrorists.
    Day seven: Government will listen finally, and take all demands under serious consideration, will by end of day, agree to the majority. Companies will be forced to change the way they do business, owner operators will receive better working environment where they can better compete with the large companies on an equal footing. Freight rates will be normalized and companies will not be able to undercut owner operators to the point of pushing them out of business, and company drivers will be put in a better position, since companies will be regulated as the what they can actually charge drivers for, and what they can be terminated for. Also, companies will not be allowed to put anything derogatory on their record with out proof of wrong doing. Drivers will also have full access to anything pertaining to their personal record with ease, no more hidden reports that drivers are not able to easily get to and contest their contents.

    Seven days is what it will take, for truckers to bring this Country to its knees, and you must bring the Country to its knees to get any form of equal footing to negotiate with the Government and Companies. You MUST shut down the Country and empty the shelves, for the people to get behind you and demand that something be done to fix the problem. Most likely, the Government is going to try around day three or four to have the military do the job, but there is not enough of them, and they would only effect small portions of major cities, all smaller towns will suffer the most.

    IF you were able to get ALL drivers to agree to shut down for the full 7 days, agreeing to and holding fast, to not going back to work on the 8th day, you would be in a much better position to get your demands heard and taken serious. However, you also need to consider that you may need to hold fast to you ground and go an extra day or two since they will have undoubtedly have seen this lay out and may try to play the waiting game with you, thinking that you will return to work on the 8th day. so be prepared to go that extra distance and wait them out, remember you can hold out longer than they can you just need to get all drivers to see that. Which is something I was not able to do once I figured out how to get major changes with in the industry, and I doubt that you are going to be able to get ALL drivers to shut down, but I still wish you luck. I just have no real hope that your shut down will be viewed as anything more than a symbolic gesture, with little to no effect on the average American, and will change nothing.

    Good Luck

  • Riz

    Del Ray, You do NOT have the right to dictate what people will do and how they choose to live their lives. You have NO right to state that a driver can not smoke. Yes there should be a PT requirement, and the pay rates that you listed are a bit out of line, since it will cause a large increase in the cost of goods. Also, while the community service is a good idea, it is not feasible. In addition, the requirement that all drivers obtain an AA degree is not possible since most drivers are not home enough to attend a school. Furthermore, if you are going to require that drivers are able to write and speak properly and effectively, you should first be able to do so yourself. Your grammar in your posting is really bad, you need to learn to read through what you write before you post it.
    Basically, what you have listed as demands, are unreasonable and will never be accepted by anyone, except those that truly do not understand how things work in business.

  • jack

    True they don’t look at the cars, only the trucks involved in a accidents. It don’t matter about fault . # of trucks involved,. that’s what states look at .

  • jack

    don’t use brokers if u don’t have too . And know the rates when u do. I go directly to customer .

  • Old Timer

    this is on a weekend, all it will do is lower the amount of fuel
    being bought and let everyone know we are not organized
    enough to know we need to do it during the week!
    I have been at this for 44 years and I have never seen so many people who do not get along,saying we are going too strike and tell Obama he needs to leave office, and then say it is about the government running us broke!
    When are these uneducated people going to learn that it does not matter if it is screw up Obama or screw up George? It is about big money trucking company’s and The ATA who is funded by big company’s to help push us out of business. And now it has back fired on them and even they are unhappy! Come on people wake up and if we are going to do this, DO IT RIGHT! And don’t worry the banks do not want your trucks back! Let’s do this for a week and really put the pressure on! The big company’s could not begin to handle the freight and your customers would gladly put up with 1 week to help stop a run away cost the government is going to cost them and there customers!!

  • Mr. Breeze

    I wanted to add to the conversation but after reading most of the comments it went to name calling and finger pointing. That is what has happened to the Government, Trucking Industry and our society as a whole. We have caused our own demise in our industry!

  • Del Ray Johnson

    I am not dictating anything these are recommendations my plan raises the federal minimum wage for a driver to .65CPM at 125,000 to $81,250 gross. How much are you making now and with is your PLAN before you criticize mine did not Congress dictate Obamacare!

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Obviously you are talking not reading and listening I have raised everyone’s money across the board you are crazy my comments raised the federal minimum wage for a company driver to .65CPM at 125,000 totaling $81,250 no exception meaning no cutting by small companies. Next below I have raised the monies of the O/O by again federal law to 125% of the DOE published fuel prices how the hell can you lose money. Furthermore, I am clear the cost of any and all regs will be charged BACK to consumer in higher freight costs that will get their attention i.e., no idling I am sitting in the truck freezing like a dog with no APU are you serious? So next time anybody passes a new law like the HOS Walmart is going to in the end get a bill. And again what is your PLAN aside from complaining!?

  • Harold

    Ok here we go, Kids fighting again with out trying to come to an agreement on what we really want!
    Instead lets argue about everything else. I have six trucks that are not going to D.C. because they will have no place to park and will not even be seen by the people in power on a weekend, when they have all gone home for a 2 day weekend. I started in 1997 running illegal to the bronx in New York. I looked 21 and was 18, the drivers (real Drivers) in those days when we had to drive the trucks instead of a computer or GPS telling us what to do, would sit in a truck stop and have regular talk sessions and listen to the other guy while we ate our meal. Yes you had couple of people who would get a little warm under the collar and would then slow down and think about it. Then would put it all together as to other views and everyone would take all the info and put it together and learning from others.
    Over half of the drivers now days can not tell you how much it cost to operate.
    Here is what the Government and big Company’s are after! They are going to put the o/o out of business for this reason. I am going to ask you too think here!
    If the big company’s have all there trucks on a communications net work, where all the info,( drivers hours, weight per axle, maintenance records, driver info, freight being hauled, to and from, all the company info,
    including safety records, Why will we need any weight stations, or DOT! Now think how much money does the Government save and not have to pay to the individual states. They would also only have to deal with a few big company’s instead of thousands of small one’s!
    This is what is coming and you better get ready, by training for a skilled job, or be in a tent looking for hand outs! I don’t care if you have to join a union to get free training! But do something.
    You will never get this group of people to work together to get anything done, just look how they are so unhappy with them self now, that they have to cut each other down.

  • hotdog

    I have read through the comment section and find all this desire for the government to control even more aspects of our lives to be laughable. Yeah, the same government that underfunds and steals from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and just about everything else. The same government that will pay money to put up a sign informing you that the road ahead is rough but CANNOT rather head out and fix the road. The same government that can’t even balance it’s OWN books and hasn’t for decades. The same government that tells you to sleep when you are NOT tired but in order to make the logbook look ok, to drive when you ARE tired? That government??? You want these mindless lunatics to be in charge of setting rates??? So, let me get this straight, the gist of your argument is that we should shut down until the government makes even MORE rules that affect us daily but that’s ok because YOU like these rules? The one and only thing that would get me to shut down is if we shut down until the government agreed to get completely OUT of every aspect of our lives but I clear well over $100,000/year as an owner/operator and have for over a decade so until the government shows some common sense, I want them as much OUT of my business as possible. I intend to…..keep on truckin!!!

  • hellbent706

    Shutting down for just the owner operators would only drive up better pay for short term because the loads would become hot but they will sneak the rates back down just as soon as the dust settles. We would also lose business to the cut-throats who didn’t shut down. We need serious unity and cooperation from an least 80% of the full trucking industry to be truly effective. I am willing to strike regardless but What good is striking for better rates without a plan to keep the rates better? 3 Solutions would be: Stop brokers from taking more than $50 to broker a load by making them required to send the driver a verifiable copy of the same invoice they sent to the shipper or revoke their bond for false information or failure to comply. Create a federal minimum wage that applies to the trucking industry so no load can pay less than $400 or $3 a mile which ever is higher. And cut FMCSA in half. Most regulations in FMCSA is really just revenue generators disguised as safety for Government agencies.

    Rates highly favor everyone except the trucker.

    An ambulance will move a person 1 mile for $600.
    A wrecker can move a big truck 1 mile for $400. but a trucker would have to haul a wrecker or an ambulance over 150 miles to get the same rate. Even a cab gets $3 to $4 a mile. I’m ready to strike!

  • tracy

    You need to read the anti idling laws. They do not state that you have to freeze or melt. There are temperatures at which the laws do not apply.
    If you think that owning a company is the ticket to millions, then go start a trucking company. You can have the same as anyone else who has the balls to try it. I, like Robin, have a small company, somewhere between 4 and 8 trucks at any given time. I do not dictate the market. I do not get to tell a company what they are going to pay us. They pretty much tell us and we get to decide if we want to take the loads or not. Fuel is hard enough to get out of shippers and when fuel goes up we have to be able to run for a month before the surcharge catches up.
    I for the most part agree that truck drivers are not paid enough. I would pay my drivers more if the money was there to do so, but it isn’t. But again if you think I am getting rich then join me , own a small trucking company and then tell me about how easy it is to raise prices. We run at a loss on almost all return loads.
    On the other hand, to put trucking costs in perspective for the average person. Lets say we haul 43500 lbs of potatoes from big lake Mn to Walton Ky. We are going to say this is an 800 mile run. Right now they are doing this for 2000.00. That equals 4.6 cents per pound for that delivery. Now if we were to get 2400.00 dollars for this same load, it turns an alright paying load into a very good paying load and the total cost for trucking is 5.5 cents per pound. 1 penny per pound is all it takes to turn this into a money making deal. This allows the truck company to afford new and or better equipment. It affords the company to pay the driver more in line of what it should be. The actual cost to the consumer is negligible. This is true on all lanes and all things shipped. seems pretty simple and straight forward. But it isn’t because we have a little thing called free trade. I have said this before, the driver has done this to himself. When you go to work for a big company(they have been dictating the market for years) then you have helped cut the throats of everyone.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    I do not need to read anything I own a ThemoK which I bought myself. This is not about anti-idling or any other regulation let me be very clear. I agree with you the “market” is screwed up and the drivers DID NOT screw it up. So let me get crystal clear the PRICE to haul freight is going UP just like it did when the cost of diesel went up. So to repeat it again the PRICE of freight is going UP not the know that you and the other owner and all other owners have not dialed in all of the costs to remain profitable ain’t my problem. AND THE PROBLEM IS AS YOU STATED AND THE OTHER OWNER SAID Ya ain’t charging enough to haul the freight but think you can squeeze it out of the driver i.e. $25 for detention pay is insulting you know d@#$% we sit at you shipper all day. Like said the federal minimum since you guys can’t run a business in the “market” is 125% of DOE fuel prices, which is appx $3CPM NO EXCEPTIONS. So at a federal minimum of $7500 weekly on can earn a profit. On top of that the costs of any and all regulations will be passed thru to the customer not eaten by the drivers I bet you the next time Walmart hears something like the new HOS they will have something to say.

  • rebecca keele

    i can read several comments but no one has touched on anything important here besides the hos and the unproven technologies for cleaner what explain this one to me we have how millions if not billions of persons in the us and how many of them drive cars hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lets not do a darned thing to put john Q public out let’s just make it harder for real people with real jobs to work truck drivers make up how much of the population in the us canada and mexico hmmm lets take that ratio and i bet someone with an education higher than a third grader can say gee the trucks are not the problem. next freight rates are unreasonable because not one person will say hey i cannot haul your load for 89 cents a mile. then you have the outrageous amounts of money an owner operator has to pay for insurance license fuel and 50 or 60 other things i have neglected to mention just to operate. but yet any of the larger companies are exempt from however everything that needs to be addressed will never be addressed because noone will unite and stay united on this so no it most likely will not what we need to do is appoint a committee and address what the majority feels are the bigger issues and del ray johnson rates are not an issue right now how about fuel prices and hos and the csa scores and crash accountability did anyone know that as an owner operator you cannot even get your csa score and another issue is dot officers and can someone please tell the wicked woman in charge of the fmcsa that no it is noone’s fault but her own thatv her husband who was/ is a truckdriver ranoff with another woman did she ever bother to thinkabout what she did wrong there are always two very distinct sides of every story so hey get over it

  • hotdog

    You assume too much about the nature of the trucking industry, Many shippers themselves live on razor thin profit margins of 1%-2%. If you increase the cost of shipping goods this high many shippers will lose business to their foreign competitors or go out of business or return to the days where a larger majority of freight was moved by the railroads. Perhaps you are familiar with the term “just in time” shipping? This is where a company plans it’s manufacturing schedule or shelf stocking schedule on the concept that the goods needed arrive EXACTLY when they are needed thereby eliminating the need for warehousing. This is the largest driver of the huge increase in freight volumes in the past 15-20 years. Raise the cost of truck shipping as high as you suggest and many or most large shippers will return to the days of railroad volume shipping and warehousing their goods for a few weeks or months and that would take a huge number of jobs away from drivers. Best answer to low rates is a really simple little two letter word……NO….NO, I won’t haul the load that cheap. It’s been working for me for 20 years.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Hotdog great like I always tell me ex-wife me tooooo. Federal taxes, states, FICA, Medical Care= appx 55% and Child Support =29.5% so I live on razor thin margins as well what is your point. Like I have said and NOBODY has corrected me just yet when the PRICE of diesel almost tripled they paid right? But 36CPM has been the same rate of pay since the 1990s. Freight Charges are going UP let me repeated it AGAIN! Thank you for your concern about the shipper me toooo JIT shipping again are you serious? If JIT where the case drivers would be out of the in 2 hours tops these same shippers you are concerned get us there for hours they do not care because they do not pay detention but TIME IS MONEY, and the Robin owner on the post say they pass detention pay when they can get it what am I a partner now?

  • Dan Rozelle

    Come On, I can get all drivers to agree on “one” thing at the same time in the same room. “It will never happen”. Why because we are just a bunch of cowards. Afraid of dying or losing their job. I include myself.
    We need a leader, A Hoffa, remember only 5% of the people fought in the revolution so your only going to get 5% to shut down. What affect would that have?
    It is all about money and wages and consumers afraid of the price rising on milk and bread. But it is OK for fuel to add to the cost of everything God forbid wages of drivers do the same.
    I will volunteer to be leader if somebody finances me and provides me security ( body guards) I would like to get a raise. We will never see $100,000.00 a year. We will sit back and watch the world get more expensive.

  • Jon McLaughlin

    Del Ray, you are probably not old enough to remember the Teamsters strike in “74 or 75”. Independents or non union drivers were getting shot at and having large rocks, and cinder blocks thrown off overpasses at them, several were killed and many were injured and maimed.
    My stepfather delivered in Florida the day the strike started and elected to deadhead home to Rhode Island. Even with his trailer doors tied open he had a union idiot come from behind in a 4 wheeler shoot at him with a shotgun.
    Years ago you had to have a Teamsters sticker on your trailer to unload at ANY Unions dock.
    I have been in 3 unions and neither of them was worth the powder that it would take to blow them up. I was UAW when I worked building Dorsey Trailers. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Jon, I am not a fan of the unions but just thumb through this and other posts we got NOTHING lose at this point. Were we still being paid 36 CPM since probably 1974 and sitting 8 hours waiting to be loaded for $25 bucks!? Owner are intentionally screwing up the “market” rate for freight because they know squeeze out of the drivers. Check this out Bee is probably going to say I am a chemist in a truck the members control any organization including a Union get this “law” of energy you canNot it is physically impossible get more energy (heat, gas, etc.) out than you put in go figure. Where is the energy, where is the imagination, where is the anger!? I am done with the post be Safe!

  • Robin Vore

    Not enough truckers would, or could, afford to take the time down. The cheaper paid drivers work for companies, and they will not shut their drivers down. We don’t need a shut down. We need a universal refusal to haul cheap freight. Our company will sit to get the rates we need to move a truck at a fair profit. We run significantly fewer miles for significantly more gross sales and net profits than trucks that run like crazy and take cheap freight. We get told to, “go in a place at a high rate, then take cheap backhaul freight out”. Well, now all freight is expected to be backhaul freight no matter where it is coming from or going to. We truckers…that’s right…I said, “we truckers, have done this to ourselves”!! We are the ones that need to reverse what we set in motion. That is done by leaving the freight on the docks and not hauling freight for free (or for fuel).

  • Jon McLaughlin

    Del Ray, I have said in other posts that the best thing we could do is boycott California for one week solid. They are the biggest problem for the industry with their regulations and their obnoxious speed limit of 55. A week of no freight would bring them to their knees. It would wake up the rest of the nation and get some of La Hoods regulations lifted from us. good luck out their Brother, be strong.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Thank you Be Safe and I will see you on the other side my Brother.

  • Gmoney

    As much as I would love to see an impact I am afraid it would give more leverage to the larger freight companies to trash talk the owner operator. Swift always under cuts owner operators, so does Prime. To make an impact Owner Operators would have to be off the road for several months to make an impact.

  • Tom AndSheila Hurd

    Here in Maine the PanAm/ Guilford railroad has more junk rail cars and more rotten rail line than anyone could possibly imagine, there are areas of their line that they have to limit to 5 MPH to prevent derailing and even then they derail regularly, they have no restrictions on what cargo they can move either. If I ran my trucking company that way I would be fined and shut down in a day but it is the railroads that have the loby power in DC and it is the railroads that are co writing the trucking legislation regulations to benefit themselves. That is why 100 mile radius trucks have less restrictions than the long haul drivers, the railroad needs short haul trucks to get cargo to and from their trains but they desire to persecute the long haul trucks out of business and DC is right there backing them because DC thinks trains are important. The end game is to force the cost of trucking high enough that trains can compete on more cargo. The legislation against trucks and drivers runs deep and is more about politics and preferential treatment than it is about safety, and everyone knows it. The only way a truck strike will have any effect is to cut all the BS to the bone and start over with someone other than those who want to restrict trucks for the benefit of some other transportation option in charge. When you put truckers in the legislative hands of the railroad, politicians, and anti-truck zealots like mothers against tired truckers nothing but persecution will be directed at drivers. On the other hand if trucking legislation concerning drivers was written by drivers there wouldn’t be any legislation and many drivers would be out of control, there has to be some middle ground and until that can be established a strike will not work, to demand the same ol’ people change some of the rules they have imposed will not change the direction they are going, rather than strike to change a few rules there should be a strike to change the power structure of how the rules get made. To remove those who have anti truck motivations from the conference table and include only those who have the best interest of the country and safety of cargo transportation. If they impose a safety standard against drivers and trucks the same standard should be imposed against all other transportation as well to especially include railroads.

  • Tom AndSheila Hurd

    I support a trucking strike but under the current promotion it will not work, no one will agree on what regulations should be done away with or what should not be done away with. there needs to be a broader change in the way regulations get processed and the anti-truck lobby needs to be excluded from the conference room and only include those who are there to benefit the safety of cargo transportation.

  • Crazyhorse07

    if there are no specific demands there will be no specific changes…drivers want different things…some want to demand higher frt rates..lower fuel prices…changes in HOS..etc….plus if there there is no “one” voice to make demands to those who can make the changes…there will be no changes…

  • Hamburger

    Stop voting Democrat. They love the poor so much they are making us all poor. Over regulation, unnecessary pollution controls on trucks only, over grown government out of control spending and a war on small business is what we get from these illegal alien loving socialists . It starts with us truckers lets do it!

  • acartrkr

    Jon I have been there and done that. The only people who received anything from that strike were the leaders and that was because they said “we won now go back to work”.
    I am 69 years old and am a true Independent Owner Operator. I make a decent living. I will deadhead to a better paying load before I will take a cheap one.
    You all strike and I will make a fortune while you do it.

  • acartrkr

    $350,000 a year and your complaining. Get real. You need to go spread some of that wealth around.

  • acartrkr

    You are free to use any drug testing consortium that you wish to use. Do not pick on OOIDA because of the government regs. Blame you congress rep about that.

  • Think BIG

    In my humble but accurate opinion: The Shutdown needs to occur, not only in DC, but in every capital city of each of our 50 states. Each state needs to have an articulate, knowledgeable spokes person(s) to plainly explain what the truck drivers are experiencing. These people need to hold a news conference to share the concerns before the shut down (to gain consumer support for the boycott) and during the shut down to highlight the issues. The general public is completely unaware of the regulations and potential regulations that owner operators and small business owners face daily and the impact that these regulations have on their cost of goods. The news media will only cover this event if they are forced to do so. Bringing the event HOME to each and every state WILL make a HUGE impact and we will be taken seriously. It also gives truckers who run local or can’t afford fuel for a rig-road trip to DC the opportunity to “get the rig-out”! Think BIG drivers! I don’t facebook or twitter….can someone please get this message out?! THANK YOU!

  • Samantha Kemp

    Del Ray… You are a total fool with some of these so called demands out of drivers. I have been in and around trucking all my life 30+ yrs of driving I’m 48 yrs old and grew up around trucking. If you think for one minuet that us TRUE OWNER/OPERATORS that are old school are going to spend the expense of a collage education just to drive a truck you are out of your mind. Where do you think the time off for the classes is going to come from? The Fed. Gov. sure as heck isn’t going to pay for it let alone subsidize our loss of income during the time to take these classes. They sure as heck are not going to even be willing to make my truck payment trailer payment or house payment or any of my other bills. THIS IS NOT THE MILITARY!!! This is real life of the working class!! By the way NO I am not against the military or any one in it or whom has been in the military so don’t NONE of you even attempt to go there with me. I am from a military family thank you very much. As far as the strike back in 74-75 I had family that was in it and yes it did get nasty. We lost several good family friends in that strike.

  • Samantha Kemp

    What would this so called strike have to do with getting rid of the Muslims in the United States? This was on XM radio on the Dave Nemo Show he said this is why he hasn’t posted anything about it because it shouldn’t be about racial issues… It’s these idiots that have nothing to do with trucking in the first place that cause so much crap for those of us that have grew up in trucking and are still trucking!! As far as an impact on what this strike would do it might help a very slight chance of it. What about those O/Os that are just getting by now??? Striking would put them out of there home and not able to feed there family at because of loss revenue during the strike. Those are the people that are going to suffer not the rich jerks in DC on Capitol Hill!!

  • Samantha Kemp

    Truckertwotimes… lol.. I have seen that too… I have a big fast truck but I also carry a porta potty in my truck and use the dump stations to empty it. Not everyone is crude to dump it going down the road or toss it in a parking lot or on the side of the road…

  • Samantha Kemp

    Del Ray… You are a total fool with some of these so called demands out of drivers. I have been in and around trucking all my life I started driving OTR when I was 15 yrs. old I’m now 48 yrs old and have 30+ yrs of driving and grew up around trucking.
    If you think for one minuet that us TRUE OWNER/OPERATORS that are old school are going to spend the expense of a collage education just to drive a truck you are out of your mind. Where do you think the time off for the classes is going to come from? The Fed. Gov. sure as heck isn’t going to pay for it let alone subsidize our loss of income during the time to take these classes. They sure as heck are not going to even be willing to make my truck payment trailer payment or house payment or any of my other bills. THIS IS NOT THE MILITARY SO GET OVER IT!!! This is real life of the working class truck driver!! By the way NO I am not against the military or any one in it or whom has been in the military so don’t NONE of you even attempt to go there with me. I am from a military family thank you very much. Those of you that have served “Thank you very much for your service”… As far as the strike back in 74-75 I had family that was in it and yes it did get nasty. We lost several good family friends in that strike.

  • Samantha Kemp

    I refuse to freeze or roast for any one!! I will IDLE my truck when I need to law or no law…All I can say is write the dang ticket!!! I don’t run the west cost I refuse to I very seldom even go to the NE because of there getting to much like Cali. and the tolls are out of sight too boot!!

  • Jack

    It’s a cheap ass world

  • Stormy

    Jeez-O-Pete…. You have grossed $350,000 more than lawyers as a company driver and you want a raise!

    I think I need to put on my hip boots… The BS is getting way too deep.

    You need to stop driving a company truck and get a desk job. Since you have all the solutions to what we have all done so wrong for so long then show us how it is done instead of telling us stories that should start out with Once Upon a Time….

    Tooooo funny.

  • Stormy

    Very well said Denny. I keep reading and have yet to figure out what these people are smoking.

  • Stormy

    You go, Shawn. Maybe they need to circle the golf courses instead of the White House. They would have a better chance of finding somebody.

  • Stormy

    And stop throwing it out the window of moving trucks!

  • Stormy

    Depends on the fuel tax per state. Indiana is a bargain at the pump but will eat you alive on your IFTA. I use a program on Diesel Boss called Find Fuel. It maps out your route and gives you fuel prices with and without taxes. Every little bit of knowledge helps.

  • Stormy

    Can anybody tell me who Zeeda Andrews /Hutton is and when she was singing at Petro fuel islands whole Mel Tillis was singing in the Iron Skillet?

  • Boun Outhavong

    Yes, that would force shippers to pay a little more. It is about time they do that. Brokers and shippers have taken advantage of independent truckers. It is about time they pay fair price. So many times truckers had to take load that does not even pay for the fuel to get to somewhere.



  • Mike Smith

    You missed the main point.

    “DRUG TESTING PROGRAM. Labs and nursing, etc., jobs are created at our expense.”

    Try and focus. Then write.

    But, as for OOIDA they are still making money off this, AND they don’t APPEAR to be fighting it, do they? Even through testing us is a violation of our privacy. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.