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Hours changes premium: $300 down, more to come…

So we’ve completed our first ten days on the road under the new hours of service. I’m going to be really honest here and say we didn’t start this with an open mind. George was mad about it from the beginning. But he follows the rules, and always has, so we set out to see how it would go.

As of the 10th, we’ve lost approximately $300 due directly to the new laws. Two good loads had to be turned down because George wasn’t able to do a reset and didn’t have the hours to get them to the final on time without it. We’ve spent an inordinate amount of time dragging short loads around just to be able to make enough money to break even out here. George went into long-haul because he does just that, long-haul. That’s how he schedules his hours of service, and always has.

Before I get the “You should have planned better” comments, let me suggest that those of you who feel good planning is the answer to everything obviously live in an alternate universe. One where you’ve never sat at a shipper with a 8:30 a.m. appointment and waited until 5:30 to be loaded. You’ve also never run into traffic and been hemmed up for hours because of a wreck or construction. Good for you. Now back to the real world.

Gubmint controlThere is absolutely no benefit to the new rules. They obviously have very little to do with safety and a whole lot to do with government control. It’s been my experience in life that when the gubmint says they’re doing something to make you “safer” you can replace the word safer with more controlled and get a more accurate idea of what they really mean. The 30-minute break disrupts our day and causes us to be on the road 30 minutes longer every night, making finding a parking spot harder. George says it actually makes him more tired to sit for 30 minutes because he’s sitting there stressing out about losing 30 minutes of his day.

I sincerely hope someone in Washington comes out of their stupor and realizes the people they’re hurting are the ones who followed the rules in the first place. People who cheat will always cheat, and they’re laughing at your new rules while they continue to cheat. If you’re concerned about hours of service, then mandate eLogs — don’t slaughter the industry by keeping the professional driver, who follows the rules, from being able to make a living. Governments don’t regulate people into submission, they regulate them into a revolution.

We don’t tell you how long you can lay up and sop your gubmint gravy, don’t tell us how to schedule our day.

  • Fedup2

    Amen to that !!!!

  • sick_and_tired

    “mandate eLogs”

    Oh, hahahahaha! I get it. You’re joking. Right?

  • obama_still_sucks

    I’m starting to think that OOIDA has yakked so much in washington, they are becoming just like the government idiots they supposedly fight against.

  • martymarsh

    LMAO, do you honestly think I care about e-logs? Or do you think I was excited when I was writing? In the big picture I couldn’t care less, things are as they are because we don’t stick together, we are dealing with a government that will never be more corrupt than it is today, all of these rules is about money and control, safety is a joke.

    Everyone uses divide and conquer, the government, the unions, and now someone that writes for a magazine?

    You never ever take me or you out of WE, We the people are so divided, that would be the reason WE are headed down the toilet.

    Does that sound like a bunch of rambling?

    Oh there is so much more to this than our busy little lives will let us see.
    It is never my intension to hurt anyone, only to tell the truth, and the system can not handle the truth.
    But I also think it is funny you brought up the devil, but I will just leave it at that and say, God Bless to all.

  • Davis Freeman

    These people that or making the rule have never been in a truck sad to say. They or making laws and rules in the name of safety as a avail. Lives or being lost, our economic freedom.and way of life. Whats really crazy is that a person going to school for cosmetologist have to school for a year, but the drive a 80,000 truck, three weeks. A driver who gets paid by the miles by his employer is not making no more money than when i stared in 1986. When you take E-logs and combine it with mileage pay it don’t work. Drivers should be payed hourly. I am an independent, and their is so much that need to be done in the name of safety. I hope you people wake up. They put everyone who drive for a living in the same little box and expect it to work. All Men or created equal all driver or not. Their is different body types, and normal measure of health.

  • Midnight Rider

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”

    John F. Kennedy

  • Midnight Rider

    The question is, what is the answer?

  • martymarsh

    That is a very good question, and I actually thought that all the lying corruption, and that is at many different levels, that we would have come together. But we didn’t. I thought when they brought out their new control toy DAC and lied we would come together, but we didn’t.

    Being that any one with half a brain in their head would realize that you can’t honestly regulate rest, I thought we would all see thru the money scheme, but we didn’t.

    What is even more perverse, if we all know these things and have done nothing about it.

    We have a money grubbing corrupt government that makes these laws to get more money and there is no such thing as to far with these people when we all just sit back and take it, that makes them think we are stupid.
    Of course then we have divide and conquer that works all to well, the dems calling the repubs names and the repubs calling the dems names. It’s a third grade school girl mentality, and it works for dishonest people.
    So, what is the true answer? The more I deal with this, the more I have to go to the book of facts, that would be the Bible, it has said all of this would happen. My only concern is because I know, or it is getting more obvious every day that we can’t fix this, mostly due to greed, is that the end result will not happen fast enough.
    Oh there is so much more to this, but still only one answer.

  • beefboi

    This break is doing nothing for safety when it is only forcing a driver to make his day 30 minutes longer than it has to be. Its delaying his 10 hour break in which is where the “real” rest comes from. It’s nothing more than an attempt to payback some well heeled lobbyists who are expecting something in return for their favors, gifts, and votes (and likely money) they’ve given our politicians. These lobbyists hate trucks and drivers and would replace them with any means possible given the opportunity. They amount to nothing more than senseless, un-needed laws being being passed by people who have no clue about the real world that surrounds thems and their dreamy little bubble. Total government control is the order of the day anyway and top priority for this administration. These ignorant laws only help to further this agenda under the guise of safety.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    How the hell did you get robbed ? You don’t keep a pistol with you .

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Dammat boy what kind of truck do you drive that brakes down loke that ? I run a 1998 frt , and have never in the last 15 years had to have somthing fixed on the road more than road service one time for tires ..

  • Gramps

    We should all get new handles, like Carlos Danger & take up sexting for a hobby. Thirty minutes should be enough. If the legislators & regulators imagined that every trucker parked for 30 minutes or longer was catching up on his/her sexting – they’d want it STOPPED right now!

  • Jeffrey Schaefer

    lol…we quit driving…wont be anything at wal mart to sell….trucks usually deliver that I believe

  • mc661419 sunshine driven

    and when the rates go up so do the cost of food in stores. so it is a no win situation cause you will have to pay on the other end. example this year watermelons paid the drivers almost double what they did last year and the cost of watermelons went from 2.99 to 6.99 and it will effect everything

    just food for thought . just joining a lot of this complaining and no one wanting to ban togeather to get anything done

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  • smokedbacon

    Since when is it legal to have a firearm in a commercial motor vehicle ? (armored trucks exempt)

  • smokedbacon

    Rates go up but what about wages? But increase in prices is hardly related to shipping cost as compaired to supply and demand.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    It never was illegal , as far as federal law, the old I.C.C. , Reg’s sead you could not carry any illegal weapon gun ,knife , or stick , state law Is were they nail you . like new york or new jersey , In jersey you get two years just for the pistol , I run in the south east along the gulf from corpus to mobile police are used to people having guns . you can’t go around shooting you gun and and rasing hell , a lot of states in the south don’t get upset up set over guns .

  • Jimmy the Greek

    You know you dont realy have to take the beake , just show one ,

  • Ron Slicker

    OK, so on Friday August 30th 2013 (beginning of Labor day weekend) at 3pm all truckers should stop in their tracks, or if that’s to drastic them just slow down to a crawl for 3 hours, No matter where you are at. That would get the attention of those in power. If that doesn’t get their attention right away then do it again on Saturday and again on Sunday and Monday. If all fails then announce a time in 2 weeks to shutdown for 3 days. Multiple benefits here, first being a glut of fuel, Second being the general public will then be informed and demand change. I’m sure you can think of many more. This may be unrelated or not, but it seems funny that Warren Buffett buys up stock in all the railroads, then backs Obama’s “tax the rich” scheme and then all these regulations get enacted to limit truckers and what happens? Intermodel traffic skyrockets and Buffett’s stocks triple. Makes you wonder.

  • Ron Slicker

    Pennsylvania….Driver pulled over because DOT ran plate and said it came up that he was a deadbeat dad and handcuffed him to the steering wheel for half an hour. Then said it was wrong but fined him $600. for unsecured load. Driver said he had no load. DOT said the rust flakes on the bed were unsecured. Another driver was fined $250. for unsecured load because his lunch box was on the seat. If they are not careful their cash cow will dry up. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.