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Hours comment period extended to March 4

| February 15, 2011

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has extended the public comment period to March 4 for its notice of proposed rulemaking on hours-of-service requirements for commercial vehicle drivers.

In addition, FMCSA placed three additional documents in the public docket concerning the cumulative fatigue function, coefficient estimates and an explanation of coefficient names as requested by the American Trucking Associations. It also added an Excel spreadsheet containing data using the formula in the HOS Regulatory Evaluation to link the hours worked in the previous week to fatigue the following week.

The agency also made a number of clerical corrections to the HOS proposed rule. A list of corrections to the NPRM can be found here.

  • Cindy Klemm

    Bogus studies —> bogus regulations —> bogus violations —> tyranny. Nothing but harrassment.

  • David Leal

    We are professional drivers,therfore we are conditioned to perform our job efficiently and safely. Unlike 4-wheelers who drive 1-2 hrs a day. They get fatigued easily. The studies were done by 4-wheeler drivers therefore the studies are biased. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.